Avenger X77 review by Vantage

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (13 votes)
Vantage: Avenger X77

Sound — 8
It fits well because it creates a large range of sounds, and you can do anything from Country to Heavy Metal on it. For amps I usually use Peavey Bass, or Audition 110. I normally play with either DigiTech Grunge or Ibanez delay. I have gone from playing Heavy Metal on it to Celtic and so on (it has a very large variety). But it sometimes has problems with pinch harmonics.

Overall Impression — 9
It fits well with all styles of music, and I have been playing for about 3-4 years. I also have a Cruiser Crafter and a classical guitar (both very well made). If I could have asked the person I bought it from I would have asked if the tuners were stock. If it were stolen I would probably cry for a few days and search until I died to find a new one. It stays in tune very well and is very versitile. It is worth more than some guitars (it's worth about $1200 Canadian) so if you pick one up for cheap you are lucky.

Reliability & Durability — 10
It is very durable and but not invincible. It can withstand live playing and repetitive use. Since the guitar is almost 40 years old and the pickups work good as new, and the strap buttons have never come loose on me I would say it is solid. I would loose it at a gig without a backup, it has a lot of scratches, chips, and Tool marks but it still hasn't lost it's Shine or sound. The finish is very thick and I'm not sure how the person before me chipped it the way they did.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The action was okay but could be lowered a tiny bit, and the pickups were low enough not to touch the strings if you were fretting off them, but high enough to get the best sound out of them. I haven't found many flaws big enough to complain about except that the switch can ware out a little if it is hit too rapidly.

Features — 9
My X77 was made in 1968, in Japan. It has a 21 fret laminated rosewood neck; the body is made of maple. The finish is a beige/creame colour. It is a Telecaster with a plain string-thru tele-style bridge, with active electronics. It has 2 humbucker pickups and push/pull style tone knobs that cut out one side of each pickup. It is a front load, so if you buy one get a 90 degree hook-up. It has a 3-way switch and non-locking tuners.

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    Acquired as my first guitar 1988, I lowered the action on on this Vantage Avenger, and the neck/fretboard still feels great. Replaced humbuckers several years after, and guitar still sounds great. Would not trade it for the world. Wish I could find another one... Obviously it has a Strat-style body, fixed bridge, and dual humbuckers with a maple fretboard. The headstock holds six inline tuners, and there are two volume knobs with two tone knobs that split the humbuckers to single coil when raised.
    I have one and it is a S. Korea-made one ... likely from late 1980s-early 1990s. All polepieces (12 per pickup) are adjustable 'Allen wrench type' ....meaning you can get exact string to string balance and with tone pots factory push/pull, you have both pickups splittable. VERY nice sounding guitar and cheap to buy used. These are a hidden treasure that are little known, like the Korean Austins from Alvarez that never took off.  Mine is one piece of wood body and a good neck.... we never see 1-piece bodies any more. REAL hard chromed hardware like old cars had real chromed bumpers... see ?   Strings though the body and no tremolo is what the fellow calls it a Tele-style. It's not a Strat or LP style ...see ?
    simonzwaan wrote: avenger x77 .....a7x..... avenged sevenfold
    any corrolation?
    Kutanmoogle : That doesn't look like a telecaster style body.
    That is not a telecaster style body, teles have 1 pickup and the body isn't cut that way. Strat or certain Ibanez models, maybe, but a Telecaster, NO!
    The photo is of an 80s Vantage Avenger. Passive humbuckers etc. Made in Japan and actually quite a good guitar
    Dutch K9
    Bambusa: almost right. It's an X77 allright (Vantage X-series, say 'Avenger DeLuxe') Made by Matsumoku in (most likely) 1983/84.
    How do you change the strings on this type? I know this sounds totally retarded but I have never had to change strings on this type before. Any help would be much appreciated and its ok to go ahead and laugh at me
    I have a guitar just like the one in this picture. It is a Vantage Avenger, model AV325. Mine is a 1981 model and it is a VERY nice guitar! Made with great materials(solid ash body, brass nut and bridge. Sounds and plays great. Hard to find and very hard to get info on. there are a few forums out there and owners manuals on ebay if you really want to know it's only a few searches away! Definitely NOT and x77 or a strat!