V100 MRJBM Icon Series review by Vintage

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.2 (23 votes)
Vintage: V100 MRJBM Icon Series

Price paid: € 395

Purchased from: Thomann

Sound — 9
I think it will be suitable almost anything, I mostly play Hard rock and it's good for it. I use Impact 60w tube amp (made in 60's) + 4+12 homemade cab + Different distortion/overdrive pedals). I've heard these pickups are made with a PAF design and they work for me. The body resonates well and this guitar is darn heavy! (not for people with a back problem). Like Les Pauls do, very warm and full sound.

Overall Impression — 9
Like I said, I play Hard rock and it suits for it! I've been playing for about ten years and this guitar is a good ad for the collection! "Is there something you wish you had asked before buying this product?" I would ask about the fret wires, cause I've heard they won't last for long (Cheap is cheap). If it would be stolen, I would be mad/sad/angry! Cause it's a decent guitar with fixable flaws. What I love about it: - It feels like a guitar (heavy!) - Sounds great (classic rock, it wou wanna play Death metal, you should change the pickups) - Looks great (with a almost normal headstock (one extra horn), not a swollen he'd like in the Epiphones) What I don't like so much: - Flaws in the finish (Fixable) - Little tuning problems (Cheap nut, but with some pencil in them, works ok!) - Worry of the fret wires (not a nowday problem, but in every cheap guitar, gonna come some day!) Compare, hmmm... Epiphone would be the competition for this one. I would say Epiphone would be better for people with no skill to adjust or fix, but if you hate Epiphones headstock and you can fix guitars, this is for you! If you think, should I buy this? If you can adjust it a little bit or your friend can, get it! Don't expect this is a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe type of thing, but with the mahogany body and maple top, it screams for you to pick it up and play it loud!

Reliability & Durability — 8
If you take it straight from the package, I wouldn't play live with it. Changed the strings and filled the saddle holes with a normal pencil (Guitar with a low prize like this, what can you expect?) But after adjusting, I played the whole rehearsal with this! I bought this for a backup and works fine for it! My number one guitar is Gibson ES-339, it's a great guitar... But wouldn't buy another, it's pricy! Bought it used for 1300. Hardware is from Wilkinson, so I think these will last. Changed the Strap buttons for Schaller's locking ones (Better safe than sorry). This guitar is distressed, to the wearing would be a bonus for the style!

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
This is the part where you find the difference with cheap and expensive guitars. Poorly finished guitar I would say, but if you know how to build guitars or repair, then you don't have any problems! I Didn't find any flaws on the neck itself (seems to be straight) BUT: - One of the tuning machines were loose (the nut wasn't tight at all, it made a resonating sound) - lower volume and tone knob fell of! Had to put some tape over the pots rod (Can you say it like that? I'm from Finland, sorry for the grammar fails... Now it won't slide, works fine now) - Sharp edges! In every corner of the body, had to round them with sandpaper. If you play standing straight and strum the chords as you normally do on a gig, you may hit the body! But after a rehearsal.. Felt nasty on my right hand I've heard that the fret wire is "like butter", there is a one cut for budget too. It depends how much you play, but...

Features — 9
- Body: Mahogany - Neck: Mahogany Set Neck - Fingerboard: Rosewood - Scale: 24.75"/ 628mm - Frets: 22 - Neck Inlays: Pearloid Crown - Tuners: Wilkinson Deluxe WJ303 Chrome - Bridge: Tune-O-Matic - Pickups: Wilkinson Double Coil x 2 (N) MWVC (B) MWVC - Hardware: Chrome - Controls: 2 Volume/ 2 Tone/ 3-Way Toggle I think these are made in China or somewhere near, like many Les Paul copies.

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    I really like Vintage guitars company... for the price your not going to get a much better sounding guitar... I with they would put a better nut and better tuning heads, but everything else is solid and they look great.
    anvil is god wrote: Most_Triumphant wrote: korn123456789 wrote: BULLSHIT Any reason why it's bullshit? Don't need a reason for cow excrement.
    digman50 wrote: I see they've ripped off Joe Bonamassa
    My thoughts exactly
    anvil is god
    Most_Triumphant wrote: korn123456789 wrote: BULLSHIT Any reason why it's bullshit?
    Don't need a reason for cow excrement.
    I wasn't here for a few days It could has much better sound more stable keys or how do you names it and finally more durable varnish bitc.
    digman50 wrote: I see they've ripped off Joe Bonamassa
    They also do a version modelled after the Slash LPs that Gibson and Epiphone make (I believe they even call it the 'AFD' model), and one modelled after Peter Green's iconic Les Paul.
    In my experience, Vintage have always been great guitars, from my Cherry Red V99 Les Paul for my first ever guitar to the DOT replica i own today. Versatile, sound great and not too expensive. Good guitar.s
    I know it's an old discussion but just like to say a bit about this model and Vintage guitars in general. I didn't have the problems that this gentleman had. Just needed a basic setup and it was good to go. I bought mine after the two Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Les Pauls let me down. Waited six months and the finish was awful and the replacement they sent was even worse. I picked my Vintage V100MRJBM for £220.00 brand new. Yes, there were a couple of minor oversprays on the binding, but nothing major. On Bonamassa's forum he said he was happy that people could buy a cheap version of his guitar and that he was going to call the Epiphone chaps about putting out their Bonamassa verion. So, the Vintage guitar inspired Joe Bonamassa to put out his Epiphone signature model, which is terrific! The new Vintage V100 guitars have an improved sculpted heel for easier access to the 'dusty end', so may sell mine in order to get the newer model. Vintage make fantastic value guitars, better than the majority of Epiphones or Squiers with better woods and hardware. I have several and love them.
    The quality of "les paul" Vintage is mainly in its wood manufacturing. What, ultimately, is almost the most important ... This part of the manufacturing is done in Vietnam, not in Korea, as some think, and this is more important for the quality of the wood used and craftsmen who work them.   The guitars arrive in Korea with the lacquer finish and very dirty raw rosewood fingerboard. (When we receive the guitar, one must start with cleaning!) The "disaster" occurs in Korea ...! We must recognize that all the electronics is low end and "pose" of fittings is very bad! (Although the hardware is not so bad!) It is true that the pickups are not bad, but drafts saturated and too low in this neck pickup. So it's easy to turn this guitar is a marvel for money! Do you know why Gibson has equipped many of his "Studio", "Custom" and "SG" with 490R and 498T? These pickups were made at the beginning for "low end" but Gibson realized that he responded very well on the body while mahogany. This is the case of "Studio", the "Original Custom 57" and almost all the "SG".   The Vintage V100 lend themselves very well for a "upgrad", since as they are all mahogany! (The maple leaf table does not change.) It is also found that the two pickups are the cheapest Gibson and therefore very affordable second hand.   Because: When one knows that the magnets used is called "permanent", it simply means that a pickup is the centerpiece of a guitar that has long-term deteriorates the least! (Unless the guitar has spent 20 years in a wet basement and damaged wiring coils ...) These magnets have, in effect, a life span of 200 years! It is very easy to buy a pair of these pickups to 100 euros in the second hand, which, if they work; they will do it again in 50 years for sure! I did it all on my guitar (V 100 Ice Tea), and change the electronics for better, which is not the most expensive. But I also corrected the radius of the nut and bridge to adapt to the key. I have now a real marvel for a total of 410 euros. Half price the lowest range of Gibson and that sounds like a "Custom"! I love it! I highly recommend this option! Sorry for my bad inglish..
    Vintage V 100 Bonjour. Je suis très d'accord avec l'ami finlandais. La lutherie (bois) de ce cet instrument, (fabriqué au Vietnam), est excellente. C'est le reste du montage en accastillage et électronique et qui se fait en Corée, qui laisse a désirer... La guitare est comme monté a la "va vite". Les pièces plastique (pickguard et autres) sont comme coupés a la serpette, le sillet n'est pas adapté au radius de la touche...etc, etc... Il y a du travail a faire dessus avant de penser en jouer. Mais, effectivement; le manche est extrêmement droit et bien fretté. le diapason est parfait; la finition couleur et vernis est impécable, ce qui est en réalité le primordial, puisque tout le reste peut être modifié ou rectifié. Ce qui veut dire qu'il faut impérativement; ou passer par un luthier, ou faire toutes ces rectifications soi même. Mais aussi, cela veut dire que cet instrument est très propice à être "upgradé" ! Personnellement, j'en ai profité pour presque tout changer l'electronique: 2 micros Gibson 490r, et 498t (d'occasion 100 euros les deux) potentiomètres 500k linéaires en volume et log. en tone. Capacitors Orange Drop 0.022nf, switchcraft toogle. La mienne est une "ice tea" achetée sur "Thomann" 295 euros. Pour à peine 150 euros de plus et un peu de temps; j'ai une gratte véritablement métamorphosée en "Gibson" !