V100AFD Paradise review by Vintage

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  • Features: 9
  • Sound: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.5 (11 votes)
Vintage: V100AFD Paradise

Price paid: $ 500

Purchased from: Shruti Musicals Chennai

Features — 9
Ordinary Les Paul features with Zebra Wilkinson pickups. It comes with straplocks which adds on to its charm. It comes with beautful laminated finish with flame amber. One thing unique with its finish is that it gives a different ambience with different environment (for example; even though it is yellowish but sometimes it gives a brownish look while sometimes like orange. Unlike Epiphone Slash AFD guitar, it has a curved top. Rest all is same like other Les Paul guitars.

Sound — 10
I use Marshall MG10CF (hehe pretty small) and a Boss DS-2 distortion pedal. It gives a very rich and vibrant tone. The sound is very very very awesome. I have even tried my friend's Epiphone Les Paul Standard on the same setup and believe me, HE JUST REGRETTED FOR BUYING EPIPHONE. If you are looking for a guitar to play rock 'n' roll, blues or metal, this must be the guitar of your choice. When in distortion, you could feel the clear and bright sound of each and every single note. It has got a great harmonic response but it's a little less when compared to EMG active pickups. Most important, when it comes to Slash tone, it almost (90%) sounds like the tone Slash had in "Appetite for Destruction" album the reason being (maybe) that Slash himself used a different rig.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The action is VERY VERY VERY good. It almost touches the frets without any hint of a buzz. After using it, I realised how tremendously the action of the guitar affects your playing. The fingers run smoothly through the frets, even when you hit the strings too hard, you won't feel the strings vibrating too much unnecessarily. The neck is so thin that you will feel comfortable running your palm over it. The strings are taut so there needs to be added a slightly more strength to bend the strings (even if the lightest gauge strings are used).

Reliability & Durability — 10
It's only 6 months used by me so I don't even have a slightest idea about its reliability. It depends upon the care we do. The body is so heavy (like a proper Les Paul) which is more than double of my Stratocaster so you can have a idea how solid it is. YES IT WILL LAST A LONG.

Overall Impression — 9
It's a perfect match if you play rock 'n' roll or classic rock or blues. I have been playing since 5 years and the feel of hitting power chords on it was never experienced on other guitars. Yes I would definitely buy an another Vintage Paradise if it will be stolen. The only thing I hate about this guitar is that you need a great strength when you want to bend strings. Obviously it's not better than Gibson but in that price range it's a worthy option to buy this guitar.

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    "Obviously it's not better than Gibson" REALLY? Have you played a Gibson lately? It should say "Obviously it's not better than a VINTAGE Gibson"! Modern Gibsons just plain SUCK! A friend of mine (also my lead guitarist) has this guitar and I have played it. And it puts MANY Gibsons to shame! And "you need a great strength when you want to bend strings" ?? Try getting your guitar set up properly, and maybe use lighter strings. The guitar itself, when set up properly and with the proper strings that fit THE PLAYER'S needs, string bends are effortless. The author of this piece is clearly uneducated. And judging by the horrendous broken English, either not from the US, or just an idiot. I'm guessing the latter considering some of the claims made.
    Ahhhh, the Gibson Sucks Fanboy. Despite the fact that the 2015 models have a lot of features that players didn't want, the recent years haven't been the worst for the company. 2012-2014 was a good time period for the instruments and Gibby was putting out some affordable models that sounded great (Faded series and the J series). But it's easy to hate on them.
    That is your opinion and you're more than entitled to it. But I am not the only person who feels this way about Gibson in recent years. And I am definitely not the "Gibson Sucks Fanboy". I like Gibson, very much so. Just not the stuff coming out today. Hell, my father has a 1961 Gibson ES-330 which is mine when the time comes that he can no longer play. Its a gorgeous piece of wood and has one of the best necks I've ever played. But to each his own.
    hey acerroxx02 , thanks for the comment , seems like you are professional regarding the judgment of uneducated people.i am really regretting for writing that article in a hurry, i am sure you must be knowing a hell lot better than what i do,but at least don't mislead people by the stupid comment you made above,the article was written regarding what i had observed . i just cant express what i feel because i am not good writer (english). if you know better about this guitar than why don't you write the full article instead blaming others.
    I have this guitar, and I agree that it's great workmanship. The pickups are fine, but I'm considering pimping the guitar with the Slash signature pickups by Seymour Duncan. Did anyone try this, and how big do you think the improvement would be?
    I own this and it is a brilliant guitar. Tuning stays for ages and the body is a nice chunk of mahogany. Id change the pickups if i could as these are decent pickups though a little lacking in character. Its built like a mofo and would take a beating. If you suspend your snobbery and compare it with a gibson with your eyes closed you honestly wont see or feel a great deal of difference.
    I dont know why people will review guitars through POS amps like a Marshall MG10CF. But ill give my feedback. Ive used it through a Blackstar HT Metal and HT5 and it sounds great. you can get a great approximation of that wailing slash tone when you use a wah. Though that is being a little unfair to the Paradise. you could spend thrice the price and come no closer to the Slash tone (hint:its all in his fingers).
    Are people able to recommend this guitar? I'm looking for a new one, and it seems to be getting good reviews and it's cheaper than a Gibson!
    GET IT! Or any of the Vintage brand guitars for that matter! A friend of mine has this guitar and I have played it. Simply amazing! I also used to have one of their Strat copies...Was great but had to sell it when I was in need of some extra cash for a different guitar. Definitely worth buying!
    Maybe I got a dud, but the workmanship is poor on mine. The pickup surrounds do not match the curve of the top, so there is a very noticeable gap. The are two splashes of the orange/brown finish used on the back of the guitar on the front of the guitar. The cover of the control cavity is badly cut, making it extremely difficult to remove. Removing this revealed tiny pots and cheap wiring, and very poor soldering. On a plus point, the pickups sound good for a cheap guitar. The overall impression is one of poor quality control. If stolen, I would replace with a higher range epiphone, or save for a Gibson