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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (29 votes)
Vintage: V6 Icon

Price paid: $ 327.57

Purchased from: Ebay store

Sound — 8
I play quite a few types of music, although mainly I choose between rock or rock-blues, or even real blues type playing, and more shreddy and/or metal playing. To be honest, I bought this as a project guitar, and didn't expect it to be anything special, or even good, when I bought it, but actually, the bridge pickup's output is rather impressive, for a singlecoil, and a cheapo one at that. Using with a Vox AD50VT, no sound altering effects other than distortion, which is handles surprisingly well, not as high output as the F3 IBZ USA in the Ibanez, but that was not expected. The sound is very bright, but this was quite expected, it is a Strat copy after all, but there is no harshness to the sound, on clean it really can mellow up, and high-gained, they can scream (to an extent, which is why I will probably change the bridge pickup to a stacked hum). The neck pickup is so stratty is could be mistaken quite easily, so no problems there. Perfect for bluesy rock, decent for higher gain, but not quite high output enough. You get '60s cycle hum, but not a massive problem, I can Live with it, it doesn't bother me, so it shouldn't bother you!

Overall Impression — 9
This guitar suits my needs now, and with a few mods (pups and pots), I think it will be one hell of an instrument! Have been playing 6 years, own an Ibanez Radius 540R LTD (you don't get much better quality to compare with than something from the FujiGen factory). Have 4 other guitars, but that's not important. I would probably get it again if it were stolen or lost, it is undoubtedly very cool, and a good gutiar. Like the finish, and the pickups are much better than expected. The only thing I don't like is the voulme pot being right below the bridge pup, but seriously not a biggie. Colour is very cool! You cannot go wrong at this price. I don't understand why all beginners don't buy these!

Reliability & Durability — 9
Looks pretty tough, haven't played it like. Nothing looks like it's about to fall off, and the tuning stability is excellent, barely had to tune it at all since I first did it. Haven't put a strap on it yet, but the buttons aren't moving or anything. Wouldn't gig without a backup, this is my backup.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Quite well set up for something cheap, a couple of dead spots, where the action is too low/truss rod needs adjusting, but the action overall is spot on. Pickups are fine. Bridge routing at the back is a little scraggly but nothing you can see without looking, and not an issue in terms of sound. The frets look a little crappy, but I haven't experienced any playing problems from them yet, they feel fine, which is what is important. The finish flaws are supposed to be there.

Features — 8
It's true to say that the best guitars are built from the inside out, and Vintage enjoys a well-earned reputation for building great guitars. Nothing gives off that unique, so-cool vibe like the Vintage V6 ICON. The instrument's character shines through the worn finish, saying 'this guitar has paid its dues'. it's sound has the heart and soul of a thousand gigs in it and you can feel it when you play it. It feels special to hold, and special to play. But how many people can afford the vintage instrument of their dreams? That special instrument which displays a unique level of wear from decades of playing, at home, numerous rehearsal sessions, smokey pubs to working mens' clubs, gigs and tours at home and abroad? Or how many guitarists can wait 20 years before their own guitar starts to show that kind of time-related character? Now you don't have to wait! You don't even have to re-mortgage the house to make the payment. Renowned guitar specialists Vintage, in conjunction with acknowledged guitar guru, Trevor Wilkinson, have a new specially-aged electric guitar range that ticks all the boxes, the Vintage V6 ICON Series!

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    i have a v6 guitar (they're the same except for the finish) and its awesome. only the tone potis are crap. you can only hear a difference between 1 - 3. from 4 - 10 everything sounds the same. but that doesnt really bother me. for the price this guitar is amazing. when i went to the store i requested a fender american standard strat to compare and i was really disappointed. the fender costs 4 times more and i really didnt like it. the sound was nothing special. the only thing where the fender was better were the bendings. a 2 tone bend is no prob on the fender but on the v6 its quite hard. well.....thats it. i love this guitar
    hi! i would like this as my first electric would you reccomend it ? the v6 and the v6 icon are the same but they differ only in their finish, same pickups and everything...or should i go with the v100 model please reply