HB35 review by Washburn

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.3 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.6 (54 votes)
Washburn: HB35

Sound — 7
This guitar can suit many guitar styles. To look at it you may think it's only suited for Rockabilly/Blues, but actually this guitar can outplay many Rock/Hard Rock guitars as it has a very deep and powerful sound. I have played many generes of music on this guitar, such music from Chuck Berry, Hendrix, Iron Maiden, to Lamb Of God, which is a Metal band. The guitar player from this band, Mark Morton has in the past used a semi-acoustic guitar to get the heavy sound they use. The amp I run it through is usually a practice amp, Kustom Solo16R with a 8-inch Celestion speaker. I use a reverb effect with this amp to get full bluesy sounds. The other amp I use is a Crate FW65, which is a amp with many built in effects, such as, wah and, reverb and the Washburn HB35 handels them all nicely with no problem and makes them all sound beautiful. Feedback is very rare with this guitar, people say that hollowbodys usually have trouble with feedback but I have experienced very little. Never have I heard any buzzing from the guitar when plugged in, which I sometimes have trouble with another guitar but the Washburn is very quiet when your not playing it and is plugged in. With it being semi-acoustic getting pinch harmonics can be a little tricky to a novice player and aren't as pronounced as a solidbody but with a bit of gain they are possible.

Overall Impression — 5
If I had my time back I would of asked how the gold hardware would hold up because the tuning pegs show a little corrosion. Overall I think this is a beautiful guitar and worth the cost because it has shown me that it can play anything, hold up to anything, and do it all in a semi-acoustic way.

Reliability & Durability — 6
This guitar is a piece of ART and belongs on stage and would will withstand those long nights of steady playing. The Hardware is gold so sweaty hands isn't to good for it but other than that the hardware is very strong and built to last. The strap buttons are very solid and will hold up through any kind of movement. I would definitely use this guitar as my main without a backup as it is very dependable. The finish is very strong and will last any kind of environment.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
The guitar set-up at the factory was very surprising as it was very nice and clean. No problems with the action, pickups, or hardware. The bridge needed a little work but nothing major, as the routing was a little bouncey but was fixed with no problems. The only problems I had other than that was the tone control for the neck pickup was out of place from the others, as it looked like it had been pushed down on one side, but no problem with it working. Also the Pickup selector was a little loose but nothing major. The bracing was spot on, the fretwire suited my fingers, the finish was perfect, the wood is beautiful, no rust or oxidized hardware, tuning pegs were very stable and comfortable, the nuts were cut nicely, the saddle fit good, and the pickup selector isen't to noisy.

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    Sublime Stylee
    My dad owns one of these and not only is it beautiful to play, but it truly looks like a work of art. Anyone who thinks it looks gay needs to go back to playing guitar hero.
    This guitar has been my main gig axe for a long time,My son plays a PRS 24Custom cost me $3,200 but when he plays with the WY All State Jazz Band he uses MY Washburn HB 35 I love them so much I sell them on my website.Take a look and here it.As for being Gay this guy sure talks tough on the furums .He can call me anytime . http://www.greatguitarsanddrums.com/guit...
    Hi Five Sublyme Stylee. I ahve been lucky enough to just buy me one of these beautiful guitars. Broke again for Christmas But totally worth it. It can play anything. Ive been playing over 10 years and this shits all over any electric I have ever played.
    I just ordered one, a HB35TSK with hardcase, it's a factory 2nd quality because of some dirt in the clear and defective nut.. still stoked. My luthier friend will make new nut (tusq xl or brass).