MG70 review by Washburn

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.1 (7 votes)

Purchased from: Zamar Guitar Studio

Sound — 10
I play everything from southern rock to mathcore to metalcore, and this guitar MORE than handles it all. This guitar is practically MADE for ripping up intense solos and complex riffs. With the wide extra jumbo frets, and not to mention all 24 of them, you will go beyond shredding and approach disintegration! I have used this guitar with everything from practice amplifiers to bass guitar amps with effects run through them, and this thing sounds good on almost anything. It gets a little twangy on high treble settings, and has a very bright sound. But with good effect equalization, it's just bright enough to punch out there like a banshee! Harmonics squeal like mad, sweeps are very distinct and precise, and bends are remarkably smooth. Great variety, for everything from jazzy and mellow music to shredding and pounding hardcore music.

Overall Impression — 10
I have been playing guitar for 4 years and think this is truly the guitar I have searched for all those years. I also own a couple garage-sale like guitars and a Brand New Viper ESP LTD, but but this guitar triples the quality of anything I've ever had. I bought this guitar by walking into the guitar shop looking around for what guitar I wanted, once I saw this one, I said I want it, now, no questions asked. I packed it up in the case and couldnt wait to play it when I got home. It has been a beautiful and hard working guitar ever since. If it was stolen, I wouldn't buy a new one, but would hunt the bastard down who stole it and probably throw them off the pier in a sack, after I got the guitar back, of course:) My favorite feature about this guitar is the extra jumbo frets! and that there's 24 of them! it is perfect for any insane riff I ever come up with, whether fast or slow or heavy or technical or sweeps or anything. The only thing I wish it had was a device in it that rang a butler to take care of all my needs so I didn't have to ever stop playing it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar is a friggin workhorse. It can withstand drops and impacts and all that. The hardware, over great time, can be faulty, such as small parts of the floyd rose mechanism, but keep in mind this is still nothing compared to most guitars. The strap buttons are study on there and easily adjustable. The finish is on there dang good. When I get people together to gig, this will be my one and only! I know I can depend and rely on this sturdy guitar, and would only bring a back up in case of a broken string, due to the floyd rose string breaking problem. The MG-70 is truly like a rock!

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The action is the best I have ever played, and I know many others feel the same. The pickups are placed well, the middle single with reversed polarity. I notice only one flaw, in the finish. I notice some drip-like marks on the side of the guitar, like the finish dripped from the top or something, but very unnoticeable.

Features — 10
Made in the USA, exact year unknown but I know others said theirs have been made in 1992. 24 spankin extra jumbo frets! Gotta love that. Neck is really thin maple, while fingerboard is smooth mahogany. Monster wide and high frets! Body is mahogany with flamed maple top. Transparent pick guard. Superstrat shape with pointy cutaways and a pointy/rounded headstock. The bridge is a liscenced Floyd Rose bridge woot woot! Passive electronics. Controls are: Volume knob, Tone knob, and 5-way selector. The pickup configuration is single/single/humbucker. I think they are Dimarzio. The tuning system is a Floyd Rose double locking system, very sturdy and reliable, but sucky when you break a string haha, but that is well made up for by the sturdiness! All metal hardware is gold, making a very royal deep red/gold looking guitar. The plastic hardware is all black (the tops of the pickups and tuning caps.) Whammy bar is also gold. The guitar is "Mercury Series" and it truly looks like something from Mercury. Very extravagant and passionate, just like you should be about playing guitar!

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    i've got a washburn mg70 that i bought brand new in 92 for $745 with the hard case. I just disassembled it and had all the hardware re-plated in 24kt gold. the clear pick guard was yellowed and scratched so i had a new one custom made on a C&C router, with clear scratch resistant lexan. I replaced the pick-ups with the seymore duncan everything axe configuration. I also put in a fender strat 5 way selector switch. the original finish held up beautifully so i didn't do anything but polish it. the guitar looks brand new and sounds awesome.
    hey, uh i have an mg-300, would you know anything about it? im mean i love it and all, but i want to see other people's views. thanks
    I have three of these but only one true USA model. I like the pickguards on the exports so I took one off of my import and put it on my USA model. The USA model has some super sweet tones where as the imports want to either scream and claw or meow like BIG cats. I love the imports better because the sounds are more of my style but the US model seems to want to sing most of the time and not scream to much like the "Otherz".
    I own all kinds of Washburn guitars and basses, mostly early '80's stuff, and a few Guild "Burnside" guitars and out of all of instruments, this is my second favorite only to my Guild "The Lance" Burnside RR 1. My favorite music to play is old Ozzy,Metalica, Megadeath, Zappa,Yes, all 80's hair band stuff. If ya want to chat or have any questions about early Washies, you can email me at