Parallaxe PXS10FRDLXWB review by Washburn

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  • Features: 10
  • Sound: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (5 votes)
Washburn: Parallaxe PXS10FRDLXWB

Price paid: $ 899

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Features — 10
The guitar was made in 2014 in Indonesia. Honestly the "Made in Indonesia." Kinda made it a sleeper in the end, because you wouldn't expect amazing craftsmanship, but when I got the guitar in my hands and plugged in I was truly impressed.

Specs from website:

- Mahogany body w/Flame maple veneer
- White single ply binding (actual binding)
- Full access bolt on neck
- 24 fret thin maple neck with ebony fingerboard (actual ebony, I checked the grain)
- Locking nut
- Super jumbo frets
- Seymour Duncan Distortion bridge pickup
- Seymour Duncan Jazz neck pickup
- Original Floyd Rose with brass tremolo block - 36mm
- 25.5" scale
- Grover 18:1 tuners
- Buzz Feiten Tuning System
- D'Addario XL-120 strings.

Sound — 10
I play all any genre that I can learn thing or two from and have fun with. I've played everything from blues to speed metal. When I'm just jamming I just like to go crazy fast up and down the fretboard, that's why I love the Ebony on this guitar. I own lots of guitars different companies 2 Schecters, 2 Gibsons, 1 Handcrafted B.C. Rich, 3 import B.C. Rich guitars, a couple of DBZ / Diamond Guitars, 1 Jackson Rhoads V (all have Ernie Ball Slinkys). I'm definitely not noob or a putz when it comes to guitars. 

I currently play out of a Randall Head with a Bugera cab, the Mahogany body and neck (yes, the neck is actually Mahogany not Maple) create a very warm rich tone. I'm just in love with the warm and articulate tone of the SD Jazz in the neck and the Distortion gives a nice high output sort of kick, just what I want out of a bridge pickup. I would say that this guitar isn't limited to just metal because of the SD passive pickups, you can play a lot more. The parallel switches on the guitar are kind of output cutters in my opinion. It cuts out some of the output while respecting the great tone of the pickups, while giving the sound a little bit of single coil flair to it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I like my action really low so of course when I got the guitar I set it up to how I play, but a really important factor was that I could because I've gotten a couple of guitars where either you couldn't set the tremolo to have low action *cough* Schecter *cough* or the guitar would buzz through the amp if you tried. This is not the case for this guitar there isn't any sort of obnoxious buzzing from the fretboard. The guitar plays, bends, and taps better than the Korean guitars that I own and have owned, it even gets close to rivaling the Gibsons. The guitar looks really put together and I would say the binding is real clean.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Yes, this guitar will stand live playing and your really getting the best with the Parallaxe at really reasonable price. One of the reasons I went crazy for this guitar and bought it at the Appalachian Sportsman Club is the pro features. Such as the Grover locking tuners, Seymour Duncan pickups, Original Floyd Rose, Ebony fretboard, and individual pickup tapping. The full access bolt on neck I feel is very reliable and really doesn't affect me while I'm playing on the 24th fret. I'll take this to a gig and I'll be happy all through out it playing this guitar, believe me!

Overall Impression — 10
I've been playing about 7 years, own and have owned USA guitars, and all the local music store owners in a 50 mile area look at me with a snare when I walk in because I play every guitar in there store just to compare one to another. I even had a USA Washburn with an ebony fingerboard and it didn't play as fast as the Parallaxe. I love the guitar so much I'm looking to pick up another from the Parallaxe series. The Parallaxe series does what they say and eliminate the need for after market upgrades, I'm truly pleased with the guitar.

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    Every guitar from the parallaxe line that I've been given the chance to play was a fantastic instrument. I'm actually going to be getting myself one of this very same model in October; I'm very excited and glad to see it's getting the praise I think it deserves.
    My first thought is that they should come up with some simpler ways of naming their models...
    Yeah, I agree. Washburn, Ibanez and ESP (in some cases) all seem to suffer from "Japanese robot start-up command syndrome". They all name a considerable number of their guitars with what seems to be random sequences and consonants and digits. And yet they still can't seem to wrap their heads around why the masses are out talking about Gibson's "Les Paul" and not their "rg-23-abcdefg-3550dxfrfmz-flt-2000".
    You absolutely win with the term "Japanese robot start-up command syndrome" but yeah, I generally agree, although the names of their series are usually short and very reasonable (I guess almost everyone playing guitar knows what an Ibanez RG looks like), but the full names of models are... confusing.
    Hey, I noticed is having a $100 off sale on all the Parallaxes they have. I bought a PXL20EWH so I'll be doing a review on it soon!
    Nice axe. I recently bought a Washburn 6 string bass from a pawn shop, and I love it. Washburn is some good stuff. Not really all that surprised at the craftsmanship and parts you got for that price. It's not too hard for Asian made guitars to be great instruments, if they just have reasonable quality control, and a good factory setup. Schecter's Korean and Indonesian guitars are superb, as well.
    Hi, should I buy this or a Jackson Pro Soloist?
    That depends on preference. I've played both. The Jackson had a much wider and flatter neck. Sustain wise I feel both around the same. The Soloist is a little twangier and mellower in eq, and the Parallaxe is louder and grittier. Its up to you
    Question for TheGuitarBatman: how did you manage to set the string action lower without having the FR block and springs hit the plastic cover? It seems this guitar was designed with very strict tolerances...
    Follow-up to my question: the cause for the bad string action was the neck pocket. It was repaired by a luthier with a very thin mahogany shim, he also leveled the frets. There still is a very small problem with the neck: the relief is smaller on the bass side than on the treble side, however I managed to set approx 1.5mm string action at 24th fret. Other problems: bad quality pots (replaced), neck binding cracks at the frets - repaired also by the luthier. On the other side, the sound is very clean and full, so I think the mahogany neck is the main reason for both bad and good parts of this guitar... Note that Washburn changed the Indonesian factory in 2016 and I understand the new guitars are better manufactured. I am curious if these new guitars have maple or mahogany necks.
    I just bought a 2016 model. I can't say say that it plays better than previous models but dang! This is one fine piece of craftsmanship. Reminds me of a 2016 corvette if it were a car. I have a 1985 G-2V that I refer to as my, "Olds 442." They both have fast necks but the Vette wins every time. I am thinking of taking the SD jazz pup and putting it in the G2 while putting the bridge pup of the G2,(Duncan Invader) in the neck of the pxm20frfbcbm(or something like that hehe.) My next guitar will be another Parallax but probably a fixed bridge LP style in blue.
    Ggg700, I got one of the original runs from 2013. I had the neck binding crack issue, but that's a change of weather thing that happened to a couple of my other guitars. the layer of binding on it is thin. I didn't have an issue with lowering the tremolo to get good string action. I also haven't played any the 2016's yet.
    I just bought a 2016 model pxm20frfbcbm off of eBay for an amazing $150 delivered. I'm pretty sure the seller messed up somewhere. I think they forgot to put a one in front of everything but it arrived yesterday. I agree whole heartedly, this is a freakin new vette of guitars. I absolutely love playing this axe! I too have a G-2V, '86 I believe, and this guitar puts it to shame even with the pup change to Duncan invaders and Fender lace pups up front. I think the Jazz pup in the parallax is just what was needed. I play many styles including ska and this guitar pulls it off with ease. I have a bunch of older Japanese washburns including a 1979 Eagle. Although the craftsmanship on the eagle is exquisite beyond words, this pxm20 looks quite breathtaking in its own right. It doesn't have the SEC per say but the back is contoured just like the SEC so I can reach all the lower frets w/o changing hand positions. All in all, the pxm is just my kind of guitar. Comes with everything I have ever dreamed of and more.