WI66ANC review by Washburn

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.8 (17 votes)
Washburn: WI66ANC

Price paid: $ 1000

Purchased from: Local Music Shop

Sound — 8
The guitar comes in perfect low action setup which is a surprise to me as my previous guitar had to re-setup completely when purchase new. The EMG pickup are amazingly noiseless on my Line 6 Spider amp. I'm usually in to heavy distortion music and the EMG 81/85 delivered as promise. This pickups are make for heavy distortion music without much amp feedback although I encounter some ringing feedback on certain pedal so I figure this feedback are very much pedal dependent. On clean mode the EMG feels a little trebly but nothing that a EQ can't fixed. Sustain is crazy even for clean mode. The back consist of a battery cover for the pickup for easy access so you don't have to open up the cover to replace the battery if it dies on you but re-placing the battery is tricky even with the easy access cover because or maybe I have thick fingers but then it still is a tricky stunt for slim fingers the way I look at it. For this I will rate it a 8.5.

Overall Impression — 10
I play mostly rock and this guitar with it's EMG pickups is a perfect match. Been plaing since 18 when enlisted in the Army. I wish I was given a hardcase for the price I pay as most brand include a hardcase for guitar this range. If it's stolen that buger better pray hard he can run like a wind or else I will break his neck. I love everything about it but hate the weight as it gives my neck the sore the next day. My favorite feature is the pickups and the Evil Twin logo it makes the guitar looks abstract. I was not comparing any other brand when buying this as I was already decided to get a Washburn before I get a Gibson in a few years time. Don't ask me why Washburn I mean why not? Washburn is a dedicated guitar maker and they are not not at all... Ok ok I admit... I like the artist that are signup by them...

Reliability & Durability — 10
The guitar look rock solid to me and its a heavy axe. Hardware looks solid too but I wont be too concern on that as it can be easily re-placeable so the most important things I look for in a guitar is the built and setup. Strap button looks solid to me, won't budge no matter how you jump with the guitar hanging on your neck. I think my neck will break first before the strap button give way. Finish look thick so I figure it will last well through a couple of years. I certainly can depend on it and will use it on every gig hoping it break soon so I can have an excuse to buy a Gibson.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Setup was good as I said earlier. But I re-string it and change to a thinner gauge. Having done that I'll need to re-set my intonation which is surprising easy to me for this guitar. It maybe due to the Feit Fetein system or merely just good built but I have never come across a easier tune guitar then this. Pickup height is close to string at the bridge which is what I'm after so be careful not to slap the string on it for muting play. The neck pickup are slanted in at an angle towards the bridge direction and I thought that I had accidentally push it in while carrying it around. A call to the shop verify that it's set this way on purpose out of the factory. Cool! Bookmatch is good. Virtually no flaw can be detected from the paint work. Only complain is that it is easily stain with finger print marks on handling but it's not un-usual for a high gloss finish. For this I will give it a 10.

Features — 9
It's a Nick Catanese Evil Twin signature series and in 2009 Nick Catanese is no longer with Washburn. This is an Indonesia make model and I guess it should be around the year 2005-2008. Solid mahogany body with maple top, ebony fret board and mahogany 22 fret necks. Finish in dark clear coat with the red evil twin logo. Due to the clear coat so not one of this guitar will look the same in terms of colour shade which is a unique touch to me. Solid Metal knobs for 2 Tone and 2 Volume, 3-way Switch selctor for bridge mid and neck, EMG 81/85 pickups, Feit Fieten nut and Grover 18:1 Machine Head. Oh and be warned it's a heavy guitar and I get neck sores after a few hours straight on it so I'll give a 9 here.

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    Baby Joel
    So...you gave the sound an 8 because your fingers are too big for the battery? Awful awful review for a brilliant guitar.
    'I figure this feedback are very much pedal dependent' This is the reason not to read on. Nice axe, appalling review. You rated too high and superficially.
    It's sad that this really is the average standard of review on ths website. I've said before there needs to be some proper rules about how to review sound quality and what marks are fair and justified. Also, there HAS to be some sort of proof reading before the review is accepted. Most reviews on here are a total joke. /Rant On topic, I hear good things about high end washburns, features look nice, but not my thing at all.
    Get a different amp or just lie and say you have a better amp lol, spiders are ok for how cheap they are but not reliable to give the sound anything over a 5! But the guitar looks pretty sweet!
    nah it's a good guitar but this reviews is over-rated. Come on.... oh by the way why you want to break it and buy a Gibson? give it to me man oh Slipknot i guess the writer mean the pickup is slanted inwards as if you view it from the side of the guitar. I had seen some model of EMG set this way in the shop around my area. No idea why
    I tried one of these in Singapore this month. The only thing that stopped me from buying it was the red evil twin design. I hate it. Everything else about this guitar is magnificent though. The feel, the sounds, the look (the black quilt top is awesome). Too bad they didn't make this exact model without the red crap on it.
    Two issues: 1) It's hard to give a guitar an accurate sound rating when playing through a Line 6 Spider. 2)Why would you spend $1000 on a guitar and say you hope it breaks soon so you can buy a Gibson??? Why not just buy a Gibson to begin with???