X10 review by Washburn

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reliability & Durability: 3
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 4
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 4.4 Poor
  • Users' score: 7.3 (130 votes)
Washburn: X10

Price paid: $ 110

Purchased from: Varna, Bulgaria, Kanev's Music Shop

Sound — 5
I have always been keen on metal, yet I play plenty of blues, jazz, rock, whatever you want actually. It has a humbucker, not among the best, but it works good when you throw some gain at it. You NEED a noise-gate if you plan on working with this guitar. And a really good one! But if I were you I'd buy a better guitar and a normal noise gate. It offers some pretty sick-sounding licks when you play around with it. The single-coils on the other hand are perfect when you put on some smooth overdrive. I use a DigiTech Bad Monkey (Bulgaria has very few options here, and I wanted a MXR GT-OD gh... ) and when I push the gain at 2 o'clock I get some really tasty tones. Not to mention being able to replicate ZZ Top's "La Grange" sound. However the neck single coil is insanely bassy. You either need to have a sound low on bass or don't use it. My preferred uses of the 5-way selector is H for metal, S-S for clean, S-H for darker sounding clean. I play the guitar through a DigiTech RP350 and a DigiTech Bad Monkey. If not for the RP350, I'd hate this guitar. But with some good sound manipulation skills you can earn amazing tones. Well, not authentic but still amazing. Not to mention you can make the guitar sound like a bass guitar on the neck pickup and just add some bass to the EQ and you win a bass guitar... Which is lame, considering the fact that you're playing an electric guitar. As a whole, this guitar sounds sorta dull and lifeless but if you buy the proper equipment (not above 300$ tho, what's the point?!) you can earn some respect. What's more important is not the equipment, but the fingers playing it, so try to play more and buy less if you want to buy this guitar.

Overall Impression — 4
To sum up, compared to the Cort VX-4 I've been testing and wanting to buy, this guitar is SHIT. But for a beginner it is perfect. Well, not perfect but... Better than nothing. If I could go back in time I'd buy a Yamaha guitar for sure. Similar price, loads more quality! If it were stolen I'd spend a day in a baby-like pose and I'd cry. But only for the memories. When we talk about value for money I'd rate it a 6. But when we talk about quality, I'd rate it 4. And we're reviewing the guitar's quality, not the price compared to it's quality so... 4 it is.

Reliability & Durability — 3
For now it has served me well. Alright, I lied. But still I use it and it hasn't fallen apart in my hands. The hardware will live at least one more year but until then I'll have a new guitar (I hope). Strap buttons are made of my old grandmother's bones. I don't depend on it but I have nothing better right now. The finish has a few scratches but it adds to the beauty. But it is insanely thin. The volume knob often breaks down but I don't care, as Phil Demmel says, a guitar in metal doesn't need a tone or volume knob. I rate this section 3 due to the lack of quality in the durability.

Action, Fit & Finish — 4
The guitar is set up to be a blues guitar. Period. Not cool for novice players like myself 2 years ago. The strings were too high, the springs on the back made it feel as if it was made as a stretching tool, rather than a guitar. The pickups were extremely low and I had to raise them a bit to get a bit more out of them. At least the finish was beautiful, that's all I gave a damn about back in the days. If you want this guitar prepare to buy a couple of tools. I managed to remove a spring from the back, I blocked the whammy bar (It's awful, don't even try it). If you really want this guitar prepare to maintain it with huge care. At least for that I give a thumbs-up to Washburn that as a beginner I learned not only to play at a hm... Semi-advanced? Dunno how to rate my level. But my guitar maintenance skills have expanded largely! I even fix my friends' guitars. But it is still a pain in the ass to have to maintain everything, not to mention that from the start you're forced to keep it in condition to play. At least everyone who passes through a Washburn X-10 will be able to maintain his next more-advanced guitar better. As a whole, awful guitar to maintain. For that I give it a 4. But due to the fact that after even 3 months with it you'll be able to handle whatever guitar is thrown at you I might rate it 6-7... But still, 4.

Features — 6
Can't say about the year it was made, tho I know these are made basically every year sooo yeah. It's made in China, nothing interesting here. The guitar has 24 frets, not exactly easy to reach and use, especially the last 6 frets but at least they're easy to reach when you tap. The neck is really fat and wide and even for my long fingers it is constantly a test of skills to reach the frets I need to. Barre chords are insanely difficult to finger. Scale runs can be made a breeze if you can move and position your left hand properly. It's made of basswood with a rosewood fingerboard. The basswood is of really low quality but for the price you can't ask for more I'm afraid. The neck is made of Maple but the cheap one so it's quite hard to move your hand around the fretboard. I use a fingerless glove on my left hand to allow a faster movement. At least I have to say the guitar's beautiful, it is in a red glossed finish. Strat shape, nothing interesting but still eye-catching. The Bridge is a vibrato type. Passive stock Washburn humbuckers. 5-way selector (let's not forget the guitar is a S-S-H). One volume and one tone knob. It came with a strap and cables, nothing interesting. As a whole, considering the price, the features available are plenty. But of low quality.

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    El_Lobo_1 wrote: I plan to buy one and upgrade it with a Dimebucker in the bridge, a new paint job, and DiMarzio pickups it the neck. Hmm... I wonder if I could take out the old tremolo and install a Floyd Rose tremolo .
    Better idea: Don't buy a cheap guitar and then upgrade. Buy a better guitar with the features you want.
    even better idea buy a decent chip guitar and mod it the way you want and save yourself about half of what  the high dollar would cost... ROTFLMAO@Cort guitars. they are not even good as firewood