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manufacturer: Washburn date: 12/09/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Washburn: X10
X10 including sealed schaller style tuners, SSH pickups, five position switch, heavy metal control knobs, fulcrum tremolo bridge, and a smooth fast hard maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.
 Sound: 7.3
 Overall Impression: 8.1
 Reliability & Durability: 7.3
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.1
 Features: 7.6
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overall: 7.4
X10 Reviewed by: chckndmplngs, on december 26, 2006
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Price paid: $ 299.99

Purchased from: Brookdale Music

Features: This is a very basic guitar, I think, because it has very basic Washburn "stock" pickups. I got this guitar about three years ago, and the people at the store sold us this because it was in a beginning guitar package with an amp, a gig bag, a strap and a cable. 24 frets, some of the higher frets get out of tune when I'm playing up there. Sometimes I have to tune the guitar in the upper range if I'm playing a high song. There's one volume knob and one tone knob. There is a five way selector but I only use the farthest settings (the "rock" and the "jazz" setting). // 7

Sound: My style is rock and jazz. For the rock, it suits me okay because the higher frets go out of tune. The jazz is fine but the tone knob almost needs to be at zero for jazz. I have a Laney Hard Core Max 15 Watt amp and it came in the beginner's package so it's not very good. I don't have any effects but this amp has a "crunch" setting and that's not too good, it just jumbles everything up. This guitar has a very bland sound, not distinct. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The guy at the shop set the guitar up for me and fixed everything so that it would be good. After about a year, the nut fell off and I had to glue it back on. I've noticed that sometimes when I'm playing jazz, that the Switch gets in the way of my strumming and that can get really annoying! When you change the Switch, there is a lot of buzzing. The only thing that was wrong when I got it was that the springs in the back were all crooked. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I have taken this guitar back and forth to many places with only a gig bag and it hasn't broken anything yet. The strap doesn't really stay in place and sometimes it just falls off. Whenever my jazz group plays, we have a Fender Stratocaster waiting just in case. The finish on this guitar is solid and only has one chip (I dropped it on the grass). // 7

Overall Impression: I really need this guitar for jazz and this guitar is a very good fit for any style of guitar playing. I had no intention of what I was going to play when I first got this guitar, but it has turned out fine. I don't own any pedals or effects but I wish I had some. Just recently, I have upgraded to a Schecter 006 Elite guitar and that is a lot better than this beginner's guitar. I rated this an 8 for a beginner's guitar because I know a lot of guitars that are better for an intermediate guitar player. // 8

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overall: 6.4
X10 Reviewed by: UG Team, on september 06, 2007
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Price paid: $ 120

Purchased from: Music123.com

Features: This is a 2007 Washburn X10 guitar. It is a Strat-shaped guitar that has 24 frets, a glossy black finish (that attracts so much dust, I have to wipe it off every day), and a whammy bar. It's fitted with two single-coil pickups, a humbucker, a 5-way selector switch, a volume knob, and a tone knob. It came with a cable, some tools, and a handy-dandy rubber band. Overall, it looks as if it's a great guitar. That's where they get you. I bought this guitar because I wanted a guitar with a whammy (or whatever you want to call it) bar. Being my third electric guitar, I had already had experience in guitar playing. But I had never played a guitar with a vibrato bar, so naturally it's the first thing I decided to check out. I plugged it in my Marshall MG10 (yes, I know it's a crap amp, let's just look past this point) with the included cable and struck a chord. One problem. The high E and B strings were already rubbing against the frets. So I raised the saddles on those strings, re-tuned, and tried again. A decent sounding C chord. I let it ring, reached for the bar and pushed down. All seemed well, until I let go of the bar. I started playing again and realized that about half the strings were out of tune already. After a quick re-tuning (agian) I decided to try out the bar one more time, this time with a G chord. I struck it and pushed the bar down, a little bit less this time. I continued playing and realized that it was out of tune again. No matter what you do with the bar, (after a while I tinkered with the bridge and made it a floating bridge, but that didn't help) this guitar is going to go out of tune. Guaranteed. // 5

Sound: The sound almost impressed me. The single coils are quite good for bluesy, jazzy, or clean riffs. The humbucker is great for rock and metal. Pinch harmonics are a breeze on this guitar, and regular harmonics sound decent. The knobs work surprisingly well and there's a huge contrast between the humbucker and the single coils. It sounds good for what I paid, but nothing more. When compared to my other guitars, it's very "blah". // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The finish is the one of the only things that impressed me with this guitar. It's so shiny that you can see yourself in it. The only problem with the finish is that it attracts dust immensely. I have to dust it every day, or just deal with it. The playability is actually quite nice. Pinch harmonics are easy, but tapping can be quite difficult. As you go up the neck (towards the body) the action gets really high. Most of the time it's not a problem, but as I said, tapping up there is really hard. Also, when I first got it in the mail, the high E and B strings would hit a fretwire and die out when I tried to fret a note. I fixed it by rasing the saddles on these two strings and now it's fine, but it just goes to show you how poorly put together this guitar was. And don't even get me started on the whammy bar again. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I haven't gigged with this guitar yet. Hell, I haven't even brought it to practice. Truthfully, I think this guitar would last a gig. I think it would last a whole tour. It would need to have a "check-up" every night to fix little flaws, but it could last with all of it's original hardware. As far as lasting through a song (tuning-wise); it should be fine as long as you don't use the whammy bar. This guitar would be a back-up... an extreme emergency back-up. An "all of my other electric guitars started on fire and we couldn't save them" emergency guitar. Tuning is very unreliable, but the hardware and such is very sturdy. // 6

Overall Impression: I paid $120 for this guitar. I planned on re-painting it, putting in new pickups, getting a Floyd Rose for it, etc. If I did all of that, it might sound alright and cease to piss me off. But I did none of those things, so it still angers me. For the $120 you pay for it, it's a half-way decent guitar. As far as being a "go-to"guitar, well, I wish I would've bought the Ibanez. // 7

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overall: 7.6
X10 Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 05, 2004
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Price paid: $ 189

Purchased from: Musician's Junkyard

Features: Overall, it's a pretty basic beginners guitar; solid wood body (what wood is beyond me), trem bridge, stock tuners, jumbo frets, HSS pickup configuration and Strat body styling. There are 2 things that are different though; it has 24 frets, not like the standard 21 or 22 I see on beginners guitars, and it has a rosewood fretboard, unlike it's features as listed on Washburn.com. Anyway, it s pretty good beginners guitar, not for the intermediate or pro level guitarist though. // 8

Sound: My music style is a bit undefined, you know, I play lots of stuff, but this guitar suits them all pretty well. The bridge humbucker sounds good, but it's not a Washburn pickup lol. I was doodling around with the insides of my guitar, and noticed on the back of the humbucker it said Epiphone, not Washburn, oh well. Anyways, the bridge humbucker gets a real nice distorsion sound, but its not all that great for clean sounds. The middle and neck pickups are good for a clean or very slightly distorted sound, but there a noisy and muddy when it comes to average to high distorsion. The pickup selector is kinda of noisy, but not as bad as other guitars' pickup selectors. The volume and tone knobs have to be cranked to get a good sound, more so with the volume knob though. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: Overall it was pretty good except for 2 things; the pickup selector is a bit noisy, and the bridge pickup was not mounted correctly. I'm not sure if the bridge pickup was loose when i got it or if it got losse in my thrashing about with the guitar, but it was a 10 min. fix. No big deal. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I think this guitar would withstand live playing without issues. The strap buttons are solid, the hardware looks as if it will last quite a while, and the finish doesn't wear easy. Although, being the picky and worrysome polock that I am, I would probaly bring another guitar to a show with me, more for a variety of sounds than fears that the Washburn would nreak down. // 8

Overall Impression: As I said before, this guitar mathces my many styles pretty well. I've been playing about 7 months now, and this guitar should help fuel me for at the very least another 2 years before I decide I absolutely need a better guitar to suit my growing needs. The only thing I wish it had was 2 humbucker pickups instead of 2 single coils and one humbucker. If it were stolen, lost, are burnt beyond repair I would probaly buy a new one, then beat the person who stole it or damaged it agressivly. I'm just kidding, im not that violent. // 8

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overall: 9.5
X10 Reviewed by: MorbidAngel333, on july 13, 2005
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Purchased from: Sam Ash

Sound: I play different types of metal and alternative, and the guitar suits my musical style pretty well. I am using a Marshall MG10CD amp (total noob amp, I know) with no effects or pedals. This was my first guitar and I was a newbie when I got it, so now that I am discovering exactly what style of music I want to play, the X10 is becoming more limiting. Most of the settings aren't bad, and 3 out of 5 settings are full sounding. The guitar has a variety of sounds it can make, considering it is a beginners guitar. With the amp I use, when on full gain and the 5th tone setting, this Washburn seems to resemble a Punk-ish sound, which dosen't help me much unless I am playing grunge or alternative rock (which it does well). When put to a clean setting, the guitar plays nicely, although not as full and dosen't have as much sustain as it should. On all settings however, the only real major problem that effects any player is fret-buzzing, which this guitar has plenty of. This is only a set back if you are playing profound power chords or slow riffs. I also use this guitar for some thrash metal sounding material, but with my little amp, there isn't much of a noise gate, so sounds can become blurry and sloppy. For anyone who plays alternative rock or metal like I do, this guitar does better with alternative/punk then the metal, although I suppose it could play less extreme hard rock variations as well. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up well when I got it, and I was a newbie so I didn't have any problems with the action or the neck, and I still don't. The pickups have been fine for me since I bought it over a year ago. The bridge was fine although the neck is sometimes alittle slow whe it comes to fast actions, and very dry in cold conditions, so it requires adjusting at times. Other than the above mentioned fret-buzzing and slow actions, there were no true flaws to the guitar. It is a beginners guitar, and it won't be the best guitar quality, but it is just good enough. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I think this guitar would hold up well and could withstand live performances. The hardware is iffy looking at times, but I think it will last awhile. The strap buttons seem solid and well made, and I think this is a dependable guitar. I would use this guitar at a gig without backup, taking into consideration that I have some sort of substantial effects and a better amp, of course. The finish seems to hold up well, and I have smuges on it, but no dents or scratches. The durability of this guitar is excellent considering it is a beginners guitar. // 10

Overall Impression: I wouldn't say that the guitar is a great match for what I play, but it is as close as you can get with my equipment at such a low cost. I have been playing for two years but have only had this guitar for a little over one year. I wouldn't have asked anything before purchasing this guitar because it was such a good deal for a fine beginners guitar, and I played others before purchasing. If it were stolen or lost, I would probably start saving early for my next, better guitar, but this one would be soley missed, and so I would probably get another one. I think this is a great beginners guitar and I can't think of anything to hate, but I only wish it came with better selections on the selector Switch, that further suited my needs. My favorite feature is probably the tremolo. Although at first it seems to have little effct on playability, it grew on me and I started using it more in music, even if it isn't the best quality one. I compared it to the Billet Squier Stratocaster in the store, because the guy said it would be a best bet for a beginners guitar. I chose this one hands down because it played better as the Squier felt rigid and stiff, while this one played with ease. Overall, this guitar has the best buy and the best features for a beginner guitar. // 10

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overall: 8.5
X10 Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 14, 2005
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Price paid: $ 170

Purchased from: World Music Supply

Sound: I'm still a newbie at this, so it's my first guitar. I'm using the amp it came with and it sounds ok, I guess. Pretty good to start out with. One thing that irritates me is the buzzing. I thought it was just because I sucked, but it seems to be standard with this one from reading other reviews. Other than that, it sounds pretty good. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The only defect I've found is a crack on both sides of the body where the neck connects to it. I didn't notice it when I first got it, so I can't say it came from the factory like that, but I've never subjected it to anything that would cause it. The cracks are small hairline cracks, so I'm not sure if it affects it, it still seems pretty solid. Like I said, I'm a newbie. Other than that it looks really good, smudges wipe off easily and it doesn't seem to scratch easily. But, again, I'm not that rough with it. Yet. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Other than the cracks, it seems really sturdy and durable. Everything is pretty solid. // 9

Overall Impression: I haven't really "discovered" my style yet, but it seems to be decent at any style. If I had it to do over, I would still buy this package for a starter if only for the value. If it was stolen, I'd probably go for a higher quality guitar, now that I know I enjoy playing. World Music Supply was great to deal with. I had some credit card issues with the shipping/billing address and they took the time to make it work. // 8

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overall: 7.6
X10 Reviewed by: delongesmyhero, on may 26, 2006
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Price paid: $ 199.99

Purchased from: shear's music

Features: The Washburn X10 was my first electric guitar purchase. I bought it 3 years ago after playing acoustic for 5 years. The Washburn X10 was made in China. I purchased it for 199.00, with an amp. The guitar then was only about 150.00 dollars. It was a great guitar for starting out on. There weren't any intial problems with the guitar, it was a great guitar to start out on. After about a month the paint began to chip off a bit, nothing to major happened to it though. It has a 5-way selector, and has a tone and volume knobs. The volume and tone knobs are metal style and give the guitar a little better look. The guitar I got game with a case, gig bag, strap, cable and a pretty basic 10 watt amp. The amp model it came with is a Marshall MG10CD and is good for someone new to guitar. // 8

Sound: When I intially bought the guitar I didn't have a particular sound I wanted to play, but after owning the Washburn X10 for a month I decided it gave me a good punk style sound with the humbucker pick up. I upgraded from the Marshall MG10CD amp it came with and bought a 60watt Roland cube which also sounds good with the X10. I also use a hot rod distortion pedal with it. The overal sound is good but not the best. I prefer to use the humbucker pick up and have my tone knob up the whole way to get the best sound. The variety of the sound is pretty small, you get a dull metal sound with out tone and with all the tone and using the humbucker you get a punk sound. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: When I purchased the X10 it was already set up for me, which was a big help. Everything was adjusted fine. The only real flaw with the Washburn X10 was that pain chipped off after a month or two of buying it, but that was very fixable myself. The guitar had no real problem with it. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I have played this guitar live and it is fine. There weren't any real noticiable problems with the guitar other then the paint. The strap buttons are fine, I never have a problem with them. The finish on the other hand is poor, if your looking for a guitar for looks and not sound I don't reccomend this particular guitar. // 7

Overall Impression: I prefer playing punk-style music and this is a perfect match for it with the humbucker pick up. Before I purchased the product I wish I would have known about the paint thinning and the finish problems. I would compare the X10 to a Squier Strat, but a better upgrade compared to the Strat. // 8

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overall: 6.8
X10 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 06, 2007
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Price paid: $ 199

Purchased from: Uptown Music

Features: This guitar is made in China, and features (unlike many beginner guitars) 24 frets as opposed to 22. The fingerboard wood is Rosewood, and it sounds relatively ok. It's got a Strat style body, one volume nob, one tone nob, and a 5-way pickup selector. It has 2 single coils and one humbucker, and Schaller type tuners. The one I purchased came with a gig bag, dvd, strap, cable, various wrenches and other tools, and a 15 watt Washburn amp (which I quickly ditched). It also came with three very light Washburn picks. // 8

Sound: Typically, I play a lot of punk, metal, and alternative. While it's very good for punk, it doesn't do much in the way of metal. Pinch harmonics are almost am impossibility, and harmonics in general just don't sound quite right. One thing I noticed immediately is this guitar has a lot of fret buzzing. Mine came with two defective ones. The 17th fret cannot be used altogether, which is a downer for soloing. It seems that all the frets above 14 or so start to sound very terrible. More of an annoying high pitch than anything. The guitar seems to do ok with drop tuning though, but it could use improvement in the barre chord area. I have to admit, I was impressed with the sound this can make with octaves. Right now I'm using it with a Peavey 40W, and it seems ok. No effects or pedals. On really high distortion and a punkish setting, it sounds alright. But, if you want to play clean, there is definitely better. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: The X10 comes set up typically. Good action, and with extremely light strings (though the actual size eludes me. Something like 9-36 or something) The pickups were a little far from the strings for my taste, but everything else seemed in order. The only real flaw was the strap bold on the side closest to the neck. The screw inside stripped the wood, but it was easily remedied with some wood glue. No biggie. Right now mine is set up with 11-49 D'Adrio strings, and in Eb tuning. It seems to be holding relatively well, though a large amount of adjustment had to be made (never let the guy at Uptown Music set this up). The only other real flaws is that this creates a ton of buzzing when not being played. And it tends to create feedback really, really easily. Another flaw is that the strap is a very cheap, trashy one (the plastic in it literally fell apart one day). // 7

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is relatively reliable from what I've experienced. No dings or scratches yet (though I haven't treated it badly) It seems pretty sturdy, and it is definitely dependable. The paint is kind of thin, but if you're careful that won't really matter. The only huge warning with this guitar though: it eats strings. For some reason (and it's not my playing, I guarantee that) this guitar seems to eat through strings. They always break at the saddles, which might be the source of the problem. // 7

Overall Impression: This is a great match for punk, and an ok match for metal. (Both of which I prefer to play) It sounds very sloppy with thrash though, and lacks tone with clean playing. I've been playing with this guitar for about eight months, and it is the only one I own right now. Though I have played on quite a few. I do wish I had asked if it was good for soloing, the fact that this can't solo really kills it for me. If this were lost or stolen, I wouldn't buy it again. Probably go with ESP or something of that sort. It did come at a great price, and it looks pretty good. My favorite feature is probably the ease of action and pickup adjustment. But, once again, I hate the fret buzzing and the total garbage that is any fret beyond 14. I compared this guitar to the B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze Series. And let me tell you, definitely go with the X10. I compared it to the Warlock because that's the most accessible guitar for me (one of my friends has it). Definitely a beginners guitar (an pretty good one too). // 7

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overall: 7.2
X10 Reviewed by: samh1234, on november 05, 2007
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Price paid: $ 164.7

Purchased from: dvguitars.com

Features: The guitar has 24 frets and a bolt on maple neck. I have it in black and would consider it an average looking guitar. The tone knob takes you from a soft bluesish sound (if your amp is on clean) through to a decent rock/metal distorted sound (if your amp is on distortion). The volume kno is pretty good. Although my guitar was made in China it is relatively well made, although it does tend to go out of tune rather easily. The bridge humbucker gives out a pretty nice sound for the metal I like to play (Bullet for My valentine etc), while the neck pickup sounds ok for clean rock. // 7

Sound: I use it with a Marshall MG100DFX to play mostly metal, and with the bridge humbucker selected and the gain cranked up it can sound pretty aggressive. You can set it up to have a cleaner, more bluesy sound if you fiddle with the tone and your amp settings, although this isn't an area I've experimented a lot in. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The action is pretty good, no real problems if you're playing at speed. The pickups were much too high, especially in the neck position, but this was easily rectified. The black finish does show up any kind of smudge or dirt, and all the dust in my house collects around the pickups, but it's not a real problem. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I probably wouldn; t gig with this guitar, and almost certainly not as my first choice, the volume has a tendency to cut out at inapproriate times, the input is very loose. The metal on the pickups has begun to rust, but is not detrimental to the sound (yet), and the strap buttons are solid and reliable even without strap locks. The finish too seems pretty reliable. // 6

Overall Impression: This guitar was only 90, and for that price you'll be hard pushed to find a better guitar, for sheer playability. I would recomend this guitar if you are just starting out, it was my second guitar, my first 'real' guitar (my very first, well, let's not go into that), and it certainly saw me through a year until I felt confident enough that I'll carry on playing guitar to buy a much better model, I'm eyeing up a Jackson. All in all, I wouldn't want this guitar to be stolen, but more for sentimental value than awesomeness. 90 for begineers is a very good deal. // 8

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overall: 8
X10 Reviewed by: axeslinginghero, on november 28, 2007
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Purchased from: S&S Audio

Features: I got my X-10 as a beginner. It was my first electric. It's a 2004 model. If I'm not mistaken it was mede in the USA. It's a 22 medium jumbo fret rosewood fret board. The neck is maple, which is nice but unfortunately there is a knot in the wood near the headstock. The body consists of some type of freakin resin, and it is extremely light, and good for gigs. The body style is quite similar to the Stratocaster, a double cutaway but no pickguard. I left the original tremolo bridge on there and it does ok but can't touch a Floyd Rose. Not too sure if the electronics are active or passive, but it has a 5-way selector switch, one tone, and one volume. It has a single coil at the neck, a single coil mid, and a humbucker at the bridge. They are the stock pickups, and hum loudly and squawk when the volumes on ten. But you can turn it to 9 and it's ok. The freakin tuners were crap so I replaced them with some schaller locking tuners. The guitar came with a gig bag, 15watt amp, crappy strap that broke and made my guitar fall, a little cable that sucks, and the allen wrench that adjusts the saddles, and the truss rod wrench/bar thing. But overall it was alright for a beginner. // 8

Sound: The X-10 actually suits my style well, which is metal, classic rock, shreddin, thrash, and all those freakin head bangin styles. Now I run it through a Marshall MG100DFX amp with a 4X12 cab. It is a very noisy guitar but only when your not playin. It has a raw, metally tone. It is kinda limited in the sounds it can make, but ya know, this is a beginner guitar. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: As far as action, fit, and finish, this guitar was perfect. The only thing that was really wrong were the tuning machines. The pickups were right. The bridge was aligned. I done a little filing on the frets, but I like mine a bit more filed than it came. The knot on the neck I guess would be considered a flaw. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will and has withstood Live playing. My band, Savio, it quite a rowdy band and it has withstood well. The hardware is gonna last too. It is a very solid guitar. The strap buttons however were an issue, and I replaced both with longer screws and a little loktite, and now that baby is freakin solid.The finish is kinda thin, has a few chips in it, but it's fine. Oh by the way, it is light metallic blue. // 8

Overall Impression: The X-10 is a good beginner guitar if you wanna learn to play some metal and thrash, but not very good for strumming and that type music. I have played for four years, and I own an all original 1946 Fender Acoustic, no I'm not selling it, an Eagle acoustic, and a Yamaha FG-330 acoustic (I think that's the model). I am totally sastified with the little Washburn X-10. But if it were stolen, I'd just go buy a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top. I love the headstock on this thing. It is very different. it's unique I guess you could say. I hate nothing about this guitar. I compared to a few others, this was best. Only thing I wanna add is a Floyd Rose tremolo. // 9

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overall: 7.8
X10 Reviewed by: geluidsterroris, on august 11, 2008
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Features: 24 frets, rosewood fingerboard, Basswood body, double cutaway, tremolo bridge, 2 single coil pickups (middle and neck) and a humbucker. This guitar has a 5-way selector, one volume control and one tone control. The die-cast tuners are pretty good, the guitar stays in tune quite well. When I bought this guitar, a case, strap, and an amplifier were included (I bought it as a package). // 8

Sound: I play blues and rock through a Fender Deluxe 85 amp. The sound is not very good compared to more expensive guitars, but for the price, the pickups are pretty good. The humbucker provides a sharp tone, excellent for hardrock and heavy metal, and leads (making pinch harmonics is easy on this guitar). The single-coils deliver a warmer sound, and I really like to combine both the middle and the neck pickup, for a warm, twangy sound. As I said, it doesn't sound impressive, but for the price, it's a great guitar. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: It was set-up really good. I checked the intonation myself, but everything was alright. The action is quite low, and I didn't experience fret buzz. The only point is, that when you play higher notes (above the 15th fret), the action is getting a lot higher, which can be pretty annoying. The finish (shiny red) was really strong, it has never been damaged, but after a while I found it kind of boring, and I wanted to mess around with my guitar a bit, so I sanded off the finish and replaced it by a transparant finish. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I mentioned it before: this is not an expensive guitar, so it is slowly wearing out. I have had this guitar for a long time, and I play very often on it, so the frets are getting flat. The bridge saddles were worn too, so the strings didn't last long, so I sanded it, but this problem occured when I already had this guitar for a long time. I am sure I can depend on it, and I do. The only trouble I've had with it are small things, that can be fixed easily. // 7

Overall Impression: I have been playing guitar for over 8 years at the moment, and I still like the Washburn X10. When I bought this guitar, I didn't really know what style I was going to play, but now I play almost nothing but blues and rock. It fits pretty good, but I am going to buy a different guitar (Epiphone Sheraton II with SH-55 pickups), because I want something better. It is a great guitar for the price, but if you can afford it, maybe you should check out some other stuff too. If it was stolen, I would beat up the thief (like most other review writers), and do other evil stuff to him, but I wouldn't buy it again, simply because my musical taste has changed, and I have more money to spend, but if you are looking for an affordable guitar, this is definately a very good, maybe the best, choice. // 7

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overall: 10
X10 Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 01, 2010
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Price paid: $ 262.5

Purchased from: Room2Rock

Features: This guitar was made in 2009. Made in China. 24 frets, with a 25.5 scale. The neck is thin, awesome, and easy to play on. The neck is maple, the fretboard is rosewood, and the body is a light and comfortable basswood. The finish is a glossy black. It attracts some dust, but hey, IT'S BLACK. The guitar is shaped like the usual metal guitars(Jackson Soloist, Ibanez RG, etc.), without a pickguard. The bridge is a classic Stratocaster style. The electronics are passive. It has a tone knob and a volume knob, with a 5 way selector for the pickups. The pickups are in an HSS configuration. The tuners are Grover die cast ones. It came in a full package with a WA15G amplifier, also made in 2009(October, precisely.) The amp is 15 watts. It also had a gig bag. It had Allen keys for adjusting string height and a truss rod adjustment tool. The truss rod is modified near the body, from the beginning of the neck, not from the headstock as usual. It had a strap and a cable too. Not to forget the vibrato bar. And the 3 picks. I replaced the picks with PlanetWaves picks. I replaced the cable with PlanetWaves Custom series. The strap is now a DiMarzio camouflage colored one. I replaced the strings with the lightest gauge D'Addario strings the store had. Excellent features compared to other guitars. // 10

Sound: I haven't determined a style, but I compared my guitar with my cousin's ERG121C. My guitar sounds much fuller and brighter. His amplifier is complete rubbish. My amplifier sounds much brighter and the controls are more powerful and responsive. I can do "dive-bombs" with this thing. His guitar sucks in making noises. I was able to make every noise that was listed on the YouTube video "Herman Li guitar noises" except the ones that required a double locking vibrato. He wasn't able to produce the sounds fully. Excellent sound for a beginner's. His ERG121C, along with its amplifier, sounded so bad that we were joking about it, calling it a "dead bass." // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar, surprisingly, was set up well. The electronics were perfect. The wood was great. Nothing was loose. It was much better set than my cousin's. The only problems I had was when my cousin "accidentally" banged his Ultra sharp ERG121C's headstock into my guitar's body. The paint suffered no damage. Just a small dent. Another problem is when I "accidentally" made the hole for the input jack's screw wider. I plan to fix it with wood filler. I suffered ZERO problems that were caused by the guitar. All the problems I had with this guitar were caused by me or my cousin's wrongdoing. The guitar in itself was perfect. // 10

Reliability & Durability: The guitar seems very reliable. I took it to my friend's house with no trouble. If I ever learned to play well I would not be afraid to take it live. The hardware seems to last. The strap buttons are very solid. The finish seems invincible. I would use it on a gig without backup. // 10

Overall Impression: I would like to learn funk and metal, maybe even classical. The guitar is promising to all of them. The bridge pickup is bright and powerful, and the neck pickup is clean and beautiful. Me and my cousin have bought our guitars only 2 weeks apart. I wish I had asked about other guitars they had, since they were selling a BC Rich Warbeast guitar for the same price. If it was stolen I could not get a chance to buy it again, but if I went back in time, I still would have chosen this over the Warbeast. I love everything about it. I hate only the fact that my input jack is loose because of my error. My favorite feature is the guitar being awesome. I compared it to an ERG121C and my guitar totally rocks more than it. I only wish I could change the pickups and add a new neck. That's right. I don't plan on buying a more expensive guitar, I only want to upgrade this beauty. One thing that really pisses me off is that they released the RX10 guitar shortly after I bought an X10. They are identical hardware-wise, but the RX10 has a cooler body shape and a cooler headstock shape. The RX10 also has a colored headstock. // 10

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overall: 10
X10 Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 23, 2011
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Price paid: € 150

Features: This guitar was made in 2009. Made in China. 24 frets, with a 25.5 scale. The neck is thin, awesome, and easy to play on. The neck is maple, the fretboard is rosewood, and the body is a light and comfortable basswood. The finish is a glossy black. It doesnt't attracts dust, its grey. The guitar is shaped like the usual metal guitars(Jackson Soloist, Ibanez RG, etc.), without a pickguard. The Bridge is a classic Stratocaster style. The electronics are passive. It has a tone knob and a volume knob, with a 5 way selector for the pickups. The pickups are in an HSS configuration. The tuners are Grover die cast ones. It comes with some tools and cable. // 10

Sound: It suits for every music style (country to death metal) because guitar has great clen, great sound and awesome distorsion.I use Roland 15 w amp and it is great for beginners and semi profesionals. Its my first guitar but I'm very happy with this guitar because I am not totally beginner, I played guitar for 12 years and if it suits for me it suitas for every other beginner because I'm very finickly. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar, surprisingly, was set up well. The electronics were perfect. The wood was great. Nothing was loose. Strings was a little bit high but it is not big deal, its 5 minutes work to set string lower. Pickups, for me its the most important thing on guitar, and, Pichups are great on this guitare, I think this is the best oportunity on market. // 10

Reliability & Durability: The guitar seems very reliable. I took it to my friend's house with no trouble. If I ever learned to play well I would not be afraid to take it live. The hardware seems to last. The strap buttons are very solid. The gloss seems invincible. I would use it on a gig without backup. // 10

Overall Impression: I say everything important before and if it were stolen I will buy this guitar again. I pay for her around 150 euros, but I will pay it double for this awesome guitar quality. I would like to learn funk and metal, maybe even classical. The guitar is promising to all of them. The Bridge pickup is bright and powerful, and the neck pickup is clean and beautiful. Me and my cousin have bought our guitars only 2 weeks apart. // 10

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overall: 4.4
X10 Reviewed by: Dopemgs, on may 23, 2011
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Price paid: $ 110

Purchased from: Varna, Bulgaria, Kanev's Music Shop

Features: Can't say about the year it was made, tho I know these are made basically every year sooo yeah. It's made in China, nothing interesting here. The guitar has 24 frets, not exactly easy to reach and use, especially the last 6 frets but at least they're easy to reach when you tap. The neck is really fat and wide and even for my long fingers it is constantly a test of skills to reach the frets I need to. Barre chords are insanely difficult to finger. Scale runs can be made a breeze if you can move and position your left hand properly. It's made of basswood with a rosewood fingerboard. The basswood is of really low quality but for the price you can't ask for more I'm afraid. The neck is made of Maple but the cheap one so it's quite hard to move your hand around the fretboard. I use a fingerless glove on my left hand to allow a faster movement. At least I have to say the guitar's beautiful, it is in a red glossed finish. Strat shape, nothing interesting but still eye-catching. The Bridge is a vibrato type. Passive stock Washburn humbuckers. 5-way selector (let's not forget the guitar is a S-S-H). One volume and one tone knob. It came with a strap and cables, nothing interesting. As a whole, considering the price, the features available are plenty. But of low quality. // 6

Sound: I have always been keen on metal, yet I play plenty of blues, jazz, rock, whatever you want actually. It has a humbucker, not among the best, but it works good when you throw some gain at it. You NEED a noise-gate if you plan on working with this guitar. And a really good one! But if I were you I'd buy a better guitar and a normal noise gate. It offers some pretty sick-sounding licks when you play around with it. The single-coils on the other hand are perfect when you put on some smooth overdrive. I use a DigiTech Bad Monkey (Bulgaria has very few options here, and I wanted a MXR GT-OD gh... ) and when I push the gain at 2 o'clock I get some really tasty tones. Not to mention being able to replicate ZZ Top's "La Grange" sound. However the neck single coil is insanely bassy. You either need to have a sound low on bass or don't use it. My preferred uses of the 5-way selector is H for metal, S-S for clean, S-H for darker sounding clean. I play the guitar through a DigiTech RP350 and a DigiTech Bad Monkey. If not for the RP350, I'd hate this guitar. But with some good sound manipulation skills you can earn amazing tones. Well, not authentic but still amazing. Not to mention you can make the guitar sound like a bass guitar on the neck pickup and just add some bass to the EQ and you win a bass guitar... Which is lame, considering the fact that you're playing an electric guitar. As a whole, this guitar sounds sorta dull and lifeless but if you buy the proper equipment (not above 300$ tho, what's the point?!) you can earn some respect. What's more important is not the equipment, but the fingers playing it, so try to play more and buy less if you want to buy this guitar. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar is set up to be a blues guitar. Period. Not cool for novice players like myself 2 years ago. The strings were too high, the springs on the back made it feel as if it was made as a stretching tool, rather than a guitar. The pickups were extremely low and I had to raise them a bit to get a bit more out of them. At least the finish was beautiful, that's all I gave a damn about back in the days. If you want this guitar prepare to buy a couple of tools. I managed to remove a spring from the back, I blocked the whammy bar (It's awful, don't even try it). If you really want this guitar prepare to maintain it with huge care. At least for that I give a thumbs-up to Washburn that as a beginner I learned not only to play at a hm... Semi-advanced? Dunno how to rate my level. But my guitar maintenance skills have expanded largely! I even fix my friends' guitars. But it is still a pain in the ass to have to maintain everything, not to mention that from the start you're forced to keep it in condition to play. At least everyone who passes through a Washburn X-10 will be able to maintain his next more-advanced guitar better. As a whole, awful guitar to maintain. For that I give it a 4. But due to the fact that after even 3 months with it you'll be able to handle whatever guitar is thrown at you I might rate it 6-7... But still, 4. // 4

Reliability & Durability: For now it has served me well. Alright, I lied. But still I use it and it hasn't fallen apart in my hands. The hardware will live at least one more year but until then I'll have a new guitar (I hope). Strap buttons are made of my old grandmother's bones. I don't depend on it but I have nothing better right now. The finish has a few scratches but it adds to the beauty. But it is insanely thin. The volume knob often breaks down but I don't care, as Phil Demmel says, a guitar in metal doesn't need a tone or volume knob. I rate this section 3 due to the lack of quality in the durability. // 3

Overall Impression: To sum up, compared to the Cort VX-4 I've been testing and wanting to buy, this guitar is SHIT. But for a beginner it is perfect. Well, not perfect but... Better than nothing. If I could go back in time I'd buy a Yamaha guitar for sure. Similar price, loads more quality! If it were stolen I'd spend a day in a baby-like pose and I'd cry. But only for the memories. When we talk about value for money I'd rate it a 6. But when we talk about quality, I'd rate it 4. And we're reviewing the guitar's quality, not the price compared to it's quality so... 4 it is. // 4

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overall: 8
X10 Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 13, 2011
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Price paid: £ 90

Purchased from: dolphin music

Features: I bought this guitar three years ago. I bought it as a replacement for my very first which I had literally one day before it broke. I forget what make and model it was. It has 24 jumbo frets on a rosewood neck. The body is made of basswood and hosts two single coils and one humbucker. The body shape is a super Strat like you get with godins and ibanezs alike. The guitar has no scratch plate which is a good job for I can't see one looking good on it. It has two dials, one for volume and one for tone. The pick ups are controlled by a five way selector. So features wise there is nothing missing but neither are there too many frills. // 8

Sound: I play METAL! Thrash metal, glam metal, NWOBHM. I don't play nu metal, grunge, Indie or any other rubbish like that. It is rubbish ok, don't argue. This guitar is the best guitar I have played for thrash rhythm, and I have played many including some costing up to six or seven times the price. I have even a Gibson Les Paul (but that was heavily modified and had shoddy pick ups for thrash so it's not a surprise this is better). The tone is really meaty and if you think you ARE James Hetfield or simply want to mimic his sound this guitar is fantastic. Obviously a 1000 ESP or Gibson Explorer would be much better but if your are considering buying this guitar I doubt you are comparing it to anything like a Gibson Explorer. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: On the the other hand the guitar is truly woeful for leads. The neck is far too flat. The guitar isn't terribly versatile either.I'd happily choose any of my other guitars over this if didn't want to play thrash, which is often the case. -What section do I put tuning stability in. Who cares it's going here.- The tuning stability is below acceptable but not too far below it's alright if you don't use it all time time like I do but a year or two ago this was my only guitar and the tuning did become quite annoying at times, especially as for the first year of owning this guitar I wasn't very good at tuning by ear and thought that electric tuners were the stuff of Legend and never really existed and if they did they probably didn't work. The action is acceptable. It needed lowering but that's no big deal. In fear of repeating my self I say again that this guitar is fantastic for thrash metal. This time I am heralding its easy of play. With out thinking at all hard even the least talented guitar players could make a good riff (So it's ideal for grunge guitarists). // 8

Reliability & Durability: This guitar has been through it all. Well... That's a slight, erm, huge over statement. But it has certainly had it rough. Which is a bad idea with this guitar, it's isn't built too well. The dials have came off, parts have came loose, the pick ups started farting. But to sort out the latter, simply have a stern word with it and and abuse its whammy bar. There was even one point at which parts were being held on by blue tack. That actually worked quite well and I advise it to anyone else who hasn't the means of professional help or equipment. // 5

Overall Impression: There was a long period of time, about six months, when I didn't play this guitar. I looked down on it and showed it neglect. Poor soul. When I picked this beauty up again I was FLABERGHASTED! I was also ashamed at my self for causing it to pick up dust. I even made a rude joke about it once. Fear not not I have been subsequently punished. I have many, many fond memories about this guitar and I hope it can say the same of me. Despite its (vast quantity) of flaws I still love this guitar. If you have ever seen top gear you'll know how they go on about alfa romeos being so good despite the poor build quality. Well its like that with this guitar. It falls apart on you and you become frustrated, but sooner or later you'll be playing run to the hills and it will feel and sound so good you'll forget also the bad feelings you had and the guitar will seem amazing again. Aww! How romantic. // 10

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overall: 7
X10 Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 09, 2011
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Price paid: $ 263

Purchased from: Room2Rock

Features: Made in China. 24 frets, with a 25.5 scale. The neck is thin, awesome, and easy to play on. The neck is maple, the fretboard is rosewood, and the body is a light and comfortable basswood. The finish is a glossy black. It attracts some dust. The guitar is Strat shaped, without a pickguard. The bridge is a classic Stratocaster style. The electronics are passive. It has a tone knob and a volume knob, with a 5 way selector for the pickups. The pickups are in an HSS configuration. The tuners are Grover die cast ones. it came as a beginner pack it had gig bag strap cable amp tuner it says it has picks included but there wasn't. // 6

Sound: Well I mainly play metal and punk rock. It does well for a beginner guitar but you can't get the metallica sound if you get what I mean it's a good deal for the price, but if you are a bit more advanced player you might want to consider another guitar. The only problem I had was with pinch harmonics.. They are hard to produce on this guitar. The tuning is great if you never use the whammy once you use the whammy you must tune it back again. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was almost perfectly set. Everything was perfect, the action does get a bit high when you got towards the body. The only thing that I hated about it was that the input jack came lose after only 2 weeks. After a year of playing the input jack wires were cut off because of the constant movement of the input jack had to solder them again in place. // 7

Reliability & Durability: The guitar is very reliable I take it back and forth to many places and only in a gig bag and its still in one piece. The hardware is really solid I have dropped it several times and its still in great shape. On a gig this guitar can withstand it but i'm definitely going to need a backup.The finish is great, it only got a few scratches even tho i'm very rough on the guitar. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall this guitar has done well.. It got me playing I would recommend it to any beginner starting out as its a really great guitar and its not frustrating learning on it. If it were stolen or lost I'd kill the person who stole it even if its a beginner guitar which is of poor build compared to high end ones it still holds a place in my heart I love everything about it. I've compared it to my friends bc rich warbeast well the warbeast sounded better but I prefer my X10 over the beast. // 8

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