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manufacturer: Washburn date: 06/14/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Washburn: X30
With stellar styling, a Washburn Headhunter HH dual pickup configuration and a hard tail bridge, the X30 is sure to shine with any type of music. The guitar is equipped with 18:1 Grover tuners, usually not found on guitars at this price and features a solid alder body with a carved top.
 Sound: 8.2
 Overall Impression: 8.8
 Reliability & Durability: 7.6
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7
 Features: 8.3
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overall: 7.2
X30 Reviewed by: DaveGilmour1189, on march 12, 2005
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Price paid: $ 600

Purchased from: online

Features: - 2004 - Strat style - Bolt on neck - Rosewood fingerboard - 5-way Switch - Tune-O-Matic bridge - Headhunter humbuckers pickups - 18:1 gear ratio tuners Note: X33 is the exact same guitar except it has a tremelo Pretty good features, I got this for chrismas, so I would say my dad did a good job. Good guitar for a begginer looking for a good electric or an intermediat guitarist. // 8

Sound: I am somewhat dissapointed in the sound. It has a good clean tone and is alright for playing classic rock (rolling stones, etc). If I crank up the gain on my amp (a Marshall MG40) it makes a good metal sound. It doesn't sound well if you want to use it to play hard rock and stuff. Still a good sound though and that's probably just my s--ty amp. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: I like the finish on it. It's a good glossy black, with absolutly nothing else on it. There's not even numbers on the tone or volume Switch which pissed me off when I first got it. Only a couple of dots on the side of the neck. The lack of really anythin sort of makes it look better if you can get around the first couple weeks of not remember what setting you left the tone and volume Switch. You also gotta watch since some of the screws become loose on the pickups pretty easy. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I already put took out a small chunck at the top of it. I accedentally hit the side of my desk while putting it on my stand. It's probably my own stupidity, but I don't think I hit it that hard. Also, since there's no pick-guard, I have accidentally scratched it a couple places. What amazes me is these small nicks come out just by polishing the area. So the finish is pretty good. // 6

Overall Impression: I like this guitar. It's got a good sound that I like, and it would be better if I didn't have such a cheap amp. Pretty good if your a begginer and wanna graduate to an electric or you've been playing for awhile and what a good electric. If I lost it I might replace it, or get the X33 (tremelo). Otherwise I would get a Stratocaster. Still, a good overall guitar. // 8

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overall: 8.3
X30 Reviewed by: guitardemon123, on november 07, 2005
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Purchased from: Carmel Music Center

Sound: The style of music that I play is like heavy metal and fast rock. This guitar is the best choice I have made in a long time. The The humbuckers make the distortion sound great. This guitar has a pull tab which means u can get a deeper sound like what a humbucker would make or you can get a lighter sound like what single-coil pickups would make. It is a guitar that can suit the needs of any rock guitar song. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: When I got the guitar from the factory it was really. The one problem was that the strings were pretty bad quality. I had to change them with a few days of haveing the guitar. // 5

Reliability & Durability: This guitar was made for live preformances. The hardware on this guitar will last a long time. Yes I can depend on this guitar without a back up at a gig. The finish is nice but, you need to keep wipeing the guitar so it looks nice (finger prince show easily). // 8

Overall Impression: I play most style of music. This guitar suites all of them. I have been playing for about 5-6 years and I own a Fender 15 watt amp, and a Crate VTX 65 watt amp. I use a CryBaby Wah Wah and a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal. I have a Boss Digital Delay pedal and Boss Tremelo Pedal. If my guitar was stolen I would buy it again if I could not find the thief who stole my orignal. I love the body style andy the Fretboard. I am not a hudge fan about the humbuckers that come standard on it. I love the pull tab. I capaired this guitar with an Ibanez RG series and a Jackson Rhoads V guitar. I wish this guitar came with FlyoidRose Tremelo locking system and a lock nut. // 10

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overall: 8.2
X30 Reviewed by: Cal UK, on august 31, 2006
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Purchased from: Rock Steady Music Harrogate

Features: Washburn X30 made in Korea. Not sure of the date but I think it's this year. It has 24 frets on very thin beautiful neck that just begs to be played. It has a body contour so it's easy to play and where the neck joins the body it's contoured as well for great fret acces. The guitar is also very light. I think the neck wood is Maple and the fingerboard is Rosewood. It has Grover tuners! I didn't expect these for the money and they keep the guitar in tune all the time. It is a HardTail string, thru bridge so there's no messing around with a trem for changing tunings, strings etc. // 8

Sound: I generally play rock, metal, classic rock, ska, funk not neccessarily in that order. This guitar can handle them all well, as the pickups can be tapped so you can change them from single coils to humbuckers by pulling up the tone pot. The tone pot when turned also changes the sound a lot from a birght ska like tone to a deep metal tone with both humbuckers. I use it with my Marshall MG30DFX and after fiddling with the settings on that can get some very nice sounds. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up OK at the factory but does have a little Buzz on the 6th and 5th strings, but it's hardly noticeable when you whack on the distortion. The pickups were adjusted fine and the bridge seems to be routed well. The nut was a little badly cut on the 6th and 5th strings which is what I think causes the buzz which I was annoyed about but I just try not to listen for the buzz now as I used to. // 7

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will definitely withstand live playing, great hardware especially the tuners all very tough. Strap buttons are very solid. I wouldn't gig without a backup never know when a string will break. The finish seems very nice too and doesn't weare off. // 9

Overall Impression: It matches my styles of music well and is much better than my other guitar Squier Strat. If it were lost or stolen and I couldn't get it back I'd either buy it again or maybe buy a Mexican Tele I was really impressed by that guitar as well. My favourite feature is the neck so smoooth and thin. Just a really nice guitar overrall. // 9

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overall: 8.2
X30 Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 27, 2006
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Price paid: $ 320

Purchased from: Parsons Music

Features: Good features for the price. Makes the guitar look good and sound good without going over the top. Split-coil, grover tuners and the feiten nut are all very good. Vinci strings suck though. I would have preferred to see an ebony fingerboard since IMO it sounds better tonally and would also fit that black look the guitar's got going on. Eh, beggars can't be choosers. The contoured heel is nice however I think they could have had the bolts in the Standard Fender style to make it easier for Warmoth replacements or whatever. It came with no gigbag either which was kind of a drawback too. // 8

Sound: I play metal/jazz/rock and this guitar is fairly good for all three of them. I can get a very nice metal tone with the pickups which are pretty high output. Sounds incredible through a tube-amp and pinch harmonics drop like butter. Bridge position gives off a lot of bite and attack when coupled with the alder body however flip it to the neck position and there's a great solo sound especially when used with a TS808 or something along those lines. The neck position is also nice when you want to get your distortion a bit mellower for rock/blues though tbh I depend a bit more on my pedal (MD-2) to get that sort of nice crunchy overdrive. As for jazz, you can't really play jazz on a solid body and expect Bireli Lagrene/Charlie Christian tones but the neck pup (once again) is especially big and fat with tubes so it's alright I guess. During practice I'm playing this through a Roland Microcube (solid-state) and a Boss MD-2. The MD-2 along with the X30 sounds very good but the Microcube is what's pissing me off. The tone of the guitar really breaks through when played through tubes (as most guitars anyway) so play with tubes! And finally, the pickups aren't really noisy (humbuckers, durr) though they do get a little mad with a 100w amp cranked to 11 but you'd never do that anyway, I hope. The bridge pup is bright and attacky and full of menace whilst the neck pickup gives you great fat tones when playing rhythm and awesome sustain and clarity when soloing. However, I have noted when I use the split coil on the neck pup, the tone gets a tad muddy when distorted (clean is okay). Split-coil on the bridge can get some very nice Strat tones when used with the right type of pedal/amp too. The tone of this guitar is fairly varied and I don't really have any concerns here although tbh, I think I'll change the pickups anyway. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Here's where the X30 loses some marks. The guitar's action initially was shit, the strings were really high up and they were crappy Vinci strings which were rusted up. When my friend tried stretching the strings out, two of them snapped. They also left some rust on the nut which I had to clean out. Asides from that, the pickups were adjusted very well and at a nice level to the strings. I opened up the back of the guitar too and it was a very neat soldering job and the wood inside had all been painted and it looked very professional. There were no fret overhangs which made sliding on the neck very sexy. I guess, if I was really pedantic, I could say that the tone control was a bit looser than the volume control, but really, that's no big deal at all. Everything was in very good condition (asides from the shitty action and strings). // 8

Reliability & Durability: I've played this guitar quite a lot since I've bought it and gigged with it twice or so. The finish picks up a lot of scratches but lots of the small ones can be rubbed out with some polish. I've gotten a few dings here and there, but those are normal. I have a tiny paint chip on the back via a screwdriver accident but really, no worry. Strap buttons feel very nice, and I really just wasted my money buying straploks for it. The hardware so far has not oxidized one bit which is very satisfactory. The jack has also not became crackly or whatever yet so awesome. I think I could use it at a gig without a backup (seeing as this is my only guitar too). // 8

Overall Impression: I've played for three years and counting and have owned/own an Ibanez Ergodyne, a Musiya acoustic, a Boss MD-2 and a Roland Microcube. I can't really compare this to my acoustic as it's a bag of balls and acoustic. However, this totally shits all over my Ergodyne which was heavy with terrible tone and a horrible tremolo system. When coupled with the Boss MD-2, the guitar screams though if run through tubes. Don't use pedals with a solidstate amp when using this guitar, it'll sound terrible. However if your getting a direct-feed from the guitar to the amp, it'll sound alright. Erm, anyway for metal and rock, the Washburn delivers very well. For jazz, well, y'know it's solidbody. If it were stolen or lost, I would not buy another one but rather get a Washburn X50PRO fe. The only reason I didn't get the X50 over this is because I was short on funds and there was a huge discount at the store when I bought this. It's very good value nonetheless. I absolutely love the neck width/thickness and feel of it. The split-coil, feiten nut and grover tuners are also very worthwhile for this price. Some of Washburn's factory settings are shit although you can change that easily. That did give me a bad first impression of it though. I originally contemplated buying an Ibanez RG312MH before this. The value of the Washburn is a lot better than the RG321MH (although the Ibanez is cheaper). I'm glad I got this instead. If I could make a few improvements to this, I'd definitely get an ebony fingerboard and maybe some EMG or DiMarzio pickups, gold hardware and a neckthru but really, that's pushing it. I guess on hindsight I do kinda dislike the X inlay, but really, overall this guitar is great bang for the buck. // 9

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overall: 8
X30 Reviewed by: kmister, on june 14, 2012
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Price paid: A$ 500

Purchased from: Main Line Music

Features: The Washburn X30 has some very nice features, and is very simple. 2006 make, Made in Korea. 24 Frets on a beautiful rosewood fretboard, slim taper neck. It is a bolt on neck joint. Very good Grover tuners and Head Hunter pick ups which I have not bothered to replace because they already sound quite good. It is a Strat style body with a little bit of a Les Paul twist. String through body Tune-O-Matic. One tone control, One volume control and a three way pick up selector. Replaced the stock strap holders with Dunlop strap locks today because I go a little bit crazy on stage but the originals were very good for stock. It came with a decent gig bag but I only use hard cases so it sits there collecting dust under my bed. This baby leaves nothing to be desired. // 9

Sound: This guitar is very versatile with it's sound, it suits every style of music. I play alternative rock and it has the dark deep distorted sound I lust for being in a one guitar band. I think this guitar is aimed more at the metal market but it really does cover every genre you throw at it. I run this through a Vox AC50 Head through a long effects chain. This sounds at it's best when I push the amps tube's with my Marshall Shredmaster. It really cut's through the mix on all settings. It is never noisey and gives a full sound when using the humbucker mode, slightly Strat like in the bridge pick up. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The factory set up was okay, but the strings were ass. I was still new to playing when I got this so it didn't really matter until I got into a band and got the action lowered and the intonation sorted. The intonation use to get of whack when the strings were about 3 weeks old so was hard to play sometimes. The action is really cool, it's like a metallic sunburst (Think Tool's guitar colour or Brent from Mastodon's guitar). Picks up scratches quite easy, but I am a very aggressive in my playing so it doesn't bother me. The paint comes off a little easy on the side though! // 7

Reliability & Durability: This guitar can take abuse! I use to baby it but then it fell off my rack and got a big chunk come out of the back so I stopped treatiing it like a diamond. Now it's my work horse, neck bends and all, she's still going! The hardware is still going strong, I don't see it ever needing replacement. The stock strap buttons were good but I just put Strap locks on it anyway. I do depend on this guitar, but I always have a spare guitar or two with me at a gig as I am a heavy chugger of a guitar and use different tunings. This use to be my main guitar in E but now I keep it in C and leave my hollow body in E as my main guitar for the natural sustain. I have spent hundreds of hours playing this thing in the last 4 years and the only real damage it got was from trying to treat it to well, it will get scuffs, but it's part of the character. // 7

Overall Impression: I play alternative rock (ala Pixies, Straitjacket Fits, Sonic Youth) and this guitar suits it. My hollow body replaced this as my main stage guitar in mostly for it's looks, it doesn't sound or play quite as good as this to be honest, but the Washburn is always at every gig still and gets a few songs, particularly lately as I've been writing in C Standard. I've been playing 5 years and own a lot of gear, Fender Strat, Epiphone Supernova and Ibanez ORM-1 are my notable electrics, but I often borrow my drummers Gibson gold top at practice. This competes with the Gibson. If stolen I would definitely seek another, but I got this at a third of the rrp so I doubt I would find one again that cheap and in that finish (I haven't seen anyone else with it in person, only in pics?) It is perfect for everyone from beginner to advanced muso's. // 8

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