Surf Rod Stratocaster review by Weeping Willow Lutherie

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (10 votes)
Weeping Willow Lutherie: Surf Rod Stratocaster

Price paid: $ 525

Purchased from: Weeping Willow Guitars

Sound — 10
See First Section: "Comments" Much More, you might get the edea I'm lighting candles and singing Hlymms! Just Remember: $525.00! 10! Wow! It tells me I need to write more words in this section before I hit SEND! Hey! Even I'm getting sick of me, by now! How much can people be expected to take! Ok, what can I say? No, said that! That, too! Pretty much comved that to death! I'm running out'a Stuff, here! I'd write G-Burg address, if I could remember it or actully spell G-burg, because I'm writing this here without a Word Processor! Yeah that ought'a do it. If it doesn't, I'll beck, with more words. Wish me luck! Thanks!

Overall Impression — 10
Here's The Deal: Several years back I sold a Strat Plus. I wanted another, but I couldn't find one "Used" for less than mine NEW! But, while hunting for a Plus, I found the Surf Rod: It had better Specs better than a Plus, and the price was Stealing! So I Bought It! But it wasn't like I just "Drank the KooL-Aid!" Before closing the deal, I e-mailed more questions than your got in a week watching Jeopardy! I mean, I threw stuff that would get you kicked out of Base Ball! Rich Daniela (Owner, Builder, Violin Luthier, Brains and God know what, else @ WWL) He knew it all! Plus, we shared a common dislike for Myths, Hype and Lore that goes along with so much players take as Gospel! He has no problem killing "Sacred Cows". I even watched as he led my "@ 1972, Low Impedance, Les Paul Personal" to the "Killing Floor"! Something I had only played once, and let my imagination run away. Remvember what I said at the beginning that Guitars were pretty much my Wheel House! Well, I got an Educations! So: This guitar arrived with a price tag of something that would be in the Nobody Cares Section of a place like Guitar Center. But the same guitar would cost (out the door w/case) about $1399.99, with Fender written on it. So, when I tell you "10" you need to take that into consideration. Because it cost (everything included) about the price of a good Mexi Strat! And, like I said: I owned and was looking for a Strat Plus, and I'd take the Surf Rod any day, over a Plus! And not just because the Rod doesn't have a Buick at the end of its neck, for a Nut! (Hated That). The Rod is actually a better guitar. I don't know if anyone is going to read this. Having checked the Review Posts before, I know there are 1000s of guitars in here. So, it's not very likely that anyone will find this under the "Nobody Really Cares" heading, "Others" but I figured this is something I should do, because of how many times I came here and checked reviews before ever signing up! If you're reading this, Thanks! And it is a Fantastic Deal!

Reliability & Durability — 9
Would I think of trying to stop a charging bull (a Drunk: No Problem) or expect it play, after being dug-up and Carbon Dated? No... probably not! If thing go wrong, it will probably be because I did something Stupid! I'm fairly rough on thing! Ok! I'll it a "9". "Bending to Public Expectaions".

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
As much as I hate sounding like a teenager who just passed their Driver's Test: I've put this guitar through (and I mean: my old-man would drop stuff in the store, before giving it to me on Christmas) If not Hell, then Camden, NJ... Essentially Hell, with a zip code: I got Nothing! Pretty sure I could still play it after Clobbering a Drunk! Condition Upon Arrival: "Wrenched!" It's what guys that ride Crotch-Rockets say: means, "Won't get you killed at 170mph!" "Wrenched!" (High Praise!)

Features — 10
Before I get started: I'm 57 and have been playing guitar 41 years. I have done lots of things, but it's always been my Passion! I even considered being a Builder, and learned lots of things about: Woods, Kilns, Construction, Metalurgy, Cryo Treatment, and even drew plans for about a half dozen innovations myself: One of those, a Sonic Kiln (tho I didn't patent it or really tell anyone about it) is being used today, 15 years later. Just wanted to let you know: Guitars are sort of my "Wheel House". Thanks... MODEL: Surf Rod. YEAR: 2011 (New) MANUFACTURER: Weeping Willow Lutherie. (Bayville, NJ) Builder: Rich Danialak: Owner/Luthier/Brains, WWL. BODY STYLE: "Stratocaster" COMMENTS: "Machinist" Specs. THE BODY: ALDER: Black; Flawless (Murder to keep clean) THE NECK: Birds Eye Maple: Grade: ART Nuevo Furniture/Museum of Fine Arts: Richmond, VA (Don't know from AAA... That's It!) PLAYABLITY: Periodic Table: Density @ 293 K: 13.546 g/cm3/ (Mercury) FINGER BOARD: Rosewood (personal preference) TREMOLO: Two-point floating (Blocked w/Pau Ferro; Rich Insisted!) TUNERS: WWL: Locking (Elegant! Well Engineered) Frets: Medium Jumbo (see, below) Pick Ups: Lace, "Super Domes", matched set: (N) Emerald (M) Gold (B) Purple. CONTROLS: 7-way, modified switching, with Push-Pull Switch on Bridge tone control. This allows the addition of the neck pickup, to any position on the 5-way pickup selector - and gives you 2 more pup combinations: Neck/Bridge and Neck/Middle/Bridge. Comments: The Body: Alder: painted "Midnight" Black: Yeah, and it's Flawless; Murder to keep it clean. Everything on this guitar is essentially Black & Flawless! I couldn't tell from the picture but it's Absolutely Gorgeous: and that's not even what's really impressive. The impression I get is that it was built by MIT Engineering: Grads, who get beer money by occasionally working at Tiffinaies, figuring-out better ways to polish Gem Stones! So, if I were one of "Those" guys, I'd have no problem putting it behind glass and training spots on the Desplay! Me: I just wear it like it's jewelry, and try to keep it clean! First and Formose: This is an Axe! Because if it was MIT guys, they would have done some serius measuring while putting it together! Neck: Grade: ART Nuevo Furniture/Museum of Fine Arts: Richmond, VA (Don't know from AAA... But that's It!) It's a very Nice NECK! Pickups: Lace Sensors: Some players think, they "Suck"! (not Straty enough) Me: I love them! They can sparkle, shimmer, pop, sing and whisper. They are silent, cause virtually no magnetic dampening of the strings, and they are micro-phonically transparent (So, if the guitar don't got "IT"... don't bother!) Otherwise, they Suck! "Some" players never seem to listen to their guitars "Acoustically!" With a Lace, it picks up everything. Cosequetally, if you put them on the average guitar, the Lace audits everthing and the one good tone the player wants to hear is competing with the crap!. So you sometimes need to add some post-guitar EQ. Its like Wal Mart at Christmes, the registers are open, everthing gets through. So, in Feb, registers are still open, and it becomes a waste of very good "man-power" when everything could go through one register, but can't! Conslusion: You probably need to think of a Lace as an Active Pickup with EQ: Things become clearer then. Controls: Complex Job! Simple Solution! I told Rich that I didn't want an Arsenal! I just wanted one guitar:, but it had to be able to put-up a Hellava Fight! That's exactly what he sent: or "Close Enough"! (I should probably leave thix next stuff and include it in th last section, but it fits) After growing up with (Chronological Order) Alvin Lee, Mike Bloomfield, Clapton, Page, Fripp, Howe, Django and McLaughlin: I discovered Steely Dan, and the "Srudio Guys": Carlton Graydon, Luke, etc. I wanted it All! Does that guitar exist? No! Did we try? Hell Yeah! Were we successful? Pretty Damn Near... Close Enough! All Right! Am I a really good guitar player? Compared to Those Guys! Just having the ability to know that you suck, is good-enough! Now! Do you Suck: as a guitar player? Hell Yeah! Control Section: Love It! (It got long, but it probably works beter here: Thanks) Please! Keep in mind: This is a $500.00 Guitar! Then go back and check. That's the reason for the 10!

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