E1000 review by Westfield

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 5.4 Decent
  • Users' score: 6.5 (26 votes)
Westfield: E1000

Price paid: £ 30

Sound — 5
Its very very bland as sounds go, but beginners guitars usualy are. Put it through my Line 6 spider 2 half stack and my Boss gt6 pedal board. I wasn't expecting much as this was only a beater ( I was realy only after the Freshman 15 watt amp for practicing on as the big rig is loud) the first thing I had to do to stop the drone was shield it, which I used aluminium foil. I couldnt say it has any unique sounds and you lose alot of sound if you finger pick it. Don't expect much sustain either, import Strat style guitars rarely do you can fix it with a steel sustain b.lck with the ball ends nearer the bottom.

Overall Impression — 5
I play alot of different styles from jazz to black metal, and I have still to find a neiche for this guitar. I have been playing for around 12 years and have amassed a few guitars my favourites are my 2 SG standards. I feel that this guitar is under valued in my collection to be honest and would be great for a begginer, I moved onto better gear a long time ago. I couldn't say I'd cry if it hit the kerb. I love the neck on it as the it is easy to play. I couldnt say I hate it as it isnt the worst guitar I have ever played but the pickups are well too bland. I think this will be set up for slide in the end, unless it miraculously grown a set of rails with a coil split.

Reliability & Durability — 8
It does seem like it will last a long time but it would need alot of money thrown at it to make it giggable. It had one accident when my cat knocked it off its stand and it survived without a ding (although tuning was well out) it feels pretty solid realy.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
Ok the finish was alot thinner than normal poly, which is good. The neck joint was clean and the action was good, it never had been set up which was not to hard to do as there was no shimming needed in the neck joint. The nut was terrible and bound up alot. I change mine out for a graphite composite nut and changed the string trees out for roller ones at the same time. The tuning stability despite the nut was ok but I woldnt risk gigging it unless the tuners were swapped out for something better (steinberger gearless I had in mind) the pickups were too high which caused wierd double notes, again easily fixed. The switching was pretty sturdy, although the cheap pots let it down. I can't comment on the strap buttons as I change all mine to Schaller locking buttons out of habbit. The only other issue was that I play with the backplate off and the bridge ground was like a mile long.

Features — 3
I got a Shine bass ( which was realy good imo) gig bag, a couple of leads a strap, hard case, picks, Zoom multi effect, Silvertone bass amp and a Freshman avalanch guitar amp. As you can tell it was from a kid I know who got a load of new gear and was trying to make space for it all lol. It is a fairly simple guitar with the usual stratish stuff on it, tremolo (I quite like the thicker bar it has), 21 fret maple neck with rosewood board and jumbo frets, bland staggered single coils, and an educated guess would say its solid alder not ply core. The finish was transparent in a butterscotch colour, couple of dings but hey at 30 quid who can moan about that. The tuners were a bit lame as the gear ratio was crappy.

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    Comokanu wrote: Probably basswood with rosewood fretboard. Decent Strat styles are made from maple and no other wood. Fretboard is part of the neck in these models.
    You're wrong. Strats are commonly made in Alder. Only the neck is made in Maple. The fretboard is usually made in Rosewood, only a handful on models have the Maple option for the fretboard. And still the fretboard isn't a part of the neck, because of the need to install a truss-rod underneath it.
    this guitar is the worst strat that I have ever played with dead notes on g from 11th fret and above, the person who owned it raised the strings so high that I couldn't even play rhythm comfortably. I checked the neck for twisting and it was fine but the frets were terrible.
    This guitar sucks! I had it for a few months, hated it and finally got rid of it and bought a Squier. Thank god for that
    I a not a member at the moment, but just to add to all I just recently acquired a Westfield don`t have a clue what model it is, It has an absolutely superb maple neck Super 500 pickups and looks great. I only paid 35 for this guitar and what a bargain this really is a good sounding playing guitar for that money, as good or even better than some of the other guitars costing three times as much, the finish is very good and all that I may do at some later date is change the machine heads. Jimmy G. Yes I would gig with this guitar without any hesitation or back up.
    I recently picked up a Westfield Strat for 35 just to play slide and i don`t know too much about this brand this guitar has a maple neck Super 500 pickups and IMHO is very well put together, I have guitars costing 10 times more than this and this guitar has one of the best necks I have ever played, sounds like a strat looks great and for 35 is an absolute bargain. I would have no hesitation in gigging with this guitar I put new strings on set it up and have no tuning problems . I may at some later date change the tuners that is the only thing I would do ,other than that it is IMHO a great all round guitar. Jimmy