JT-40 review by Xaviere

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 4.9 (9 votes)
Xaviere: JT-40

Price paid: C$ 209

Purchased from: GuitarFetish

Sound — 8
If this guitar is anything like a Jazzmaster tonally (I'll update on that when I have access to my amp!) it should fit everything I plan to play with it. Style of music is mostly alternative, rock, pop, that kind of thing, so it should suit fairly well. 2 P90's and a 3 way toggle should give plenty of tonal options, might rewire in the future for two tones and a volume though. Id assume it to have a classic P90 tone, as it seems very well made. Unplugged it sounds great, and I cant wait to try it out!

Overall Impression — 8
Initial impression tells me this is quite a bit better than the Squier Stratocaster I own, and I would consider it a much better bargain at this point. You get a whole lot more guitar for the same price you'd pay for the Squier - better finish, better playability, and I'm going to guess better sound. I paid $311 dollars Canadian - thats guitar, case, and shipping all included. I give this guitar an 8/10 for its value, definitely worth looking at if you're a beginner guitarist looking to upgrade from a cheapo starter guitar (I've been playing about 6 years now and I've gone through probably 10 guitars in that time, and played countless others). I'd take this over most Epiphone guitars I've played retailing for 2 or 3 times what this does, and I will probably order from GuitarFetish again, I'm very happy I did.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Would definitely and will definitely be gigging this guitar with my band. The finish looks like it can take a beating (and the way things are, it probably will :/). But I would probably feel comfortable gigging this with no backup, between the band and I we have about 9 guitars available for me and the other guitarist, so there will always be a spare! The guitar also stays in tune very well, I've just been jamming unplugged for a while and even mild to heavy use of the whammy bar does little to affect its ability to stay in tune!

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
One of the gripes a lot of people seem to be having is that the action is too high, but after lowing the bridge down (as far as it would go), its fine for me, 'bout where I'd have it on any guitar anyways! But, the finish is fantastic, no scratches, dings, on the body - its definitely thick though. The neck however may be a BIT much, it definitely feels thick but its very playable and comfortable. I'm no shredder so it not being a thin Jackson-esque neck isn't really a requirement for me, nor does it bother me that its not the fastest neck I've ever played, its fast enough for me and compares to any Epiphone I've played really. Thats all about preference when it comes down to it, other reviews have had issues with it, but personally I have none! When I get around to changing the strings and putting some Ernie Ball's on it, I may give the fretboard a quick clean and oil it up, but the fretwork is fine, no dull frets, no polishing needed. All hardware lines up/is functional, cant wait to put it through my amp!

Features — 8
The Xaviere JT40 from GuitarFetish bears a very close resemblance to the Fender Jazzmaster, slight differences being the lack of a rhythm circuit electronics-wise, the body is slightly different too. It's got an alder body, with a maple/rosewood neck, and features 2 P90 vintage-wound pickups, roller bridge and jazzmaster-style trem. Its got one volume, one tone, and a 3 way toggle Switch (perhaps may be modded for more functionality in the future). The guitar came in a hard case (had a patch cord inside, havent tested that yet), shipped across the border within two weeks of purchase, and I have to say I'm happy with that! No damage, pristine condition!.

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    You, uh, reviewed an electric guitar having not plugged it into your amp yet?
    gl.tch wrote: You, uh, reviewed an electric guitar having not plugged it into your amp yet?
    My thoughts exactly. UG really needs to start rejecting bad reviews, this is getting ridiculous.
    Fender Dane.
    I just reviewed my new CD but I havn't listen to it yet but the cover is really pretty and it sound nice when I bang the cover against my desk.
    you gave an 8 on sound even tho you haven't plugged it in? should of held off on the review until you had heard it
    Linkerman wrote: My thoughts exactly. UG really needs to start rejecting bad reviews, this is getting ridiculous.
    +1. This is ****ed.
    Guys, don't be cruel. The reviewer is a great luthier. He doesn't need to plug the axe in, in order to make sure it sounds good. If a Xaviere is the only axe he has heard of, he doesn't even need to plug it in at all! It wil be great anyway!... ... And I was really interested about this guitar, because reviews on other sites tend to vary very much: some are very surprised about its excellent sound, others are disappointed by quality and service issues. Since the guy who sells them - a certain Jay - has reportedly worked for Guild and his pups (GFS) are reportedly good and cheap, I was interested if this guitar worths something or not. Maybe you can help me with a more advised expertise. I don't like cheap guitars, but I don't need a Jag anyway: it would be only to complete a performant line-up. If it's well built, then with 200 euros I can get some Seymour Duncans and some Jinho tuning keys... and get a good axe for only 400 euros.
    I went to the companies website and was 'taken'by the description. I ordered on line and arrived well set up but the pickups sound 'tinny' instead of anything like P90s. The tuners are also realccheap and loose but the guitar staed in tune. It looks good so hopefully I can sell it and recover my cash. I'd keep it if it had beter electronics and tuners.