EG112 review by Yamaha

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (141 votes)
Yamaha: EG112

Sound — 8
I'm used this one with a Laney HCM30 at the beginning, and then upgraded to a Vox VT-50. I have to say that this guitar is versatile, the bridge pickup is good when using overdrive/distortion, can go metal, particularly from the '80s, it ain't bad for AC/DC tone, and the single coils work great for cleans. I love the neck pup, with or without distortion (the way I see it, it has a nice sound when distorted, with it single coil tone...). I haven't had problems trying to achieve any tone with this guitar, even though the amp is the important thing when you're after an specific tone. This guitar, can do the job for any of them pretty good. The tone is even, maybe goes to the bright side, and rolling the tone know down a little is a must, because it can get harshly trebly. The single coils are rather noisy, but the humbucker is not. Soundwise, this guitar won't color you tone too much, but won't hold you back either.

Overall Impression — 10
The time for justice: bearing in mind that my guitar's issues come from it's wear, and that for the time it has (19 years), it has no major functional failure (still usable, and no pick up is failing...) I have to say this guitar rocks. I've been searching, and nothing on the price gets even close to this one in regards of build quality, sound and feel. I doubt any Squier or Epi (to name entry level brands) can get to it's twenty's and be completely functional as these. I love this guitar, it the best tone and feel you can get for the price, and it will only start failing after 10+ years, so I highly recommend it! If it were stolen, I'd cry because of the attachment I have to this guitar, but I wouldn't buy another one, cause now I'm a bassist.

Reliability & Durability — 6
Well, as stated above, time has not been kind with these guitar. It wasn't great when I bought it, and I didn't give it much maintenance, so you can imagine... This guitar might withstand live playing, but when new, and not for a lot of time. The finish is easily dinged or scratched. The hardware works ok, but it won't last 20 years. However strap buttons are solid. You can depend on this guitar to have a good overall tone and to learn, but giggin it is recommendable only if you can not afford for something better. Therefore you won't be using a back up. If not, this guitar should be your back up guitar. That is a good role for it to do, cause if you need it, it has great feel, and won't let you down with the tone. This guitar is pretty old, so it's only natural for it to become this worn, so bear that in mind.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
The guitar came nicely set up. The pickups were fine, though I lifted the bridge and neck pups a little (a little, cause too much would give you a nasty undefined sound) and put the middle pup all the way down, since I don't use it, and it came in the way of my pick. BUT, here starts the issues, but I have to say, MOST OF THEM ARE BECAUSE OF THE AGE OF THIS GUITAR: - frets have a lot of wear, thus making it buzz a lot. - the finish has became scratched a lot on the back, particularly where you'd put the guitar on your lap. - trem has become rusty - tuners became somewhat loose, and it has to be retuned everyday. It stays in tune for the day, but you'll need to do minor adjustments from a day to the other. - noisy pick up selector - the jack becomes loose all the time. The guitar itself has no issues, it's just overall wear, and since this is an entry level guitar, it is not prepared to last a lot of time in mint condition... Still, I'd like to say that the neck is really comfy, fast, the action can be lowered pretty much, and the feel is great, haven't Epi's neck's are fat, and Squier's are way too round.

Features — 9
The year is '93, made in Indonesia: - 22 jumbo frets - Strat style basswood body maple neck, rosewood fingerboard - black gloss finish, white pickguard - Vintage tremolo, stock tuners. - HSS passive pickup configuration - Master volume and tone (highs) controls, with 5 position pup selector Came with a sh-tty cable, a strap and a gigbag. Pretty decent beginner set up, particularly because I bought it used in a store.

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    Decent first guitar, i had one in 2009. Much better than the squier packages you get. Got it for £100 new. Plus mine was the Eg112(c2) version, which is basically all black. Can't complain for the price, mine still has more character than any of my other guitars today. The fact that it no longer plays is expect-able after 5 years of thrashing, but it can get fixed easily. Currently sanded mine down as a project but i'll see how i get on with it.
    just picked one up used for $40... can't beat the price for a first guitar.
    I lost the allen keys for arm arc setting and saddle height of my yamaha EG 112,I need to buy them,does anyone know the measures of these tools?