Pacifica 112 review by Yamaha

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.7 (241 votes)
Yamaha: Pacifica 112

Price paid: $ 43.92

Purchased from: Ebay

Sound — 10
I am a beginner (5 months, which is how long I have had this guitar) and this has suited all the styles I have attempted to play perfectly. The humbucker is great for distortion and the single coils give a really nice warm sound with hardly any feedback. I play all music styles and I'm still, like many beginners, finding my own style and for this, the practicality of this guitar is brilliant. Everyone Who plays my guitar comments on how good it is and when I tell them I only paid 24 for it (twas badly described on ebay) they're always shocked! I use this guitar with an Orange Crush 10 amp and a Zoom G2.

Overall Impression — 10
I am playing all styles at the moment, from SRV to The Beatles to death metal and it can pull off all these styles with relative ease. I am using an Orange Crush 10 solid state amp and through this I can get some really nice tones and in about 7 months time (my birthday waaaahey! ) I will be getting a Harley Benton GA5 which is an all tube amp and my tone through that should hopefully be lush to the max. If this guitar were stolen or lost I would most definitely get another one. Either that or a squire tele with a maple neck (I'm really liking the maple necks at the moment) and I think that is about the only thing I dislike about this guitar! The fingerboard is rosewood and I much prefer maple. I love nearly everything else about this guitar, for beginners it is the ultimate guitar! The frets are smooth as silk, it is ridiculously playable and there is no fret buzz, the sound is superb and the finish is great. I will probably keep this guitar for another few years before I upgrade properly and if I had started on an Encore I probably would have got a new one already. This generally costs more than most beginners guitars, it is generally 150 new as oppose to 100 new of many squires and encores but the extra 50 quid is well worth the investment. In my honest opinion this is simply the best guitar you could possibly start out with and I enjoy playing a hell of a lot.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar will almost certainly withstand Live playing and I know a few people Who actually play these guitars Live. The hardware is solid but because of the lack of resistance in the tone and volume pot, if you're really thrashing it you may knock your volume down to 0 and look like a foo' in front of the audience! However I have found out it is just mine which has no resistance in the pots but I actually prefer it to having resistance in them. The finish on these guitars also feels very good and seems like it will last a long time, this guitar must be quite old already as a matter of fact and it still looks great. I'm not sure how to find out how old it is but if anyone can extract anything from the model number, here it is! The strings are very easy to change and my friends Encore which I recently changed the strings on was an absolute pain in comparison. The springs on the bridge kept flying off which was very annoying! I actually enjoy changing the strings on this and I'm looking forward to fitting the new d'addario 10s which arrived today! I can depend on this guitar and I would use it in a gig without a backup, I would have to as this is my only guitar as well!

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I got it second hand so it may have already been adjusted from the factory so I can't really comment. However, the action is superb. The pickups are on their default setting. I don't know what the bookmatched top and the properly routed bridge is but yea. The body was in great condition when I got it but it has a few dents in it from me banging it on the arm of my chair so I guess the finish is a bit weak. I'm honestly trying really hard to critisise this guitar as it says that glowing reviews don't get published but I honestly can't find anything much wrong with it. It holds it's tuning for a long time, even after extreme bends and whammying. I have noticed something different on mine to the pacificas in the shop though, My tone and volume controls have no resistance on them at all unlike the shop models. This doesn't bother me but I'm not sure why there is no resistance. The finish is very good and looks and feels great (unlike my friends encores finish which feels like plastic) but as I mentioned above there are a few bumps in the back where I have knocked it but no guitar is indestructible!

Features — 10
I have no idea what year it was made, I believe it has 21 fret and a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. It is also finished in a nice metallic silver colour with a black pickguard and black pickups to match. The body is Strat style and is made of Alder and the bridge, I have no idea, just the Standard Strat bridge! The controls given are Volume and Tone which is nice and simple, the pickup configuration is S/S/H which is very practical. The pickups are Seymour Duncan I think. The tuners are Standard ones but they hold tune very well. I bought this off ebay but it did come with a bag.

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    not bad guitar... tried it a couple of days ago... dont really like the shape and colors... for the rest is mainly for any music styles...
    fantastic guitar, i have 22 frets and i have the xj (black scratchplate) the best thing to spend 130 on
    This guitar sucks I have problems with it all the time.. Dont buy it.
    Steve BP
    I bought my Pacifica about a year and a half ago. It is a great value for money, and extremely versatile. I think it is the ideal beginner's guitar. Mine plays better than some name-brand higher-end fat strat clones that I have tried.
    The yamaha pacifica 012 is rated higher in terms of sound/features/action on this site. Is this accurate?
    SumFan98 wrote: sorry, but i like to treat my guitars with respect. it's made to be played, not played with. you have no respect for your instrument, and it just shows how much you respect music in general. you obviously only play because you think it will make you look cooler. i play for the beautification of the art, so a beautiful guitar is necessary for the full effect of of my ensemble. your guitar is treated like garbage? then your music must sounds like garbage. what a pity, you are a gisgrace to all guitarists.
    Funny... as it would appear you're a kid who has stuck random shit bits of tape to a not very well looked after looking squier. Yes you are clearly one for playing a "beautiful" instrument. By the by, i have the 112MX (maple fret-board, clean wood finish and black scratch plate) - absolutely divine in both looks and sound, with or without my Zoom G7.1ut, it's all in the way you play the instrument if you're good enough, i reckon.
    Hello everybody! This is my first post ever. I own 2 electric guitars. One of them is the Pacifica 112. It was my first real guitar (acoustic / electric whatever). I still play it on a regular basis. Had it for 8 years now, i don't think there is anyone that has played it that much and posted here on this page, since I haven't had the time to read all of the posts. The only thing i can say about this guitar is, underpriced. If i would have known that after 8 years it's still ok, i would have considered a bargain back then, although i went through a great deal of effort to get it. I hang on to it that long because i was a high school student when i got it and then went on to college, and never really had the money for anything else. I am more of a all or nothing now so if i make an investment in my gear, i want to take the best or don't buy at all. The pacifica has a black finish, with a white scratchplate. It has been dropped several times. The paint just wont chip, you can see dents in it but no holes in the layer of paint. the finish was absolutely perfect. Neck is still straight, paint is still perfect, bridge is still ok, string keys perfect. The scratch plate has turned to yellow ( due to its old age ). Buttons work perfect ( unlike some 1200 euro fenders i have played on). Volume button has become way to sensitive now. Switch blade works perfect. Action has allways been a strong point. Neck is very thin very confortable to play fast. Anyway its too confortable. If you had a pacifica as a first guitar like me, and played it a lot, like me... and want to play on gibsons ... like me, you will find it very difficult. Gibsons usually have thicker necks and flatter frets or something ... its actually harder to play fast on gibson necks. The action is great. Strings don't jump out of the nut, even with bends on the first fret ... maybe i was lucky it never happened to me. Whamy detunes the strings really easily ( this is a minus ) and the sound is not that great ( this is the second minus ). But come to think of it .. its not an ibanez ( not that crazy and ballsy on distort) ... its not a gibson ( not that crazy on tone / sustain or warmth ) its not a fender ( definately not a strat ) but its somewhere in between. It can let you choose your own sound. You can get a little taste of everything with it. Mine has a pretty worn out neck right now. It has a seymour duncan pearly gates humbucker in the bridge position, which rocks pretty good in combination with good amps. As a first guitar it is probably the best choice there is. I've played on it a bit too much maybe, that is why i like it so much. My second is an american stratocaster. Payed way more than the pacifica on it. Maybe after 7 years i can see wether it was worth the investment or not, right now i can't decide. Some guitars are highly prazed ... maybe a bit too highly. Again for a first guitar , this is probably the best choice out there.
    Well said. you should have written a review. The Pacifica IS under priced (I'm not complaining). It will probably outlive your average strat.
    Should I buy an Ibanez GRG170DX or this Yamaha Pacifica 112?
    Awesome guitar plain awesome, I have it, for it's price it beats everything. Changing the bridge pickups to a set of DiMarzio pickups, pretty versatile axe...