Pacifica 112 review by Yamaha

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (241 votes)
Yamaha: Pacifica 112

Price paid: C$ 800

Purchased from: Pinnacle Music Studios

Sound — 8
The guitar sounds nice and really has no problems. The biggest issue for me is as a player who plays mostly acoustic, I just didn't really connect that much with the electric guitar (was my first one, and I made it a good/moderately priced one since I knew it would probably be my last). Plugged into my Roland Cube 20X, it sounds fine. No problems with the volume or any effects of my amp. I play mostly R&B/Mellow bluesy stuff and it can get the job done well... It just doesn't stand out in sound all that much. I imagine if I played this in a band... It wouldn't draw that much presence, but instead just do the job I want it to do with the help of my hands very well... Guitar can make a variety of sounds with it's 5 switch knob. Sounds as full as I'd want. So pretty much, I'd recommend this guitar to anyone as an electric, especially if they just want to dabble in the waters of an electric and just have 1 that they'll keep for a long time if they don't want to upgrade or become primarily an electric player. The guitar can fall out of tune after playing in a session for a little while, but I'm assuming this is how most electrics are.

Overall Impression — 8
For the style of music I play, pre-dominantly R&B and Bluesy type stuff... The guitar is okay. It's nowhere near what a nice Jazz guitar would be for the job, but this Yamaha's quality-price ratio in comparison is very fitting for my needs. As I said, as mainly an acoustic player, this guitar didn't exactly grip me to play it the same way my acoustics do when I enter my studio... (okay, it's a study room). If the guitar was lost or stolen, I probably would just buy a cheap electric since this guitar did not really change my output on the excitement of the electric world. However, I wouldn't want it stolen since as I said, this electric can carry me through the years for any of the few times I want an electric for a play session instead of an acoustic. I can trust that even if I don't play it for a while, when I do, it will sound solid. I did compare this guitar to the Godin Progression and some Paul Reed Smith SE's (which I find are equally good) but I ended up going with this one... Not really for any particular reason other than the fact that it sounded just as good as the other ones and had that Fender look I liked.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Yamaha has made a guitar here that has that Fender swag and even though it's less expensive than an American Fender and less popular, in my opinion, it is comparable and would withstand and be able to do most everything a Fender could with just as much success. Guitar was built to last. As I said, I bought it as my first and probably last electric since the build quality is very good and due to the fact that I know I won't need a backup if I played this guitar in gigs live or in jam sessions. The guitar is dependable indeed. The finish has seen no wear and tear over the year that I have had it. I don't play electric as much as many hardcore electric players do though so if you are one of those people, take my opinion of the finish as you will. However, I truly believe it is a great finish. Only problem I have is that sometimes if I am standing up and playing, the strap falls out of the strap button. It's happened numerous times to me, sometimes in succession... So keep that in mind as a possibility when buying this guitar.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Action had to be adjusted by my guitar teacher, but I always have him do it. The pickups were well adjusted, no problems there. No flaws what'soever in the finish, frets, tuning pegs, or anything. Everything is very well made. Guitar looks very nice and plays the way it looks. Nicely.

Features — 8
Bought this electric guitar in 2010. The model is actually part of the 112V series. It is the 112VCX, which was not an option when I tried to submit the review. Basically is an improved 112 normal with a white color and red tortoise pickguard. Guitar has a Fender Style body and 22 frets. It has an alder body and a rosewood fingerboard. The back of the neck is maple. Comes with your standard master volume, master tone, and pickup switcher. However, this model has a push and pull coil-tap as well. Finish is even and very nice. Bridge is good also and although the cord it comes with to amplify the guitar is not good at all (swapped mine for a real cord at the store I bought it from free of charge), the actual sound of the guitar when plugged in is very nice as well. Also comes with a wammy bar which... Basically sends the guitar out of tune in about 5 minutes if you don't have locked tuning pegs... So I do without it most of the time.

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    SumFan98 wrote: yamaha should stick to keyboards. that's all i have to say. :/
    That would be terrible. They make the best acoustic guitars I've ever played. Taylor and Martin are the only companies I can think of that are better. But Yamaha manage to do it at a much lower price. Flat out, they DON'T make bad instruments.
    gutu wrote: I have one for like 3 years or more it was my first guitar, i only started playing last year... it's cool but for the price i would recomend a ibanez or a squier... i mean i love this guitar, i also have a newbie squier probly same price and it sounds better... i think this yamaha is more for distortion, on clean it sounds well it hurts my ears... sound too high... i have always to turn the volume knob a litle down so it don't sound so high it helps. i love it i droped it accidently a few times and it still plays... well i even accidently droped a glass of water and well lets just say it still sounds the same. probly it's bc of where i live but everything got rusty sooooo quick.
    I don't about squier but you must be kidding when recommending ibanez for clean! I own 3 guitars, this guy, ibanez grx20 & rga32 with emg81. grx20 is completely shit, sounds like shit and goes out of tune like no tomorrow. I tell you when I record them to my computer via pod x3, yamaha pacifica 112 sound is the best! beating rga32 with emg81