Pacifica 112 Review

manufacturer: Yamaha date: 02/21/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Yamaha: Pacifica 112
21 frets, 5 position blade, volume, tone, S/S/H pickups. Solid Alder Body, Maple Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, Strat Style Double Cutaway.
 Sound: 8.6
 Overall Impression: 8.7
 Reliability & Durability: 8.3
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.2
 Features: 8
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overall: 9
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 07, 2006
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Price paid: $ 327.57

Purchased from: andertons, guildford

Features: This guitar was made in 2001 in Europe. It has 21 medium frets and a solid top. It has a rosewood fingerboard, maple neck, alder body and is finished in Ice Blue Metallic. Strat body style, volume, tone, 5-way pickup selector, S/S/H Yamaha pickups, non-locking tuners, no accessories. // 9

Sound: I have the pickup selector on the humbucker setting, as it makes good distortion for a good rock sound. It suits my music style well from crunchy tones of Oasis, Stereophonics, Feeder to brighter tones of Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys etc, because this guitar is very versatile. This single coil pickups are good with a clear, fairly deep tone, and don't fizz and buzz like Squiers or some other beginners guitars, even at high volumes. I am using it with a Marshall MG15CDR, and it works well, especially on the clean setting. You can get a good Telecaster-ish bright sound with a high tone setting, and use of the humbucker. the distortion is OK, nothing special but this is mainly down to the amp because I hear other MG15CDR users have problems with distortion. I am hoping to get a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal which should improve things. For the money though, a great sounding guitar. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar seems very well made for a guitar that costs about 160. The pickups were well adjusted and the bridge and headstock were all solid, well made and perfectly formed. In fact the only glitch with the fit and finish was a broken amp lead jack. Got it repaired without fuss by my local music shop. Apart from that it is almost as well made as some Fender guitars I've tried. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This guitar would withstand live playing, and wouldn't sound terrible being played live. The pickups and bridge seem like they will last, the strap buttons are very solid. I am not very careful and have bashed this about a bit, but the headstock doesn't seem like breaking (although it chips quite easily). I would use this guitar as a backup for a gig probably, but for gigs I would probably use a guitar up the range. The finish is good enough to withstand all playing. For a Strat copy, it is very solid. // 9

Overall Impression: I love this guitar, because it does everything you'd want it to do for small amount of money. I have tried out lots of different starter guitars (Squier Fat Strat, Squier Telecaster, bottom of the range Epi Les Pauls etc) and can easily say this is the best by far. It has great sound, great durablility and the proven Yamaha name (well, it's better then telling your friends you have a guitar made by a Fender rip off company). For the style I play, and for all styles, this guitar delivers. I have been playing for 2 years, and have an Encore PK40 bass, which is OK, but has gathered dust since I got this guitar. If it were stolen or lost I would buy another, defo. My favourite thing about it is the range of sounds you can get from it. For the price, the best guitar at the mo. If you are a beginner or need a cheap, solid guitar, buy this, you will not be disappointed. // 10

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overall: 8.8
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: pacificblue, on december 03, 2003
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Price paid: $ 347.7

Purchased from: Sharon Music

Features: Stratocaster copy, 22 frets, maple neck, bubinga fingerboard, alder body, two single coils and a humbucker in the bridge position. Pretty standard stuff. // 8

Sound: The sound this guitar can kick out is excellent, very good cleans from the single coils- the only word I can think of to describe it is "bright". Then the humbucker is good for limited distortion, but it may not be enough for people who enjoy playing metal or nu-metal. I play a lot of classic rock and soft rock, and the Pacifica does this very well. The only gripe I have is that there is only one tone knob, which does restrict the sound variety a little bit. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: I bought this guitar new, and the action was pretty poor- I think high action comes as standard for Yamaha guitars, as I have played a couple of Yamaha basses that have high action. However this was soon sorted out. Apart from this, the guitar was ready to play, correct intonation, good pickup adjustment, etc etc. The tuners are exceptional on this guitar, it holds tune for days. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will easily withstand live playing- but whether the tone is quite up to scratch for a professional band is another matter. That said, and swiftly contradicted, I have seen a guitarist at our schools battle of the bands using one, and I would consider him to be the best guitarist I know. The guitar is built like a tank, I don't mistreat my guitars, but it has had the usual knocks and scratches, and nothing noticable has happened as a result. The strap buttons are rock solid, and the tuners are amazing. The finish is also superb, I have had this guitar for a year and I play 2-3 hours a day, no effect to the finish at all. I wouldn't normally take ANY guitar to a gig without a backup, but if I only had one then I think I could rely on this one. // 10

Overall Impression: I am very impressed with this guitar, I own a Fender Mexi Strat as well, and the Pacifica is almost as good. I would recommend this guitar to anyone, except possibly the most extreme metalheads, who would probably prefer something with twin humbuckers. I wish it had a second tone knob, and an input socket on the front, not the side, but apart from that the guitar is excellent. I would probably buy another Pacifica if mine was stolen or broken. // 10

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overall: 9.6
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: BibaLin, on january 15, 2004
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Purchased from: Cosco Warehouse, Clifton, NJ, USA

Features: Made IN China with Yamaha Japan Standards 5 way selector Black Gloss Finish Tuners non Locking 22 Frets,Standard Package, came with a Yamaha GA-10 Amp that sux bad, gig bag, $80 value starter set. But definately worth the price. // 8

Sound: This guitar makes great sound, that is, if you have a good amp. I usually play rock and some punk on this guitar, they all sound great. The amp that it came with just powerful sux. Horrible tone and only drive/clean selector. I don't know much about and I've only been learning myself for about 2 years and this is my second guitar. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar came in without a scratch or print. Everything was in mint condition, and the packaging was excellent. Took me about 45 minutes to take to guitar out of the box and bags. Not a flaw. The pickups were a little bit uneven but all is good. // 10

Reliability & Durability: The strap slips all the time and gets worn and ripped. It would be great if i had a strap lock. The tuning gets untuned like every day but it doesnt take long to readjust it. I've had this guitar for about 4 months and there are light scratches here and there due to my terrible picking, but the gloss makes it very hard to see fingerprints and scratches. If i were to take all my stickers off it would look brand new. but the pick dust gets all over the pickups and gets stuck on there and there is now permenant black marks all over but thats just because of my bad picks that I bought. but other than that. And after all its been through, knocks, drops, falls, slips, and pinned with a pick, this guitar is very hard to damage heh. But thats only because I treat it like my best friend. // 10

Overall Impression: This guitar is awesome, but if iw were to bring it to a gig, I would rely on this thing with my life and screw the backup. This thing is worth the price and This thing is like my bestest friend. I would definitely choose this if your moving from and acoustic or just starting. But I'm thinking about getting a new guitar for my performances. If this thing was stolen or lost, I would definately take the effort to buy the same one because it was at a low price and high quality. // 10

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overall: 6.8
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 05, 2004
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Price paid: $ 181.7

Purchased from: Steves Music Store (T.O)

Features: This guitar was made in 2002, in Taiwan. It has 21 medium frets and rosewood fretboard. The neck is maple. It is a solid electric, with a nice paint finish called placid lake (blue metallic finish). It has what you made call, Fender Strat look, except the body is a bit more narrow, and the double cut edge have more of a pointy look. It has pearl dots on fretboard, and on the side. The pickup set-up is single, single, and humbucker. It comes with whammy bar so you can bend the strings for effect. The pickguard is white, and helps with pick scratches (good for beginners who are learning the guitar) There are two controls, one is for volume the other is for tone. Tuners are chrome and are non-locking, and it comes with manual, "L" shape bar and some free picks (from the store). // 6

Sound: The sound produced from the pickup is more of a bluesy or jazzy quality. If you use the clean channel that is. If you Switch to distortion, it does sound a bit rockier and rectified. When I had this guitar, I already purchased a Marshall MG10CD from my last guitar, Ovation and the sound came out pretty clear and crisp. The only problem I had with the guitar was that the single coils produced a loud buzzing sound. When I Switch the pickup to hum, the buzzing was gone. Another problem was keeping the guitar in tune. If you bend the strings a lot, the guitar will go out of tune very quickly. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: When I purchase the guitar, it was definitely underpriced and I didn't know why until I purchased it and played with it more at home. The bridge wasn't flat, it came up at 5 degrees. There were one scratch near the edge of the body, since people came into the store and played with the guitars all the time. However, back then, I never played an electric, so it was fine that I had these one or two flaws in the guitar. // 6

Reliability & Durability: I played this guitar a few times at church, and the problem I had with it was the sound. The hardware is durable and solid, but the sound was a bit lacking. The strap button definitely needed reinforced with tougher ones, so I changed the whole strap button with schallers strap locks, and the strap never fell off again. Personally, if I needed to play in a gig I would probably use another guitar, and not this one. This guitar is good for beginners like me before, and it's a good learning guitar. // 8

Overall Impression: Initially I wanted to get a guitar with a more rockier feel, e.g. PRS or SG, however, I didn't have the money to buy one. Now, that I work, I have a Ibanez SZ520, and I definitely couldn't have got it if I didn't start out with this guitar. This guitar was great for me, why? I never played an electric before purchasing this guitar, I only owned two acoustics, but never an electric. I learn a lot from playing this guitar, it help me with the basics of an electric, especially with string bending and power chords. I had a lot of fun playing with it, and now that I'm selling it to a other guitar learner. I hope he/she will have much fun with it as I did. // 8

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overall: 7.2
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 17, 2004
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Price paid: $ 150

Purchased from: Guitar-Center

Features: Strat-style body, 5-way pick-up selector, 1 volume knob and one tone knob, 2 single coils and a humbucker. Non-locking tuners. 21 frets, solid. No accesories. // 6

Sound: Overall the sound is decent. The humbuckers and 2 single coils give it a nice varety of tones although as the pick-ups go closer to the bridge the tone decreases in clarity (mostly on distortion) for the most part I find my self mainly useing the humbucker pickup. It has a great distortion with it, although when palm-muting even with full distortion on my amp. The sound could be a bit chunkier sounding, so heavy metal palm muting is lacking, although it is still not a terrible sound. Harmonics are pretty easy to pull-off. However there is one thing that really bothers me, when you try to play more than one note at time (not chords, but individual notes one after the other) the notes start to run into each other and it sounds muddy. You can prevent this by muting the strings very lightlyy with your pick hand pretty easily, but it is still a minor annoyance. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The action is very low on this guitar, it makes it very easy to play fast with out much preassure, there is however a problem with this. If you buy this guitar and expect to be tuning down to ZBACDQ or whatever the ridiculously low tuning that all you new metalers use, think again. Of course you can do it, but there is a serious fret buzz problem with lower tunings. Even in Drop D there is a slight issue if you strum too hard but it is easy to just strum a little lighter. Overall the action is not a problem when distortion is on, as long as you don't tune down too much. A Final warning: if you use the wammy bar it will through the guitar so out of tune that you you'll swear that you are not even playing a guitar! // 6

Reliability & Durability: So far it has held together pretty well althought the wammy bar is sort of lose. // 8

Overall Impression: I play mostly rock and metal, and so far it has been pretty reliable. I realize since that this is my first guitar that I really can't say that it is an amazing instrument, or that it is the best guitar ever, even though I have heard many people say this about Squire Strats and outher begginer level guitars, overall it is nice instrument and an excellent Begginer guitar (the best begginer that I have played). // 8

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overall: 9.5
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: the_guy, on october 10, 2006
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Sound: It suits my rock music style well, thanks to the crunchy distortion given by the hum bucker pickup. I'm using it with a Marshall MG15CDR amp and a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal and it sounds immense, I can get hard edged distortion with the hum bucker and a nice softer Vintage distortion on the neck pickup. It also sounds great on clean, especially on the neck pickups as they give out soft luscious tones. The pickups are never noisy, especially when using my distortion pedal, and they are of excellent quality. It's very versatile and gives out a whole range of rich, bright tones. Playing this guitar makes you think 'They must have given me a Fender Strat by accident'. Its sound really does defy the price. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Nice low action with no string/fret buzz, pickups very nicely adjusted and placed, straight, thin neck made with very smooth maple wood. Bridge is solid and properly routed, I honestly can't think of anything wrong with the quality of this guitar. The tone controls are solid, tuners are very strong and don't come loose, and the body is finished in stunning Ice Blue Metallic. // 10

Reliability & Durability: It's a shame you won't see many of these during live playing, because this guitar won't just withstand it, it will sound great as well. The guitar is built like a tank, the hardware is reliable and robust and the finish won't wear off with lots of playing as it is of good quality. I would definitely use it at a gig without a backup. One minor glitch is that the strap buttons aren't the greatest as they do not hold the strap in place well, I'd consider switching them to Dunlop strap lox. This is enough to justify a 9. // 9

Overall Impression: The Yamaha Pacifica is a great match for a rock player like me, because of the single coil/single coil/hum bucker layout. I've been playing for 1 year and I have a Marshall MG amp and a Boss distortion pedal (as mentioned) and it compliments them beautifully. I would definitely buy this guitar again if it were stolen or lost. The things I love about it are the versatility of the sound, the look of the thing, the reliability and quality and the price! I've seen it for 140, which is a bargain. The things I hate, I suppose the middle pickup could sound more inspiring but I barely use it anyway. My favourite thing about it though is that it is equally at home playing metal, blues/jazz or rock. I compared it to a Squier Affinity Telecaster (garbage), a Fender Standard Telecaster (lovely), a Fender Standard Fat Strat (very nice) and a Squier Standard Fat Strat (good distortion, bad clean), but none of them could match the sheer value for money of the Pacifica. If you are just starting out then buy this guitar with either a Vox Pathfinder 15, a Roland Cube 15, a Marshall MG15CDR or a Line 6 Spider II 15, don't settle for a crappy Squier with a crappy Squier amp. This guitar is of such quality that it could be anyone's second guitar. // 10

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overall: 7.6
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: jagcat64, on april 28, 2004
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Features: This is an american made guitar with 22 frets... kinda weird for a japanese company huh? Its a solid body guitar with with single/single/humbucker pickups(neck to bridge). With an all maple body construction, pearl white body and a clear satin finish on the neck, this strat-like guitar is ready for playing right out of the box. It has a thin neck with jumbo frets, and it came with a guitar cable, Yamaha tuner, and I had to buy a gig case seperate. // 6

Sound: The way I have this guitar set up now is almost perfect for my playing style. I play rock and blues like bands such as: Taproot, Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and the Ataris. This guitar is perfect for the low sounding notes and you can easily run your fingers fast up and down the neck - kinda like what Jimi Hendrix did. I love this guitar's sound. With the light distortion and extra high treble settings on my amp, I can sound just like Toni Iommi. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar is pretty awesome out of the box. You can just plug it in and start playing right off the bat. The pickups are adjusted just slightly off so taht you must turn the treble up about 2 settings on the amp to even out the sound. The only other thing that is wrong/I don't like about this guitar is that the wood is soft! You must be careful when taking the guitar apart because I almost put a hole in the body by trying to take off the faceplate and the screwdriver slipped... long story, but just be careful with it. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will withstand live playing, and it's a good guitar. I wouldn't use a back up, but this would be a good back up guitar if you wanted sumthing better. // 8

Overall Impression: Great guitar. I wish that I could get an Ibanez iceman and use this guitar as a back up. I have heard the iceman and it sounds much clearer than this, but this is still a great guitar. // 8

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overall: 6.8
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: rob_stevens565, on october 25, 2004
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Price paid: $ 311.1

Purchased from: machinehead music

Features: I'm not sure when this guitar was made, I've had it a year now I beleive its a 22 fret, I have a 112M, so it has a maple neck, which is nice and chunky and comfortable, good for rhythm guitaring, but as you get up the neck it thins out nicely so it's good for soloing aswell, it has a solid top. I think the body is alder which carrys the tone well without the amp. I got it in a glossy black finish, with a white scratchplate and pickups (but I sprayed the pickups and scratchplate black and it looks sic!) It's a Strat style body. The bridge can be used with a whammy bar put this puts it out of tune. You get a tone knob and a volume knob, nice and simple, but only 1 tone knob limits the range of sounds, it has a 5 way selector. I don't know what a coil tap is but I think it may have one. It's got two single coils near the neck, and a humbucker it doesn't have locking tuning pegs, which is annoying sometimes. // 8

Sound: If you use the single coils you get a nice, clean tone, while the humbucker, delivers a fat rock sound. I tend to play punk or blues. the guitar suits both styles nicely. I use it with a Marshall MG15DFX. I have a weirdy multi pedal and the guitar sounds fairly good with effects, unless you keep holding on to the strings you get a buzzing noise, or if you use the humbucker that stops it too. The guitar can make very contrasting tones just by changing the height of the pickup, higher up gives a cleaner sound. You can hear each individaul string when you play a chord, whereas a reccessed pickup blends the notes smoothly. The single coils are good to recreate that famous hendrix sound! // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: I think this is where the guitar lets itself down. I've had it a year, and are still finding things to adjust which should have been done in the factory. Just recently, I spent the good part of a saturday adjusting the truss rod to stop the neck bending and to stop it vibrating. Tightening the tuning pegs because they were unbeleivably worn. The bridge was floating miles high because of something inside it which I had to screw up. I had to adjust the pickups alot to get the correct sound out of them the neck wasn't screwed down to the body properly either. The knobs come off pretty easy too, they just pull off. // 4

Reliability & Durability: I have played this guitar live, but it's probably best to take a bak up. The hardware seems pretty solid, but I'm not very confident that its put together very well. My strap constantly falls off. I don't know if thats anything to do with the strap buttons or my strap, (probably the strap since its a thin, free one). The finish is thick but easy to dent, but when you do dent it, you don't reach the wood, even screwdrivers! But it does scratch easy, specially if you wear a studded belt like I used to, that scratches the back alot. // 6

Overall Impression: Overall, the guitar seems good especially for the price, it's very good value, and very comfortable, and good looking. If it were stolen I would get something else, only because this is my first guitar. // 8

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overall: 8
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 27, 2005
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Purchased from: Guitar Mania

Features: This is a very new Yamaha Pacifica. It was a little bit more money than the standard 112 as it is actually a special edition, celebrating 10 years of the instrument. The neck has 22 frets and I am completely in love with it. It's smooth and fast and gives you something to hold onto. It's quite narrow as with most Japanese guitars, however I like this as it makes it faster to play for me. I am extremely pleased with the finish and look of this guitar, a natural finish and black pickguard make it look Vintage yet modern stunning stuff! The Alder Wood Strat body is nice and comfortable and there's a tremelo bar. I think this would need a lot of modification for it to bend any further, as mine doesn't like to bend much, therefore I don't really use it. I think if it were fitten with a Floyd Rose it would be much more versatile. This humbucker in the bridge and the 2 single coils give a nice variety of tones, however they can buzz like hell if you Switch a lamp on in your room, the single coils can sound a bit lifeless at times aswell, but the humbucker is decent and reliable. There is a 5 way selector Switch for the pickups, and also volume and tone knobs. Pretty standard. The tuners are nice. Grover silver ones. They do the job. One thing I find a bit dodgy is the cable socket. With some cables it will wobble around and you loose contact, therefore getting no sound, but I have found a cable at the moment which seems fine. // 8

Sound: I mainly play alternative rock with a nice melody to it (sort of Goo Goo Dolls, The Verve type thing) and this guitar fits well into those styles. Able to punch out some beefy power chords or a melodious solo it can cope well and I don't have much trouble getting the sound I want. At the moment I am playing through a tiny Fender amp but you wouldn't be able to tell if you couldn't actually see it. The guitar is very loud and has a very full sound even when the strings are quite old. I'm looking forward to when I get a new Fender Stage 1600, as I'm sure the guitar will sound great through. We shall wait and see! // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: When I bought the guitar I didn't know much difference as it was my first. However, after playing for over a year now I notice that the nut it way too high. String bends up till around the 3 or 4 fret can be nearly impossible if you want to bend through a full tone. The action was okay, but I have adjusted it so it's a bit lower and since then it's been superb. The humbucker pickup is a little wobbly which worries me but it seems okay. All of the metal is still nice and shiny, no oxidation, and the frets are still nice with minor wear on some due to a lot of playing. // 6

Reliability & Durability: I would not be embarrassed to paly this guitar live. It's sturdy and reliable and makes a hell of a sound. I'm pretty shure I'll have this beauty all my life, even in the future when I have a nice new Fender or Gibson I will still play it. The strap buttons are top notch and I feel I can put a lot of trust into this guitar. // 10

Overall Impression: This guitar fits my musical style well. Good for soft rock and hard rock you can get the sound you want from this guitar. I've been playing about a year and 2 months now, but have had this guitar for less than a year. If this guitar disapeared out of my life I would be upset, and would probably buy a 500 Fender but in the future I would make sure I bought a new one cause I really do love this guitar. The thing I love most about it is the neck it really is very fast and sturdy. I hate the nut, but if I took it too a guitar tech it could be easily corrected. I bought this product over the standard 112 and over a couple of Squiers as I felt it was worth it too pay that little bit more and now buy a copy guitar. Although this is a relatively cheap guitar it is decent, reliable and easy to play. You will learn to love this guitar. It's good stuff! // 8

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overall: 8.4
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 20, 2005
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Price paid: $ 250.74

Purchased from: Musicstore Koeln

Features: This guitar was made in Indonesia (with accordance and specifications of Yamaha Corporation), what year exactly I don't know but it must be a pretty new model since they got them also in red metallic. 22 frets on mine. Alder body, rosewood fingerboard, maple neck. S/S/H pickups, 2 tone/volume tuners. Included accessories: whammy bar, screw-keys, a handbook which tells you about how to adjust the guitar (I only set the pickups lower for they were too high and sounded loud as hell) and a crappy cable most guitars come along with (which you can use to whip your brother if he's trying to play on your baby), which sucks. // 8

Sound: I play hard rock to progressive metal. I use a Marshall 15CD amp, which isn't bad at all compared to the Peavey ones. This guitar fitted literally every style of music I've ever tried; I sound like Tony Iommi on "Paranoid" and like Roy Z on "Power Of The Sun" and AC/DC licks aren't a problem at all. I play it with little distortion, since with a lot of it the guitar sounds as if a guy you caught by the balls screamed through a distortion pedal. And for clean sounds I prefer the second setting, it sounds warmer. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: No complaints at all. It was packed with care, nearly love, so that you get the impression that the Japanese really wanted to kiss your ass, but let's not get cynical. The strings had a paper coat around them. The pickups were slightly too high, though according to the handbook, too low. // 10

Reliability & Durability: It would withstand live playing, but I wouldn't do it because it's pretty noisy (or maybe I'm not muting properly). I have it 7 months and nothing in this guitar seems to alter. The strap buttons are so solid and reliable that you could hang yourself on them. Quick death guaranteed! But I wouldn't use it without a backup, maybe as a backup though. The finish is also durable. Only the input jack comes loose, if I play with a good cable (the factory one you can give your granny so that she can plug in her respirator). // 8

Overall Impression: I've been playing 7 months and already shoot off with heavy riffs. It's very versatile, though It could sound a little warmer. If it were stolen 6 months ago, I'd have hanged myself on the factory cable, but now I'd go get a Jackson 30RR because it fits my style better and would hope that the guy who stole my Pacifica makes good use of it. // 8

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overall: 8
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 20, 2005
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Price paid: $ 210.45

Purchased from: Fair Deal Music

Features: Made in Japan. Very fast neck, good for shredding which is what I do. 22 frets which is perfect, body is basswood and the neck is maple with a satin finish which is good as it doesn't become sticky like some painted necks I've played. Mine was the black originally which I sanded down and painted red. The paint is really thick and protects it from the majority of knocks. The bridge is a strung-thru body tremelo system which can be a bit annoying when tuning but overall is good. 1 volume, 1 tone 5-way selector. 2 single coil pickups and 1 humbucker all made by Yamaha which providers an all round tone to it. I changed the humbucker to a mighty-mite motherbucker for a chunkier tone. Non-locking schaller type tuners. Gig bag, 5 ft. cable and strap included. // 9

Sound: I play mainly metal but also do punk, classic rock and some classical/acoustic guitar. It suits metal really well as the neck is really fast providing you with lots of opportunity for speed bursts. I use a Marshall JCM-900 and a Boss ME-50 pedal which is good as the guitar, which can support a wide-variety of sounds goes straight into a box of sounds. The sound is mainly bright and offers a good rich sound when the single coils are selected and the tone is rolled down half-way. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was perfect for me, I've only had to adjust the e (thinnest string) saddle once as it ended up buzzing on the 20th fret. The guitar was perfect in everyway. And is easy to fix as everything is intuitive. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitars plays like a beast live, even when I broke the tremelo arm off, the guitar remained in tune. The hardware will last until hell freezes over. The strap buttons are pretty dam solid, I've only ever had one problem with them when my strap came off when I was jumping across the stage. My advice is fit strap locks. But if you do, remember to keep a screwdriver with you. I would use it for a gig without a backup and have several times. It used to be my backup until my SG broke so many times live there was no point starting with it. It's a well built solid guitar. // 7

Overall Impression: I play mainly metal and this is perfect. The pickups could do with a bit more bite, but there pretty damn solid and hard to fault. I've been playing for nearly 10 years and it's lasted me for 6 of those, I own a Boss ME-50 and a Marshall JCM900 which it compliments very well. If it was stolen/lost, I'd but it again. I love the durability of the instrument. I dislike the tuning of it, the tremelo seems to bend upwards when you tune, detuning the other strings until you get to the optimum position. Compared to my Gibson SG, it's superior as it never breaks live! I wish it had a floyd rose tremelo or an EMG bridge pickup. // 7

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overall: 6.5
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: Tommorello123, on august 04, 2006
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Sound: I play a rock and grunge type of sound, this guitar fitted this extremly well as with some distortion it sounds great and with the tone whacked up to full you can also get some lovly notes for all types of solos. The amp I use with it is a Marshall MG15CD. This guitar can provide a loud sound but the quilty and tone quickly deteriates with it set to loud. I am a Tom morello fan and this guitar can do almost everyone of his sound effects with the right effects. I use a Boss ME50 for this. And Tom's style is very wide so it has a huge variety. For the can of this guitar I think the sound is amazing, extremly veristile. Unfortunatly the Vibro System on this guitar is not what Ide can impressive. And I have to say I find it pretty useless. Instead I use a can Baby Wah. But this is my only doubt on the sound. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was fine and my guitar tutor agreed. Having said that this was off the shelf and CD all ready tuned and set up, Therefore I can not judge the quality of it's factorys set up. Bootlegs Music gets a 9 out of 10 for the set up as it was perfectly done. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is not for live use. I've had it 2 years and it's suffering badly from fret buzz! I've also noticed that even my guitar tutors Pacifca 112 which is over 8 years old has the same problem as mine which is the Low E will pop out a lot ruining what ever you are playing at the time. The finish on this guitar is thick, and leaves ugly white marks when damaged it's while make takes ages to fade into a natural looking colour. This guitar is dependable thought and although it would sound horrid I would feel confident to play gig knowing it will not break on me. The hardwear is build to last. I've installed strap locks to be safe but I've never has any problems with the strap buttons before hand. // 3

Overall Impression: The overall impresion of this guitar is that it is excellent to start on but you wont be able to use it one your ear develops or one the wear and tear starts. I've been playing 2 years and this guitar has suited my perfectly other than it's snags. I would not have chose a diffrent guitar because it was a bargin anf woth every penny. It this guitar was to be stolen or lost I would not buy it again I would move one a a more advanced guitar. Although owning a Ephiphone Les Paul Standard I still enjoy a good hour or so on this guitar. I feel every attached to it! I love 90% of this guitar it's jsut the bad frets and the Low E poping out that lets it down! Overall a good starter guitar! // 6

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overall: 9.2
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: pannako, on december 15, 2006
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Features: I'm not sure when or where this guitar was made, but it was brand new when I bought it. As mentioned before, it has 21 frets a sonokeling (at least, that's what it says on the manual I downloaded) fretboard, and the neck is maple. Pearl inlays, and markers on the side of the neck too. It looks pretty much like any other entry level Strat copy, albeit, maybe a bit more angular, which I quite like. I rarely use the whammy bar, but it stays in tune with light usage. Not exactly suitable for dive bombs, but that doesn't worry me. Passive electronics, two singlecoils, and a humbucker at the bridge. // 9

Sound: I'd say this suits my style preety damn well. I play anything from Jeff Buckley, to Radiohead, to the Clash, to Muse to outright pop. I am also veering towards jazz and the blues more, and I find that the Pacifica deals with all of these execptionally well for a guitar of it's price. What really sets the guitar apart is the humbucker, what Squiers are missing (you know, apart from decent electrics:P) With the humbucker, I can play with a pretty large amount of distortion, without losing any clarity. I have a Fender Frontman 15, hardly the best amp ever, but it does it's job. My school also has one of these, and a Squier, and my Pacifica beats it hands down. while the Squier sounds muddy, however much you twiddle with hte EQ, it's a lot easier to get decent tone out of the Pacifica, which is exactly what a beginner wants. You can get a bit of moise, but to be honest, it's the amp, not the guitar, and I rarely (if ever) get feedback, another problem with Squiers. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was great, as were the pickups, and, in any case, if you're dissatisfied with the pickups, it's incredibly easy to adjust them. I couldn't fault the factory set up at all. Alder is a wood of reasonably good quality, and the tone is acceptable. Tuning pegs aren't locking, so it is likely that you'll have to tune up a bit, but thisisn't a problem if you just get a tuning pedal with true bypass. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I'm only really starting out writing my own material, but I'd definitdly use this Live, I don't think I'd need a back up. But I'm certain the Pacifica would sound great through a good amp, and with some good effects. I've never felt scared of the strap buttons falling out, and the finish has already lived through quite a few scrapes. I can't see myself encountering any problems with the hardware, but I might replace the pickups at some point. // 9

Overall Impression: I'd probably buy this guitar if it were stolen, because, for it's price, you really can't beat it. A must for beginners! What I love about the Pcifica is that I can always get some new pickups, and locking tuners, and have a guitar I can be proud of. When I do eventually get a new guitar, I think I will go for something quite different (I have my eye on a Burns Steer), as I think the 112 fulfils my needs at the moment. // 9

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overall: 10
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: Ghopki02, on january 05, 2008
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Price paid: $ 43.92

Purchased from: Ebay

Features: I have no idea what year it was made, I believe it has 21 fret and a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. It is also finished in a nice metallic silver colour with a black pickguard and black pickups to match. The body is Strat style and is made of Alder and the bridge, I have no idea, just the Standard Strat bridge! The controls given are Volume and Tone which is nice and simple, the pickup configuration is S/S/H which is very practical. The pickups are Seymour Duncan I think. The tuners are Standard ones but they hold tune very well. I bought this off ebay but it did come with a bag. // 10

Sound: I am a beginner (5 months, which is how long I have had this guitar) and this has suited all the styles I have attempted to play perfectly. The humbucker is great for distortion and the single coils give a really nice warm sound with hardly any feedback. I play all music styles and I'm still, like many beginners, finding my own style and for this, the practicality of this guitar is brilliant. Everyone Who plays my guitar comments on how good it is and when I tell them I only paid 24 for it (twas badly described on ebay) they're always shocked! I use this guitar with an Orange Crush 10 amp and a Zoom G2. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: I got it second hand so it may have already been adjusted from the factory so I can't really comment. However, the action is superb. The pickups are on their default setting. I don't know what the bookmatched top and the properly routed bridge is but yea. The body was in great condition when I got it but it has a few dents in it from me banging it on the arm of my chair so I guess the finish is a bit weak. I'm honestly trying really hard to critisise this guitar as it says that glowing reviews don't get published but I honestly can't find anything much wrong with it. It holds it's tuning for a long time, even after extreme bends and whammying. I have noticed something different on mine to the pacificas in the shop though, My tone and volume controls have no resistance on them at all unlike the shop models. This doesn't bother me but I'm not sure why there is no resistance. The finish is very good and looks and feels great (unlike my friends encores finish which feels like plastic) but as I mentioned above there are a few bumps in the back where I have knocked it but no guitar is indestructible! // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will almost certainly withstand Live playing and I know a few people Who actually play these guitars Live. The hardware is solid but because of the lack of resistance in the tone and volume pot, if you're really thrashing it you may knock your volume down to 0 and look like a foo' in front of the audience! However I have found out it is just mine which has no resistance in the pots but I actually prefer it to having resistance in them. The finish on these guitars also feels very good and seems like it will last a long time, this guitar must be quite old already as a matter of fact and it still looks great. I'm not sure how to find out how old it is but if anyone can extract anything from the model number, here it is! The strings are very easy to change and my friends Encore which I recently changed the strings on was an absolute pain in comparison. The springs on the bridge kept flying off which was very annoying! I actually enjoy changing the strings on this and I'm looking forward to fitting the new d'addario 10s which arrived today! I can depend on this guitar and I would use it in a gig without a backup, I would have to as this is my only guitar as well! // 10

Overall Impression: I am playing all styles at the moment, from SRV to The Beatles to death metal and it can pull off all these styles with relative ease. I am using an Orange Crush 10 solid state amp and through this I can get some really nice tones and in about 7 months time (my birthday waaaahey! ) I will be getting a Harley Benton GA5 which is an all tube amp and my tone through that should hopefully be lush to the max. If this guitar were stolen or lost I would most definitely get another one. Either that or a squire tele with a maple neck (I'm really liking the maple necks at the moment) and I think that is about the only thing I dislike about this guitar! The fingerboard is rosewood and I much prefer maple. I love nearly everything else about this guitar, for beginners it is the ultimate guitar! The frets are smooth as silk, it is ridiculously playable and there is no fret buzz, the sound is superb and the finish is great. I will probably keep this guitar for another few years before I upgrade properly and if I had started on an Encore I probably would have got a new one already. This generally costs more than most beginners guitars, it is generally 150 new as oppose to 100 new of many squires and encores but the extra 50 quid is well worth the investment. In my honest opinion this is simply the best guitar you could possibly start out with and I enjoy playing a hell of a lot. // 10

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overall: 7.2
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: teehee1988, on december 25, 2008
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Price paid: £ 175

Purchased from: Soundcontrol

Features: Solid Alder Body, Maple Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, it was made in Europe in 2002. It has a 5 way selector Switch, volume and tone controls, Standard stock Yamaha HSS pickups. The pickups are not the best and especially the H pickup lacks something, but you can get some good sounds with it when combined with the right amp and effects, and also the tone controls can be quite noisy. // 7

Sound: I use it with a Vox Valvetronix AD30VT amp and it sounds pretty good to be honest. You can get a good variety of sounds on it, although I used to play it through a Marshall 15DFX and it did not sound half as good, so the amp does matter hugely. You can get some good clean sounds from it as well as getting dirty with it. For the price now at 120, you can't get a much better sound, except perhaps with a Cort. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: It's ok. You get what you pay for it is not a stunning guitar, but compared to others in the price range it is very very good. I had some trouble with fret buzz, but that was sorted out. Generally though the guitar stays in tune well, i haven't had any big problems as far as that is concerned. Some of the wiring did come loose and had to be re-soldered, but that has been my only issue. Also the action is not as low as i would like, but again that is what you p-ay for. // 7

Reliability & Durability: Few issues with the wiring coming loose, but I've had it for 5 years now and it Still Remains a good guitar. I would and have played Live with it, was fine, but at the end of the day it is a budget guitar. The whammy bar though takes it completely out of tune straight away. // 7

Overall Impression: I've used it for 5 years, I did outgrow it after 3 but lacked funds to replace it. I am just about to replace it with a Cort. When playing lead the sound can be quite shrill and piercing, but that's what you get. It can be controlled to an extent, but not as much as I would like. For a beginner I would advice no other guitar. // 7

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overall: 8.6
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 17, 2010
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Price paid: $ 550

Features: The Pacifica that I bought came with case bag. Body is made of alder neck is fat and 22 medium jumbo frets. Finish is sunburst and it is in very good condition, finish is a little bit scratched but it's nothing. Bridge I have on my guitar is I believe yahama bridge I don't know exactly. Body is Stratocaster shaped, electronics are passive, 1 volume, 1 tone knob, 5-way sellector, pickups are Yamaha pickups ( 2 single coils 1 humbucker). // 8

Sound: On my guitar since I bought it I elevated my pickups a little bit and I can play almost every if not every stile there is. I played classic rock, hard, alternative, metal, heavy and thrash metal, waltz... Whatever you want to play this guitar will give a good sound. But there is a problem. Neck single coil creates a buzz all the time and that's annoying. This guitar will give you richer sound if your strings are fatter. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Action was high and I didn't like it but I lowered it. My pickups were low so it was awkward, high action and low pickups. Bridge was perfectly set up and everything was in place but again I lowered the action and elevated pickups. The guitar and stile that I'm playing fits perfectly and finish is the one that I like and I believe it will last long. // 7

Reliability & Durability: The hardware is pretty old right now (about 8-9 years) and I wanted to put seymor duncan blackout on bridge and another noiseless single coil in neck. I have to change the tone strap button cause it falls off most of the time. The finish will last very long and I believe the guitar can withstand live performance alone. Everything on guitar is reliable and very durable. // 8

Overall Impression: The guitar is good match to my stile of playing and I wish the guitar had Floyd Rose or active pickup in the bridge. If someone stole my guitar I wouldn't know what to do cause the guitar isn't in sale anymore. The best thing in my guitar is neck and body. Neck is fat but you can play fast solos on it and body can create awesome range of sound witch I like. Overall impression would be: this guitar is great for beginner and pro has big range of sound can play almost anything. // 10

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overall: 9
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: Almightynikita, on august 26, 2010
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Price paid: $ 210

Features: Right, first off this is a Yamaha Pacifica 112J, so I chucked the review in here. I don't know exactly when this was made but I am told it is now produced in China, however my model was produced in Indonesia. 22 frets, rosewood fretboard, bolt on maple neck, solid Alder Body, Medium Jumbo frets, mine was black with a white pickguard, H/S/S configuration, pickups by Yamaha, non locking Yamaha tuners, 1 volume, 1 tone, 5-way blade selector, Vintage Tremolo (non floating) In essence a fat Strat copy. It came with a gig bag compliments of the store. Some decent features there and for the price I got for it brand new I can't complain at all. // 9

Sound: Well this started off as my first electric guitar and it sounded amazing to me at the time....but then after the years I realised (this was when I started getting into heavier styles of music) that the Humbucker pickup was quite crap so I replaced with a DiMarzio DP103 I think (PAF Anniversery Edition, Bridge) which instantly solved the issue of not enough output whilst still having quite a lot of versatility. The middle single coil I keep unused unless I'm mixing it with the bridge or the neck. The 5 way really gives a lot of variety. The neck pickup is great for the price that it is, doesn't get noisy (apart from 60s cycle) or muddy with distortion, a very smooth all rounded sound, with very open and just generally pleasant sound. I won't mention the sound of the humbucker because thats for a different review. This still is my number one bring to any situation guitar, whether from gigging to jammming. I've played it through I Marshall JCM 800 and 2000, Kustom Hybrid Tube, and my lead guitarists set up of a Zakk Wylde overdrive runnign into an Orange Tiny Terror and the tone has always been more than satisfactory. It also deals greatly with FX and I play it through it my Boss ME-50 and pocket POD when travelling, which is of course a completely different ball game, however it still sounds fine. My dispointments are the lack of balls that the old humbucker had and the fact that the tone knob does very little to change the dynamics, just muffles and chokes the tone quite badly. Otherwise, yet again, great for the price. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Puah, this was a long time ago, I definitely had to adjust the humbucker, but left the single coils untouched for the most part. I recently switched to a bottom Heavy top Light set and had to file the nut a bit to compensate. During my first years the action felt great, but as I fiddled with string gauges and became a better and more experienced guitarist I changed it to suit my needs, there is minimal fret buzz. After several years the pickup selector became very noisy, however it isn't a great issue. There were no flaws on the guitar and I was very pleased with it. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I have played this guitar live many times for different types of gigs, and it has been truly great. HOWEVER, I have one warning about this guitar, change the input, please, for god sakes. It breaks very easily. I changed mine and tightened the screws on the volume and tone pots and no complaints at all. I have gigged with it without a back up, but mostly for the one or 2 song shows, otherwise for larger sets and festivals I usually have two alternating guitars, for different tunings etc. The finish is the cheap type thats applied very thickly, therefore proving to be indestructible for over 4 years. Also this guitar has great tuning stability, I have used various tunings from drop A to Standard and everything in between. // 9

Overall Impression: I play everything from metal to prog to blues to rock to the occasional funk. I've been playing for 5 years and had this guitar for 4, I now own a Dean MAB1 and an Ibanez S series 7 string. I think if it were stolen or lost, I would buy another one, just because I could afford such a great guitar...however I would be desolated, this guitar has seen me improve and change as a guitarist, and has rarely disappointed me. I compared to some Samick entry level guitars, slightly more expensive and have fonud them to be superior looks wise, but not tone and feel-wise. Overall I feel that this has been one of the greatest purchases I have ever made, for multiple reasons, as well as for making me really love the guitar. // 10

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overall: 9
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 23, 2010
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Price paid: C$ 300

Purchased from: Gary Bennetts Music (NL)

Features: I got this guitar for Christmas 14 years ago..way back in 1996. My parents paid a little over $300 for it I think. It has an alder body with a beautiful Antique Sunburst finish. It has a smooth maple neck and maple figerboard with 22 medium frets. I think it is a v-shaped neck because it is very small and easy to play and the action is very good also. This Strat style guitar has two single coil and one humbucker at the bridge. // 9

Sound: I play a wide variety of music from reggae to classic rock to full on metal. The clean sounds with the single coils are very very nice and it does a good job with distortion at the humbucker position. I find that sometimes with a ton of distortion on that single notes tend to run together although only with the heaviest gains. I am currently playing it through a Line 6 spider valve tube amp and it sounds great. People are always amazed at how good this guitar sounds. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: I love the finish. It is a beautiful guitar. The neck is very smooth and well made with very low action. It is also very narrow and thin which makes for faster playing. After 14 years of jamming and gigging it has some nicks and dents but the finish is great and the fingerboard still shines. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I use this as my primary gig guitar over a mexi Strat and a Yamaha g-series guitar and it holds up great. My only problem has been the input jack which has caused me some headaches. Its side location makes it easy to damage and I have had it soldered about 6 times over the years. The strap buttons are not the best. // 8

Overall Impression: I have been playing for 16 years and gigging for 5. I love the way this guitar sounds and plays. It is so easy to play. The neck is amazingly fast for such a cheap guitar. For my metal playing I wish they had a model with a double humbucker but my new ESP custom will have double hums with a Pacifica 112 spec neck. // 9

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overall: 8.8
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: elguitarinator, on march 29, 2011
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Price paid: $ 280

Purchased from: Kim's Intl.

Features: This guitar was made in Indonesia; not sure what year. It has 21 medium frets, medium-scale Maple neck, Rosewood fretboard, Adler Strat-type laminated body, chrome hardware, and a plain finish that comes in black, red, or blue, all with a white pickguard. A Standard tremolo Bridge is installed, along with passive pickups. They include one humbucker as the Bridge pickup and two single-coils as the middle and neck pickups. Controls are one tone knob and one volume knob with a 5-way selector. The tuners are made by Yamaha and are non-locking. I bought the beginner package which came with a gig bag, strap, Yamaha GA15 15 watt practice amp, guitar cable, extra picks, adjustment tools, removable whammy bar, and extra strings. Perfect for the beginner guitarist. // 8

Sound: Tone and sound is very diverse. Great for Rock, Metal, Blues, and Jazz, you name it, just need to make it sound the way you want. For example, I want a hard metal sound for riffs and bright solos, so I turn on the Bridge pickup, equip this axe with GHS GB-TNT .10-.52 Thick N Thin strings, plug my distortion pedal, and mess with my amp to get the sound I want. I use a Yamaha GA15 15 watt practice amp equipped with a Danelectro Fab Metal distortion pedal for practice, and a Line 6 Spider IV 30 watt amp for band practice and gigs. It sounds great with both amps. Turning on the middle and neck pickup while on the clean channel and strumming between the pickups creates a very good Acoustic sound. Humbucker is a little noisy, single coils have quite a bit of hum. I'm pretty sure it can achieve your sound demands if you mod it. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar is decently set up at the factory, better than most beginner guitars and WAY better than Squiers. The pickups look and sound the way they should. There were no defects when I got this guitar, but the strings tend to go slightly out of tune often, however this can be normal for new strings that need to stretch. The playability is very good; the rosewood fretboard is smooth and comfortable, the maple neck strong and resistant. I enjoy playing this guitar and have gotten positive feedback on the playability from fellow guitarists. I've owned this guitar for about 8 months now, and one defect I do have to point out is a poorly glued nut, which fell off after replacing all my strings about a month ago. Nonetheless, I love this guitar. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I have played a few 2-3 song gigs with my band who has practice regularly, and this guitar has withstood lots of careful, smooth playing and handling. I've had it for about 8 months and it hasn't failed me. The strap buttons have never given me a problem, and the hardware seems like it would last my whole career. I can always depend on my guitar, I played it through difficult and fun times, never has it failed me. I have used it at gigs without a backup, but I don't plan to because I'm looking to buy another guitar. However, I will pay both at gigs. The finish stays spotless if taken care of; scratches are visible only in bright light. I would never give up my guitar :) // 9

Overall Impression: This guitar is very suitable for my style of music, which is Metal, with the right mods. I've had it for about 8 months, and my other gear is listed above. If it were lost or stolen, I would get something else, because I need to step up from beginner gear, but I would buy it again later on. I love the playability and durability, and I hate nothing about my guitar. I love the neck; it is very easy to play. Of course, it would be better for me with active EMG pickups, but it wasn't meant to be a metal guitar necessarily, it was mean to be a diverse guitar, and it has succeeded in that. Overall, I highly recommend this guitar to any beginner for whatever style you play. Thanks for reading this review, hope it helps! // 9

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overall: 8.6
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: Dee Ay, on august 31, 2011
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Price paid: C$ 800

Purchased from: Pinnacle Music Studios

Features: Bought this electric guitar in 2010. The model is actually part of the 112V series. It is the 112VCX, which was not an option when I tried to submit the review. Basically is an improved 112 normal with a white color and red tortoise pickguard. Guitar has a Fender Style body and 22 frets. It has an alder body and a rosewood fingerboard. The back of the neck is maple. Comes with your standard master volume, master tone, and pickup switcher. However, this model has a push and pull coil-tap as well. Finish is even and very nice. Bridge is good also and although the cord it comes with to amplify the guitar is not good at all (swapped mine for a real cord at the store I bought it from free of charge), the actual sound of the guitar when plugged in is very nice as well. Also comes with a wammy bar which... Basically sends the guitar out of tune in about 5 minutes if you don't have locked tuning pegs... So I do without it most of the time. // 8

Sound: The guitar sounds nice and really has no problems. The biggest issue for me is as a player who plays mostly acoustic, I just didn't really connect that much with the electric guitar (was my first one, and I made it a good/moderately priced one since I knew it would probably be my last). Plugged into my Roland Cube 20X, it sounds fine. No problems with the volume or any effects of my amp. I play mostly R&B/Mellow bluesy stuff and it can get the job done well... It just doesn't stand out in sound all that much. I imagine if I played this in a band... It wouldn't draw that much presence, but instead just do the job I want it to do with the help of my hands very well... Guitar can make a variety of sounds with it's 5 switch knob. Sounds as full as I'd want. So pretty much, I'd recommend this guitar to anyone as an electric, especially if they just want to dabble in the waters of an electric and just have 1 that they'll keep for a long time if they don't want to upgrade or become primarily an electric player. The guitar can fall out of tune after playing in a session for a little while, but I'm assuming this is how most electrics are. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Action had to be adjusted by my guitar teacher, but I always have him do it. The pickups were well adjusted, no problems there. No flaws what'soever in the finish, frets, tuning pegs, or anything. Everything is very well made. Guitar looks very nice and plays the way it looks. Nicely. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Yamaha has made a guitar here that has that Fender swag and even though it's less expensive than an American Fender and less popular, in my opinion, it is comparable and would withstand and be able to do most everything a Fender could with just as much success. Guitar was built to last. As I said, I bought it as my first and probably last electric since the build quality is very good and due to the fact that I know I won't need a backup if I played this guitar in gigs live or in jam sessions. The guitar is dependable indeed. The finish has seen no wear and tear over the year that I have had it. I don't play electric as much as many hardcore electric players do though so if you are one of those people, take my opinion of the finish as you will. However, I truly believe it is a great finish. Only problem I have is that sometimes if I am standing up and playing, the strap falls out of the strap button. It's happened numerous times to me, sometimes in succession... So keep that in mind as a possibility when buying this guitar. // 9

Overall Impression: For the style of music I play, pre-dominantly R&B and Bluesy type stuff... The guitar is okay. It's nowhere near what a nice Jazz guitar would be for the job, but this Yamaha's quality-price ratio in comparison is very fitting for my needs. As I said, as mainly an acoustic player, this guitar didn't exactly grip me to play it the same way my acoustics do when I enter my studio... (okay, it's a study room). If the guitar was lost or stolen, I probably would just buy a cheap electric since this guitar did not really change my output on the excitement of the electric world. However, I wouldn't want it stolen since as I said, this electric can carry me through the years for any of the few times I want an electric for a play session instead of an acoustic. I can trust that even if I don't play it for a while, when I do, it will sound solid. I did compare this guitar to the Godin Progression and some Paul Reed Smith SE's (which I find are equally good) but I ended up going with this one... Not really for any particular reason other than the fact that it sounded just as good as the other ones and had that Fender look I liked. // 8

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overall: 9.2
Pacifica 112 Reviewed by: nodge95, on february 21, 2012
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Price paid: £ 199

Purchased from: Percy Prior

Features: Mine was made in 1994 in Japan, solid alder body, maple neck, and buvinga fingerboard. natural colour and matt finish. Copy of a fat Strat obviously but not exact. The pickups are the old ceramic ones not the alnicos you get on the new ones. Decent Strat style tuners. // 8

Sound: I've had this guitar 18 years and it really does sound good, the pickups aren't great by 2012 standards but were ok at the time and are not bad for ceramics but I'm gonna swap them for an alnico set at some point. Over the years I've played alot of different styles, indie, grunge, hard rock, blues and this guitar is versatile due to the HSS set up. As a 15 year old I only ever used the humbucker through a Boss Heavy Metal to a Laney GC30 this was my grunge phase and it handled that really well. As a 32 year old I now use all the pickup selections through a Boss DS2 various other Boss effects to a Laney Cub10 I play alot of blues and classic rock and classic indie and it handles all of these, favorite settings are humbucker (rock) or 1 and 2 out of phase (blues). // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up perfectly and has a very good standard of build for the price. No flaws, low action, fast neck, 18 years later the neck has withstood fine still plays great. Its light and very easy to play, has a "super strat" type feel to the neck, i.e. fast and east to bend. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Gigged it loads over the years, its withstood a lot all the hardware still works fine, had to have the pots replaced but if I'd cleaned them with IPA once a year as a teenager they would probably not of failed. Tuners are are as good as new, bridge has lasted. Dependable guitar, never let me down. // 10

Overall Impression: My favourite electric by far, not easily out done without spending big money, when I was choosing it the choice was this or a Squire Strat, Squires were really poor in the early 90's so this was the best choice, its matured with me, always gets played even though I've got other guitars now, would not be parted from it. The new 112 is very good, better spec and blows guitars away that are twice its price. // 9

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