ME3 Empire review by ZZ Ryder

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 7.4 (16 votes)
ZZ Ryder: ME3 Empire

Price paid: $ 189.99

Purchased from: Alamo Pawn shop

Sound — 8
This guiar is good for almost anystyle of music it just depends on the gauges, with heavy gauges it is the best for anything between '80s rock to todays Heavy Metal but with Light gauges it is good for anything in between Classical to todays Punk or Heavy Alternative. It suits my style cause I am an Universal Guitarist I try to play everystyle out there. I really only use my Line6 Spider III 30 amp when playing so really any effect on there I use repeatedly with it, but mainly the Insane, Clean, and Crunch amp settings and the Chours Flanger, Reverb, and Tape Echo the most. The sound can sometimes sounds a little fuzzy but not all the times. Sometimes it actually has a verry Rich and Clean tone. This guitar can make a Variety of sounds but the sounds this guitar can make the best is Pinch Harmonics and Natural Harmonics.

Overall Impression — 9
I am a universal guitarist so this is a perfect match for me in my oppinon. I have been playing for about 3 to 4 years now and I plan to continue. I own quiet a bit of gear like an Ibanez RG120, 1967 Kingston, Dean From Hell Dimebag tribute guitar, DM9 Accoustic, Line6 Spider III 30, Hugh and Kettner Warp Factor, Line 6 POD, Line6 FBV2 pedal, Peavy rage 158, A japaneese mic, and Credit Card Picks (what can I say I spent more on gear then on accessories). I kinda wish I would of asked them if there was any way they could tighten the pegs for me before it left the store. If this guitar ever left me cause someone stole it I would rather try and track down the dude or I would go and buy another one cause I am pretty attached to this guitar. The thing I love the most about this guitar is the fact that the Three way selector doesn't sound like a normal selector cause the fact that if it is to the right or in the middle it has a more bassy sounding tone to it almost like a 7-string or an 8-string guitar. But as I already stated if you go out and buy this guitar make sure you get to look at the tuning pegs to make sure they are not loose. I know this guitar can come with a Viberetto tail piece but there wasn't one at the Pawn shop so I just picked it up, plugged it in for a test Drive, and then I brought it home for further studies.

Reliability & Durability — 8
This guitar can probably withstand hell and more for the body and neck seems thick and it's put together tightly so I don't see this thing braking on me anytime soon. The hardware will defenitly last except for a couple of tuning pegs. All three stap buttons are solid, yes I said "all three", there are two stap buttons on the bottom for easy adjustible hight instead of playing with the strap constantly. I could use this guitar in a gig without a back up but I can't cause I have to use all of my "babys" in a show cause each one has a diffrent unique tone espeacially this one. The finish will stay for years cause I am somewhat of a kluts and I have bumped this guitar into walls, cars, trees, and other things and I have yet to see a scratch anywere.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
I have to give kudos to the guys who built this guitar cause this is the most well built guitar my fingers have ever touched. The action is amazing! And everything is awesome but two of the tuning pegs which are really loose and also the pickups are kind of sensitive so at times it may sound verry horrible but most of the times it is an awesome guitar.

Features — 8
Its a recent model not sure when and it was made in Dallas, Texas. There is 22 fretts and the B and e string has extends to a 23rd frett and it has a 24.75" scale along with a bolted on mapel neck and a Rosewood Finger board. It has a Basswood body with a flat top (single ply binding). The finish is a Solid black with a yellow binding circling the body and a white pickgaurd. The body style of this guitar is actually kind of diffrent then what I've seen, it has a Strat body but the sides and bottom of the body arches inwards leaving two points at the bottom. The strings go through the body. The controls consits of a three way selector and a tone and volume knob, which the tone knob can be pulled out to activate Coil tapping and the volume knob can be pulled out to activate the middle pick up. Speaking of which the the pick ups consists of the Bridge which is a Quadrail Humbucker (tapable coil), a Center which is a Dualrail Humbucker, and a Neck which is a Humbucker (tapable). The Tuners are non-locking. When I bought this it came with a real nice Case and a set of tools.

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    Nice guitar i love it onfear it isen't in sweden but still really nice.
    I own Strats, Custom Made Tele's and a Les Paul. If I need a guitar to do all three without changing, I grab the ZZ Ryder. The Quadbucker sounds more like a Jackson, or Ibanez than a Gibson, But it screams well !!!
    In your review, YOU NAILED IT, when it comes to string gauge. Imo: Most axes don't really pick up the difference in tone within string gauges like the ZZ Ryder does! I wish I knew who made these Pickups, b/c on mine (LP Style) they are absolutely sensational! These pups can amplify a GHOST FART! If you haven't already, I highly recommend the Ernie Ball Titanium Coated Super Slinky #3123's (9's) strings. Also, these pups coupled with it's three-way switch is like having THREE SEPERATE GUITARS! HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!
    What the hell is the point of having two 23rd frets? At a pinch I could JUST understand 24 frets, but why not just extend it all? Seems like a silly idea to me.
    YourVillain wrote: What the hell is the point of having two 23rd frets? At a pinch I could JUST understand 24 frets, but why not just extend it all? Seems like a silly idea to me.
    more for looks then for anything.
    YourVillain wrote: What the hell is the point of having two 23rd frets? At a pinch I could JUST understand 24 frets, but why not just extend it all? Seems like a silly idea to me.
    Um, just think. How many times do you actually go that high on the other strings? This seems like a perfect idea for me. Hell 200$?! I want one.
    hell yea! 200 bucks, sure id buy one just for the pickguard that things sick. oh yes and the humbuckers too>
    more awesome than chicken
    NOTHING IS MORE AWESOME THAN CHICKEN! but this guitar is pretty awesome