Beat Hazard Classic Review

artist: Music-Related Video Game date: 08/02/2013 category: games

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Music-Related Video Game: Beat Hazard Classic
What makes "Beat Hazard Classic" so unique is the fact that the gameplay is based off your music in your Media Player.
 Experience: 8
 Extras: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
Beat Hazard Classic Reviewed by: RockstarAdam, on august 02, 2013
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Experience: Without exaggerating, I can say that I was blown away by this game. This game is a real time-waster, but in the best possible way. I was impressed by almost everything the game threw at me: the visuals, the challenge of actually playing the game, the excitement of playing along with your favourite music. This is the type of game that doesn't get old very easily and will make the time fly by as you complete level after level, with the potential to have hundreds upon hundreds of different levels, no two exactly alike. // 8

Extras: What makes "Beat Hazard Classic" so unique is the fact that the gameplay is based off your music in your Media Player. In fact, the game can barely be played without your favourite songs in the background. The gameplay revolves around you - a small spaceship - at a bird's eye view camera angle, floating along in space, shooting at wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies. The absolutely amazing feature of this game is that the intensity of your weapons - and therefore the damage you inflict - is controlled by how loud your music is playing! For example, playing the game with Everlong by Foo Fighters in the background means that, during the quiet intro, you will be firing at a very low rate and not dealing much damage. On the other hand, if you play during the chorus of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, the screen will be filled by the tidal wave of lasers drilling holes in the remains of your enemies. Add to this some stunning multi-coloured visualisations that pulse and spark in time with the beat of your music and the game becomes as much a treat for your eyes as it is for your mind. The player tries to destroy enemies, dodge missiles, defeat several Boss levels, and generally survive. Certain enemies have item drops which increase the in-game volume - and thus your lasers do more damage. The level ends in time with the song and you are given a rating of how you played, and you can compare your scores online. Another feature is Survival mode, in which you try to survive for as long as possible. As soon as one song ends, the next one begins, and the difficulty is raised drastically. Apart from these two game modes, there is also 2 Player mode and Chill Out mode, which is a much easier way to play. You also get an offline ranking mode which increases as you gain points from the levels played, as well as an extensive achievement list to keep you playing for longer. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall I feel that this is a great game with the potential to become a huge success - it already has other versions, "Beat Hazard" and "Beat Hazard Ultra." It's a very addictive, beautiful game with a ton of unique aspects to it, and it has a way of drawing the player into it for hours at a time, not willing to stop until hunger draws you away. There isn't much to complain about, but the game can be slightly jittery and the music can skip slightly if your computer isn't up to scratch. Some video from YouTube:

// 8

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