Guitar Hero Encore: Rock The '80s Review

artist: Music Simulator date: 11/06/2007 category: games

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Music Simulator: Guitar Hero Encore: Rock The '80s
Release Date: July 24, 2007
Game Platforms: PlayStation 2
The 1980s were a crazy decade when big hair, tight clothes and fresh attitudes ruled the music scene; represented in Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The '80s. Play totally awesome songs from the 1980s with Guitar Hero characters decked out in sweet retro outfits. Turn off that tape deck on your boom box, pick up and play Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The '80s!
 Experience: 9
 Extras: 5
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 7.7
Guitar Hero Encore: Rock The '80s Reviewed by: UG Team, on november 06, 2007
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Experience: What is there to say about Guitar Hero? It is a guitar/bass music simulation game that makes you feel like a rock star complete with a guitar controller with 5 different colored buttons. Well, Guitar Hero Encore: Rock The '80s is the perfect way to be that 80's rock star you have always wanted to be. Ok, it sounds cheesy, but this game definitely has plenty of good songs. You start off with the basics like Accept's Balls To The Walls and A Flock Of Seagulls' I Ran (So Far Away). The songs generally get harder as in past Games. One of the great additions this game has is that it uses 3-note chords a lot more than Guitar Hero 2 did. Some songs are almost all 3-note chords, such as 'What I Like About You. Some of the songs in the soundtrack are amazing and fun to play. Some of my favorites to play are Iron Maiden's Wrathchild, Limozeen's Because, It's Midnite, Dead Kennedys' Police Truck, Anthrax's Caught In A Mosh, and the game's final song, Extreme's Play With Me. Now I am sure you wonder what expert mode is like. Expert mode is fun, but it can seem like it is no challenge at all to veterans. The only troubles past-expert masters might have is the last tier of songs, but trust me, even those songs aren't that hard. Overall, the song selection is great and playing the game is as fun as always. The only complaint I have is that they could have had some other bands from the '80s featured on this game such as Guns N' Roses, Def Leppard, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, and U2. // 9

Extras: Now here is a downside to the game. The extras lack a lot. There are no bonus songs at all, which is understandable. For the basic menus of the game, they just changed the colors to '80s type neon stuff. As for unlockables, you don't have many new '80s guitar choices. The best unlockable is probably the Grim Reaper because he has 3-D glasses and a Flavor Flav clock around his neck. Other than the Reaper, there aren't many extras to play endless hours to get money to unlock them all. The unlockable guitars are the same as Guitar Hero 2 even. Not much was done to make this game worth it extra-wise. // 5

Overall Impression: Guitar Hero Encore: Rock The '80s was made as an expansion to last fans until Guitar Hero 3. That is exactly what this game does. It is worth it to buy this game if you want 30 new songs to play. If you have any doubts about buying this game, then just don't buy it. If you seem like you want some new songs to play, and you are still mad that Xbox 360 gets downloadable content, then buy this and shove it in all your friend's 360-loving faces. This game is only worth buying for the music, which is totally worth buying it for. // 9

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