Guitar Hero: Metallica Review

artist: Music Simulator date: 04/05/2010 category: games

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Music Simulator: Guitar Hero: Metallica
This game generally allows fans and players who are not fans to see what the band has to offer for music. The game features a great overview of Metallica's career with plenty of songs for anyone to try and play.
 Experience: 8.3
 Extras: 8
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 7.3
Guitar Hero: Metallica Reviewed by: UG Team, on june 25, 2009
8 of 14 people found this review helpful

Experience: When I heard about Guitar Hero: Metallica, instantly I wondered if the game was even worth releasing. Not being a diehard fan of Metallica, I saw no point in the game and figured it would be a waste to make for Guitar Hero developers, Neversoft. The game was far better than my early assumptions thought it would be. When I received this game, I was slightly excited. A fan of Guitar Hero since game one, I was expecting new songs to challenge my skills that I had built up from previous games. When I first started off 'Career Mode,' the game began with an opening sequence of Metallica walking to a stage to play a show. Instantly, the game begins with you playing two songs as Metallica. Right away, I noticed the realistic Metallica experience that almost mimics Live videos I've seen. As far as the rest of 'Career Mode' goes, you switch between playing as Metallica and playing as a band that opens for Metallica. The opening band plays songs that Metallica selected for the game that generally have some significance to the band's career. The game features mostly metal songs with a handful of classic rock. The game features an assortment of both challenging and fun songs that pretty much anyone can enjoy. The game itself is a pretty big improvement from Guitar Hero: World Tour with an improved score/star power gauge, not to mention the game looks a lot better. In band play mode, the game is as fun as in solo mode, giving it some great replay value for the social aspect. All four different 'instruments' are pretty challenging, no matter your skill level. For those who have played 'One' in Guitar Hero III, you may be familiar with the already challenging guitar parts of Metallica. This game expands on that with plenty of challenging riffs and solos. Even the bass part can be tricky with plenty of open notes. The drum part is probably the biggest improvement for Guitar Hero, featuring an 'Expert +' mode that includes an extra bass pedal to play the drum parts of Lars Ulrich. This is probably the hardest part of Guitar Hero: Metallica. Overall, the game just isn't that spectacular though. Most fans of Guitar Hero might not even buy in to this game seeing that it's mostly Metallica songs. While Neversoft might have one of the biggest games out there right now, they should probably shy away from these band feature titles. While the game does play better than the previous title in the series, Guitar Hero: World Tour, the game isn't that drastic of an improvement that is worth the price tag. Unless you're a huge fan of Metallica, you should probably buy this game used, or even rent it if possible. // 7

Extras: The games extras are plenty plentiful compared to past Guitar Hero games. The lack of downloadable content is easily noticeable, making the game as-is, with only 'Death Magnetic' usable as downloadable content. The game has plenty to unlock including a few extra characters (including Lemmy of Motorhead), plenty of real life venues that chronicle Metallica's rise to Fame, and plenty of extras to add to your own created character. Despite the lack of downloadable content, Neversoft has added quite a bit for Metallica fans. // 7

Overall Impression: When I originally starting to play this game, I only liked a handful of Metallica songs. Since I played through, I appreciate Metallica a lot more than I used to. This game generally allows fans and players who are not fans to see what the band has to offer for music. The game features a great overview of Metallica's career with plenty of songs for anyone to try and play. Even with the few minor flaws, this game is pretty good. I'd recommend at least checking this game out and playing a few songs. // 8

- Dylan Newell (c) 2009

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overall: 8.7
Guitar Hero: Metallica Reviewed by: Friday Night, on may 29, 2009
7 of 11 people found this review helpful

Experience: When I first found out that Guitar Hero Metallica was coming soon, I was excited for its release. I have Guitar Hero III for Wii and it is awesome, however once I was getting 90's on Through the Fire and Flames on expert, I needed a new challenge. I knew that this new game would be even better. I knew that Metallica was really popular, but had only listened to a few of their songs. After playing the game, I liked their music enough to buy 3 of their albums. Also, the songs that were on the game are incredibly challenging to play for a Guitar Hero game. There is super fast strumming, crazy solos, and insane riffs. Most of the songs on it are twice as hard as Through the Fire and Flames. They are so challenging that I can now barely 5 star certain songs. This game was definitely worth buying. // 8

Extras: In Guitar Hero Metallica, there are lots of cool new features that improve the game experience. First off, I think that the new "open strum" notes on the bass parts gives the game more of a life-like feel to it, imitating a really guitar or bass more accurately. Second, I like how it now gives you a "rock rank" similar to what Call of Duty has, where you have a rank that you can distinguish just by looking at it the skill of that particular player. Another feature I like is the "recording studio" it allows you to create your own song and play it Guitar Hero style. You choose the tempo, the key, and simply play each instrument's part, and you have your own song to play. // 10

Overall Impression: Things that I love about Guitar Hero Metallica are the new features; rock ranks, open strums, etc. Also I like how they have fairly accurately reproduced Metallica's stage perfomances; what they do on stage, announcing songs, light effects, etc. I do not hate much about this game. It has good graphics, good songs, and good features. One thing that I find annoying about it is that my personal preferences for WiFi play reset themselves everytime that I turn off my Wii. Other than that, it's a great game that's worth the money. // 8

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overall: 8.7
Guitar Hero: Metallica Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 28, 2009
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

Experience: The most fun Guitar Hero out. Rather than starting with some decent songs, sagging to mediocre in the middle and then going insane at the end with niche songs, this actually has a pretty good difficulty curve. It starts you out on the Load/Reload/Black era and then progresses back to the beginning. The way it should be. The game's a real workout compared to others in the series. But why end on The Thing That Should Not Be? Puzzles me. // 9

Extras: I went straight from GH3 to this, so if I missed something, sorry. I loved the fact you can turn stupid tilt-star-power off and use the back button, makes far more sense. The guitar builder is ace, got my Westfield down to a tee although I couldn't varnish the back of the neck(? ) Glass tap bit's are a good idea because there's quite a bit of tapping in the songs. For once, having to play bass on career is excusable because Cliff Burton's pretty good unlike most artists usually chosen for GH. // 8

Overall Impression: If I have one complaint, it's that it doesn't have enough Metallica. Yeah, you heard that right. Too much other generic crap creeping in. Why Foo Fighters? How do they come into Metallica? Why Seger's version of Turn The Page? It's a classic but so dull. Why Mercyful Fate AND Evil? (Both awesome) Mercyful Fate contains most of Evil already! I probably would have preferred to play the Garage, Inc. Versions of the songs, but that's just me. And where's Call of Ktulu? I get the impression they couldn't decide whether to add Death Magnetic or not. It's available as DLC alongside GH3 but one song is already included..? Only one song from St.Anger; good call. Still no ability to change your band (when not playing as Metallica), still no ability to choose which instrument you play in co-op, Metallica Jr. Is redundant and shouldn't have been forced in. Overall damned good though. The most fun GH game there is and probably the most challenging. Best song is probably Evil. It's like Rock You Like a Hurricane. It's not particularly difficult, it's not particularly epic, but the difficulty is absolutely spot on and it's so fun to play. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Guitar Hero: Metallica Reviewed by: Kill0Switch, on april 05, 2010
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

Experience: First impressions when I loaded up the menu was that there was a lack of Downloadable content (I have this for the wii which means you get three free Death Magnetic songs.) But other wise, the menu and loading screens were designed to fit the metal scene. I started off like normal people, career>guitar, in my opinion this has the best graphics out of the Guitar Hero games I have played (quite a few) and everything was good in that respect. Although I do wish this was more like The Beatles: Rockband, which is when you go through the career as the beatles, on this game you simply just do songs which is nothing different from the other Guitar Hero games. // 9

Extras: The new expert+ drum kit difficulty intrigued me and I wanted to try it out, so I will once I get a double bass pedal as I play on hard/expert drums now, I haven't played giant amounts of the career, I've got to the Donnington Park stage and I have unlocked Lemmy, I think from what I've heard is that you can unlock Diamond Head (going out on a limb here.) Which would be interesting, however I think it is unfortunate that you can only play as Hetfield, Trujilio, Hammett and Ulrich, in my opinion rather than having Lemmy and Diamond head -if he's in it- you should be able to play as some of the ex- members of metallica like Cliff Burton for example. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall, this has given me a challenge as I am usually on hard/expert guitar, although I consider myself good at guitar hero, the thrash songs with triplets and alternate picking really are hard seeming as I don't alternate pick when on GH. As a Guitar Hero player and a Metallica fan, I really think this is a good buy, but if you're not a major fan, it might not be a big thing because of the length of the songs on it, luckily it has other songs beside Metallica as on Beatles Rockband, you get Beatles, nothing else so if you get bored of the beatles you're pretty stuck. Overall, good buy, I recommend it, hope you liked my review. // 9

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