String Wars Review

artist: Music Simulator date: 01/09/2013 category: games

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Music Simulator: String Wars
This game is quite helpful for all those who have very basic understanding of guitar and want to continue practicing.
 Experience: 8
 Extras: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
String Wars Reviewed by: RonaldK, on january 09, 2013
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Experience: This game is quite helpful for all those who have very basic understanding of guitar and want to continue practicing - may he/ she be a beginner or an advanced guitarist, a child or a grown up - everyone would like the game. To describe it in one line, the game is "Guitar Hero" to be played with a real Guitar. However, it is not just that as it allows the user to upload own guitar-pro tabs so that users can play songs or lessons of their choice. Also, it records the played music so that the user can listen to it later. It also allows the user to store the played music on Soundcloud and share it on social networks. The application is quite good looking and the interface is very easy to use and attractive. // 8

Extras: The game brings a lot of innovative features as given below: 1. Listens to the played notes (through mic on iPad) and evaluate the tab. The game does not require any other accessory - very cost effective! 2. Reads guitar-pro tab files opening a huge database of tabs to be used in the game. Also, it allows teachers/ users to compose own songs for playing 3. Lets the user slow the pace, decrease difficulty level for chords, and record the played music. 4. The application is a great platform for teachers to reach out their students and gauge the quality of homework. // 9

Overall Impression: Love about the application: 1. Practice anywhere, anytime and get feedback on the performance 2. Awesome tab evaluation technology, which works like a charm 3. Ability to use own guitar pro files making it easier for a user to create own song and practice the song using the platform. 4. Is available just for $5 at iTunes. Hate about the application: 1. Absence of the background music in practice. It would be great if the developer adds sound in the background. 2. The application is currently only present on iPad! It would be great if we also get this on iPhones, and other smart devices. // 8

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