The Beatles: Rock Band Review

artist: Music Simulator date: 09/16/2009 category: games

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Music Simulator: The Beatles: Rock Band
Released: September 9, 2009
Game Platforms: PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
 Experience: 9
 Extras: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
 Users rating:
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overall: 9.7
The Beatles: Rock Band Reviewed by: McBaino, on september 16, 2009
3 of 4 people found this review helpful

Experience: I have owned all Guitar Hero and Rock Band Games aside from Aerosmith and Rock The 80's. This is so far the best I have played. I bought this game and then Guitar Hero 5 and I believe this a better game by far. The graphics are better on this game than all of the other games. The songs are well balanced making a mix of songs form beginner to Slightly More advanced. // 9

Extras: The game follows The Beatles throughout their career very accurately detailing their songs in chronological order with their appearances on The Ed Sullivan show and at The Budokan. Since The Beatles stopped touring in 1966 the game includes "Dreamscapes" which are fictional cartoon scenes while the song is playing for songs recorded after 1966. The game also features guitars from Gretsch, Gibson, Hofner and Fender. There will also be downloadable content for the game with the whole of Abbey Road to be released shortly with a unique dreamscape to each song. The main new feature is the 3-part vocal Harmony system, where 3 players at one time can sing the lyrics in different pitches as The Beatles did. // 10

Overall Impression: I would suggest getting this game instead of Guitar Hero 5. The only bad thing about the game is that experienced players of The Music game genre may find this game slightly easy, although The Vocals are pretty hard as are the drums but guitar is straight forward. There are so much good things about the game, I will list them. 1.Amazing Graphics 2.Amazing Songs 3.Dreamscapes are cool 4.3-part vocal Harmony system is good 5.Loads of Downloadable content scheduled 6.Better than Guitar Hero 5 7.Drum Trainer teaches all of Ringo Starr's Drum Beats 8.Realistic looking guitars from Gibson,Gretsch,Hofner,Fender 9.Realistic Looking Venues // 10

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