Fallen Angel 100-DSP Review

manufacturer: Ashdown date: 01/18/2011 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Ashdown: Fallen Angel 100-DSP
The first thing you notice is that it looks beautiful! The sound is amazing, too. I play mainly metal, hard rock, punk and it covers these styles pretty well.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 7
 Features: 8
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overall: 8.3
Fallen Angel 100-DSP Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 18, 2011
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Features: Hy there! I bought this amp 1 months ago. I play mainly metal, hard rock, punk and it covers these styles pretty well. Well, it could have a little more gain for metal, but it's acceptable. The first thing you notice is that it looks beautiful! The sound is amazing, too. It has 2 channels, clean and overdriven. Seperated EQ (bass, mid, treble), gain, volume for the channels. Ch2 (OD) has a gain boost, too. The master section features DSP effects (8 delay, 4 chorus, 4 flange), a master reverb and 2 master volumes. It has a serial effects loop, return level knob, 3 inputs for footswitches (one for the Ashdown footswitch, which is included to the amp), and it has a speaker emulated line out jack. It has two 8 Ohm speaker outputs. It's a hybrid amp (all tube preamp + solid state power amp). I use it at home and with my band. I couldn't gig with it yet, but it could handle medium gigs, because it's very loud! // 8

Sound: I use a very cheap guitar, an Epiphone Les Paul Special II. It's a fantastic guitar for it's price! I mentioned it earlier thet it's a pretty versatile amp. From hard rock to metal, from blues to punk it can handle pretty much genres. The sound is simply amazing! I use it with a Hayden Peacemaker 4*12 Cab. I love gain, so i use Ch2 with gain set on max, and gain boost activated, treble on max, middle at 3 o'clock and bass at 11 o'clock. It's barely noisy, with those settings. Ch volume at 1-2 o' clock. The clean channel is pretty nice, too! I use it with gain set at 9 o'clock, treble 1 o'clock, bass 2 o clock and middle 3 o clock. Ch volume at max. Negative things.. Well, Ch2 is very bass oriented, so I never turn it past 12. The clean channel on the other hand is treble orinted. Nevertheless you can get very nice sounds of it, you just need to watch these 2 things. // 9

Reliability & Durability: It seems durable and reliable, but I can't tell, because I've never gigged with it yet. I would definietly bring some spare tubes for the preamp. It has never broken down on me, but I bought it a month ago. // 7

Overall Impression: It's a pretty good amp. It was love at first sight, and after I heard it's sound I fell in even deeper love with it. It looks even better with the Haxden cab. I've been playing for 3 years now and it's my second amp. I have an Orange Crush 10 besides this one. I use a Marshall ED-1 Compressor pedal to enhance the clean channels sound. If it were stolen, I would definitely hunt down the thieves. It's pretty cheap, but I couldn't afford to buy a new one. But if it were stolen, and I had no way to get it back, I would get the money and try (unfortunately Ashdown doesn't make it anymore) to buy a new one. Before buying it, I have compared it with a Marshall MG100, a Hayden Peacemaker, an Engl Gigmaster and Orange TIny and Dual Terror amps, but Ashdow was the winner. I don't regret this choise, because it's an absolutely amazing amp with a fair price. // 9

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