Ultratwin GX212 review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 1
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reliability & Durability: 3
  • Features: 1
  • Reviewer's score: 1.5 Junky
  • Users' score: 7.8 (13 votes)
Behringer: Ultratwin GX212

Price paid: $ 274.5

Purchased from: Eskildsen

Sound — 1
I run the ealier mentioned Squier Strat (now with a humbucker in bridge and single coil in neck and a 3-way switch for each pickup (for the humbucker, it's on, off, on and for the single coil, it's on, off, phase)) through a cheap Behringer preamp, that I use to get feedback, through a DS-2 and a Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Chorus and finally this thing called an amp. I play grunge and sometimes classic rock, and it doesn't fit that at all! The guitar sound is too modern. To clear. Too even and boring. And the OD channel is just noisy and too high-pitched. The dynamics are very poor in this thing. The clean channel gets distorted when turned all way up inb level, but only a little bit. You can see the red "clip" led light up when that happens. Then you just turn the clean voluime down and the master up! Bad, bad sound for my taste!

Overall Impression — 1
This amp is an amp for everything else than rock. And that isn't great, when you try to play grunge. I've been playing for a little over a year (I learn such things pretty fast) and the more experience I get with guitar playing, the more I just hate this amp! If it were stolen, I would start an investigation for the thief, and when he's found, I would thank him, request the money for it and buy a Marshall (which also is my plan except selling it instead of getting it stolen).

Reliability & Durability — 3
It has never broken down, but I wouldn't take this to a gig. It's simply just not the right thing!

Features — 1
First of all, I do not know anything about the creation of this amp, except Behringer made it. I found that the amp really isn't versatile enough for my style of music. When I bought it, I had played guitar for a few months and had just learned power chords. So I went to the guitar shop without knowledge about amps or a pick to test it properbly. Secondly the salesman asked what guitar I used, and it was a Squier Strat which isn't good for anything. I mainly play grunge and like a very thick and muddy grungy sound, which my DS-2 takes care of, but I also like a sharp and crisp clean sound, a bit twangy. This amp does neither! It's over a year since I bought it, and still the first thing I do everytime I play it is messing with the settings without luck. So no versatility! The amp has two channels - a clean and an overdrive. The od channel sounds like crap no matter what, and so does the clean in fact. It comes with a switch, which is a good thing. This amp also has a seperate effect channel with 99 preset digital effects that you never would consider using - and besides, no build in effects (especially not digital effects) sounds way as great as pedals! But that doesn't matter with this amp, cause it sounds bad either way. And yeah, it has a headphone jack. I wish it sounded better! I only use this amp at home. And I've experienced that when you turn the volume loud enough up, it sometimes switches off or reduces the volume for a short time but that might have something to do with the fact that it's a cheap demo-model from the shop I got. Bad sound and way to many effects that you never would use.

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    Well, I've been playing guitar since Nixon was honest, and I used to play through SUNN stacks and Dual Showman cabinets in nightclubs! This was during the HENDRIX, CHICAGO, BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS era and it wasn't all about volume then. I had to get the sounds but at comfy club volumes, and a great clean tone was always the starting point. (I'd play TAKE FIVE and APRICOT BRANDY in the same set) I bought a GX212 with broken input jacks for 50 bux (USD)from a hard luck story who needed quick cash. (His mama was in jail, prolly for singing too loud in church or sumthin) I didn't know what I was getting myself into until I got into the amp, but fortunately, a consummate pro named LeaAnn at Behringer helped me get the replacement jacks even though the amp is discontinued. (The jacks are RF-filtered and are soldered to a little circuit board that plugs into the mommy board. The jacks are plastic to isolate them from chassis ground, too. Great idea except it's possible to accidentally break the plug and/or the jacks if you leave a cord plugged up and bump it, which is how the original owner broke both of them! (I unplug every time I put the guitar down!) So, for a total of 65 American bananas I have a like new, 2X60 watt "guitar workstation" that just knocks me out! I use stompies for effects and I haven't begun to experiment with the 99 presets because the clean channel and one bluesy setting on the overdrive have made me really happy. (I play blues, jazz and melodic and crunchy country these days, and I have 9 or 10 carefully selected effects that I rotate in and out of the lineup depending on my biorhythms.) I can't believe how great this amp sounds and the response and tone actually inspire me to play much better! I mean, bruthas and sistas the tone is kickin' compared to my five other amps. And. with all the other plugs (MIDI, RCA, phone, input/output, speaker bypass, etc., on the back of this amp I have a great start on building my own studio. Coupled with my 8 track digital deck I'm already happier than I've been since the old studio glory days. (Back then we recorded on this weird stuff called "tape". You have to see it 'cause it's hard to 'splain) From what I've read some cats may not fully appreciate what the company was going for with this amp. Well, let me say that I get it , and I'm happy with Behringer's concept and development of this fine amp. Thanks for the best sounding amp I've ever owned. (Hey, it would be a bargain at twice the price! ) I've got more than enough amps for great sounding effects, and with an EQ they all get decent, gig worthy clean tones. But, nothing comes close to the delicious ear candy this amp puts out, and that's with no prosthetics at all! I'm going to try a new Behringer now because the price is right and I'm curious to know what the company thought it could improve on with the GMX212 for instance. I'm sure that the newer models smoke and I may want to buy a few, but the GX212 is the only amp I'd go out the door with and leave my pedals at home. (blues or country gigs for sure) I'm so impressed that I also bought one of the company's reverb pedals and (with an AC adapter because it eats batteries like lobster/crabmeat hors'de hourves) it also sounds dynamite and the price is excellent! CHECK OUT THE BIG BRAINS ON THE BEHRINGER KATZ!