Ultratwin GX212 Review

manufacturer: Behringer date: 04/29/2009 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Behringer: Ultratwin GX212
Dedicated to crystal-clear or mildly distorted sounds. Ultratwin combines the tonal qualities of legendary twin amps with revolutionary flexibility of tone and I/O options.
 Sound: 5.3
 Overall Impression: 5.3
 Reliability & Durability: 6.7
 Features: 4.7
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overall: 9.5
Ultratwin GX212 Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 22, 2004
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Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Features: This amp has many good features that I was suprised with. The digital effects on the amp are great sounding and have good options. Not only does the amp have 99 presets, you can also mix the sounds around to make your own type of effect. This amp is a 2 channel amp which is nice if you are going to run a distortion or clean/effect channel. The amp also has a footswitch that comes with it. The ampage is amazing too! // 8

Sound: Well, the sound is amazing. The amp is 120 watts in the combo, and the amp has very, very loud sound. The distortion for the amp is very bad though so I ran a MetalZone pedal through it, and the sound was amazing. The amp can handle all the different tones in the pedals including the highs and lows. The clean sound is also great and loud too. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I would definitely use the amp for gigs due to the great sound and quality of the amp. The amp also has a very durable casing on it, and can takes scrapes and hits. The quality is great for the price. // 10

Overall Impression: The overall rating of the amp is great. The sound is very loud and clear but the distortion for the amp sucks. I suggest running maybe a MetalZone pedal through the amp to get the full distortion you need. The clean/effect channels sound great, so there is no need to run anything else. The amp is truly a great amp for the price I paid. I would suggest anyone looking for a loud good sounding and very affordable amp, go with this one! // 10

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overall: 1.5
Ultratwin GX212 Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 23, 2006
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Price paid: $ 274.5

Purchased from: Eskildsen

Features: First of all, I do not know anything about the creation of this amp, except Behringer made it. I found that the amp really isn't versatile enough for my style of music. When I bought it, I had played guitar for a few months and had just learned power chords. So I went to the guitar shop without knowledge about amps or a pick to test it properbly. Secondly the salesman asked what guitar I used, and it was a Squier Strat which isn't good for anything. I mainly play grunge and like a very thick and muddy grungy sound, which my DS-2 takes care of, but I also like a sharp and crisp clean sound, a bit twangy. This amp does neither! It's over a year since I bought it, and still the first thing I do everytime I play it is messing with the settings without luck. So no versatility! The amp has two channels - a clean and an overdrive. The od channel sounds like crap no matter what, and so does the clean in fact. It comes with a switch, which is a good thing. This amp also has a seperate effect channel with 99 preset digital effects that you never would consider using - and besides, no build in effects (especially not digital effects) sounds way as great as pedals! But that doesn't matter with this amp, cause it sounds bad either way. And yeah, it has a headphone jack. I wish it sounded better! I only use this amp at home. And I've experienced that when you turn the volume loud enough up, it sometimes switches off or reduces the volume for a short time but that might have something to do with the fact that it's a cheap demo-model from the shop I got. Bad sound and way to many effects that you never would use. // 1

Sound: I run the ealier mentioned Squier Strat (now with a humbucker in bridge and single coil in neck and a 3-way switch for each pickup (for the humbucker, it's on, off, on and for the single coil, it's on, off, phase)) through a cheap Behringer preamp, that I use to get feedback, through a DS-2 and a Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Chorus and finally this thing called an amp. I play grunge and sometimes classic rock, and it doesn't fit that at all! The guitar sound is too modern. To clear. Too even and boring. And the OD channel is just noisy and too high-pitched. The dynamics are very poor in this thing. The clean channel gets distorted when turned all way up inb level, but only a little bit. You can see the red "clip" led light up when that happens. Then you just turn the clean voluime down and the master up! Bad, bad sound for my taste! // 1

Reliability & Durability: It has never broken down, but I wouldn't take this to a gig. It's simply just not the right thing! // 3

Overall Impression: This amp is an amp for everything else than rock. And that isn't great, when you try to play grunge. I've been playing for a little over a year (I learn such things pretty fast) and the more experience I get with guitar playing, the more I just hate this amp! If it were stolen, I would start an investigation for the thief, and when he's found, I would thank him, request the money for it and buy a Marshall (which also is my plan except selling it instead of getting it stolen). // 1

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overall: 5.5
Ultratwin GX212 Reviewed by: TjerG, on april 29, 2009
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Price paid: € 190

Purchased from: second hand

Features: I have no idea in what year the amp was made, because I bought it from another guy. The amp suit's the styles of music I play well, which are mostly rock, punk and metal. It has two channels: a clean channel and an overdrive channel with two overdrive options in it. There is an effects loop, but I don't use it, because it makes all my effects sound very weak. My amp came with a footswitch. But it hasn't got a headphone jack at all. I use my amp only for the clean sound, because the rest just doesn't sound nice. I don't use all of the 99 effects on the amp, because I don't like the effects and you can't quickly Switch between other presets. I use this amp when I'm practicing with my band and I use it in my bedroom. I don't use it at gigs. I use someone else's koch amp at gigs. // 5

Sound: I use my amp with an Epiphone SG and an Ibanez RG270b, both humbuckers and the Ibanez has a single coil pickup. It suit's The Music styles that I play, but all because I use effect pedals. The amp is noisy when my distortion is on.(DigiTech Grunge) but there is absolutely no noise at all when everything is clean. The amp itself can only make some nice clean sound, the overdrive channel has too much low and not enough high sound. It has not enough gain. I never use this channel. This amp stays clean untill you put the master volume higher than 5 or something like that. The distortion is abnormally weak, I don't think anyone will use it. // 5

Reliability & Durability: I actually can depend on this amp, I don't think it will ever break. I would use it on a gig without a backup, because I don't have one.(the Behringer would be the backup if I had another amp). It has never broken down yet, I don't think it will break in the near future. // 7

Overall Impression: I mostly play rock and some metal. It is a good match when I use my effects pedals. I have been playing for 2 years now. My setup is: guitar >> Dunlop crybaby >> DigiTech Grunge >> MXR GT-OD >> Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay >> Boss ME-50(only modulation effects) >> Behringer amp. If it were stolen / lost, I would buy another amp. There is nothing I love about this amp. I hate the overdrive channel and effects loop. My favourite feature is the clean sound. I chose this amp because I needed one and I didn't have a lot of money. // 5

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