V-Ampire LX210 review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (29 votes)
Behringer: V-Ampire LX210

Price paid: A$ 395

Purchased from: Drum Power

Sound — 10
I am using an Ibanez with this amp to play all sorts of rock: heavy, punk, Indie etc etc and I think it covers all of these well. It isnt too noisy because you can control it yourself, you choose the volume as you make the preset so everything matches perfectly. It makes an incredible range of sounds the distortion are great and the clean settings are great.

Overall Impression — 10
I play all kinds of rock and this amp just does the job. peop[le say crap about how loud the ddistortion settings are blah blah blah but clearly none of those people have read the manual and how to adjust everything. I have not been playing long. I own a crappy strat rip off and a decent 0 Watt amp but I have been researching my products for a while trying to get the best at the lowest price. and I came up with an Ibanez RG170 and this amp and they are both great. I would reccommend this amp to anyone. If it were stolen or lost I would be devastated and I would definitely get another one I think it craps all over the Vox valvetronix range which I was previously looking at.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Being the person I am I would take a backup if it was the best amp in the world because you never know what could happen but I in no way think you would have problems Live with this amp. It even comes with a foot Switch to change settings and play songs through which I would trust Live. I have not had it long so I can't really comment but it all seems well constructed and nothing would happen to it if you keep it in good condition... hell it even has a 1 year warranty.

Features — 10
I am not completely sure what year the amp was made but it was only in the last couple of years. It is the most versatile amp I have ever seen in my life ( that isnt saying there aren't better amps out there). It has 32 amp models 16 effects and you can edit everything to your preferences. It has 125 different presets in it's memory bank, a built in chromatic tuner and 2 60w speakers. I don't wish it had any different features than it already has because it has so much especially considering how cheap it was. I only got it recently and I wouldn't be able to name the things I don't use but what is important is that none of it is done badly. When you consider how much is in it for the price you are bound to not use some of it but it is still there if you ever do and the quantity doesnt't't affect the quality.

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    I also own this amp, it gets a pretty good distortion sound out of it to me, because i run a dimebucker pickup through it, but the distortion get a little strange to me, because i change the amp model, but it sounds little different, and the clean amp models, but it doesnt quite get the clean sound im looking for, but the distortion to me is perfect for what i play, and i love it how the effects are built in, it saves buying a pedal for me. But when i play my brothers marshall, i hear so much difference, but i like my behringer =]