V-Tone GM108 review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 6.6 (79 votes)
Behringer: V-Tone GM108

Sound — 6
I own two guitars; One cheap Behringer guitar that it came with, but it sounds ok, great on clean. This is my single coil guitar, although it has a bridge humbucker aswell. My other guitar is a customized LAG AM 100, you can buy these new for 329 but I had some EMG HZ's put in ( 2 active humbuckers and a single coil ) they sound soo much better. I play anything that catches my ear, but particularly like clean playing and power metal, anthem rock, you know the things that really pump out the tubes. I also experiement a lot with my fx panel ( Behringer v amp 2. ) The clean channel is satisfactory, but can be made really nice through a preamp or on some smooth coils, as I have done, the clean channel does not go very loud without gain. However gain can make the clean muddy, while if I use my preamp I can boost the volume without any gain at all and get crystal clean. The hi gain mode imitates the british cabs that everyone has heard but lacks some bass, a bit too brittle sometimes. The hot mode is ok once you get past the feedback, just have the volume below 4 if gain is on 10. The overall sound that can come out of the hot channels and distortion EQ can be surprising, I have made palm muting metal, fat bottomed rock, distorted jazz, heavy alternative and all sorts, but you need to play around with it for like 2 minutes. This amp is loud enough to be heard over an acoustic drummer ( without mics ) but not on clean mode. You use it for band practice in a garage, classroom etc but would be too quiet for pubs, clubs or halls. This amp does not have much versatility but in terms of how it is priced and for a pack amp, it beats the rest.

Overall Impression — 8
This amp is only really suitable for a beginner, I have been playing for 9 months now but have had previous experience through other people, so I am now looking for a new amp but have spent ages researching.:) If this amp was stolen or lost I would invest in a Marshall JCM combo or a Fender Super Champ XD, because I need to move up a stage but need nothing that loud. The amp is built to last and will not break down on you unless you expose it to water or liquids. It is a fantastic offer for the RRP of 45 english pounds so it is super affordable. Using the californian modes you can get some red hot chili pepper sounds from it, and could possibly do Metallica through the hot, this amp is not too good for sweeping but riffs, chords and rhythms it should excell at. If you are a beginner rhythm guitarist Who plays more than just one style of music on a budget, get this. However, If you love classic rock, the older stuff, get an Orange Crush 10. If you love Metallica, get a Randall KH-15, it's really worth the extra 15 pounds. For other practice amps under 60 I would seriously recommend the Roland Micro Cube, it is definetly better than this but does not go loud enough to even practice with. Its a matter of opinion but my advice is don't spend too much time thinking about your first amp, because you are always going to get another one if you are serious. My only guideline is spend atleast 40, any less than this and you will be sorely disappointed. Hope this helps.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This amp is built like a tank. I have never dropped it but I can feel that the wood and leather is very tough. It is waterproof so you can carry it without a caser in the rain, just don't expose the speaker. I have owned this thing for 9 months but I would count on it lasting atleast 5 years with continous practice and tansport.

Features — 7
This is the baby of the older version of Behringer combo amps. They now sell digital ones which provide better frequency dependancy. This amp is powered by a custom 15w Behringer speaker which is made specially for this amp. There is small modelling panel where different sounds can be used together ( one from each section at a time. ) The first section Amp models: Tweed, British, Californian. 2nd Section: (mode) features Clean, Hi gain and Hot. These are almost like channels but cannot be modified independantly. 3rd Section: (cabinets) features flat cab, UK, and US. Used in conjunction you can get 27 different modes with these setting, and this is setting aside the EQ. 3band EQ with low, mid, and high volumes, I gain, and 1 master volume. Amp also features a CD input so you can play songs through the GM's speaker and play along, and a headphone output for silent practicing, overall quite a lot for a practice amp.

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    I got this 2 years ago in a bundle with a decent guitar. Overall it's a pretty good amp. Not great, but for what it's worth, it was worth it. It can get some really good bass and pretty good mids. The only thing that I've noticed is the highs are kind of lacking. But, one of my friends hooked me up to a fender practice amp (I don't remember the model) at the same time, and together they just sang, it was very nice. The distortion is not amazing, but for just messing around, it gets the job done. I use a digitech RP-90 with it though and get some really great sounds. I am looking at buying a new amp at some point in an attempt to get better sound, but I think I am going to wait until I become a better player (no sense in paying loads of money if my playing isn't that great yet). Overall it's a pretty good amp for the money, probably shouldn't be used for anything beyond practicing though. and Beezlebozo... shut up. You are not the ultimate authority in music. Also, the comment on religion was totally uncalled for. I am tempted to state my opinion on the subject, but this is guitar forum, not a theocracy forum. If you want to argue your opinions on religion, find a different website.
    got this amp with my behringer rofl, first guitar stfu, anyway at the same time my friend got a ibanez starter kit, came with a amp, i used that one once, and was hooked. when you go back to this, the distortion sounds like its on clean to the 2nd power.
    Carlos Again wrote: stay away, distortion sounds awful, and palm muting sounds like wet farts.
    rofl hell yea, only thing i can say good about it is, its loud as shit.