V-Tone GMX212 review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (88 votes)
Behringer: V-Tone GMX212

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Sound — 9
It's hard for me to rate this because until my new ESP arrives, I'm using an Ibanez guitar from the jumpstart package I purchased slightly more than a year ago. When I played with my neighbor's Schecter guitar however, the sound quality was very good. The main problem is that it can't produce as much distortion as I would like at high voulumes without producing a large amount of feedback. It creates a lot of excess noise, but none that can be noticed when playing.

Overall Impression — 9
For my style of music, it is a good match. The main priority of my new amp was to be loud and it works excellently for that. If I lost this amp, I'd probably look for an amp similar in size without the effects and save money for some pedals. It was a very good value for the size of the amp and I am satisfied with my purchase.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I've had the amp for about 4 months now but I think its been through everything. Until I got a good practice amp for my home, I had to carry it to our drummer's garage about 3 times a week, and from this experience it is built to be strong. I weigh about 150lbs. and can stand on it with out worrying. There hasnt been any decline in performance since I purchased it, and it has been used heavily.

Features — 8
I play guitar in a hard rock/metal garage band in my neighborhood. The main reason I purchased this amp was to be heard over our drummer's double bass pedal. For this purpose it is very effective, however if I had purchased it with the intentions of using the effects I would be very dissapointed. The reverb effects work well, but I didn't find anything else to be usable. It has 2 channel's with a pedal to Switch channels or turn effects on and off. There is a slight delay, and the only thing I really use the channel switching for is going from soft to loud, or clean to distorted.

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    I've been gigging with this amp for two years and can highly recommend it as a great rig. I play covers,everything from Monster Magnet to Creedance and the amp does the job. I like 26 delay and 70 for Van Halen type sound eg. Ain't talkin bout love. The drive settings cover metallica and Grin Spoon(thats using my tele!). I use tube screamer for the rest. The tuner and footswitch can be unreliable, otherwise a great amp. Plenty loud for a pub covers band good for the money. There is a bit gear snobbery using this amp and alot of guys see it and laugh -until they hear the sound. Our bass player uses the Behringer 300W four speaker combo and it cranks as well(although this baby is as heavy as hell)If you want to get gigging and save some money this gear pays for itself in no time. highly recommended.
    i have the GM108 which is basically the practice amp version amp version of this, it is VERY good! with the right pickups, you can get your desired sound. i use mine with a Dimebucker (which sounds great!) and an unnamed 17k humbucker (which sounds INNNSSAAANNNEEE!) and i couldn't be happier with my practice tone. if my GM108 sounds good, then i bet this just sounds crushing.
    Sometimes i complain about this amp but then i remember that it was like $250. For that price its actually a really nice amp. The clean channel works very well w/ my strat but the distortion channel is too noisy so i dont use it. However w/ my other guitar its not too bad. All my pedals sound decent through it as long as i run them through the effects loop. If not it gets WAY to noisy. Overall im pretty impressed with this amp. Thinking about getting a Behringer VD-1 pedal but i cant decide if i want that or the real thing (Big Muff).
    break_it down
    i got 1 and im pretty happy the effects are cool, it goes loud enuff to shut drummers down and i got a hardly used 1 for 250aus(mates rates hahaha if u bought it new)
    This thing sounds like the real deal, it seems like it has everything you would ever need to just play when, and wherever, so i think i will buy it!!!(when i have the money)
    I have one, and i love it! One problem is when gigging with it, i get massive feedback when im not playing.. I use a lot of distortion, and when i stop playing (when the amp is really loud) i get bad feedback. Although, as long as your playing this doesnt happen. For the price this amp is amazing, im thinking of buying a cheap behringer tube pre-amp to run through the effects loop to add a little bit of warmth. But, i love this amp!
    Listen up, this is a good amp, but if you got a sucky guitar it's not gonna sound like it. If you want nasty distortion the best thing to do is replace the pickups on your guitar, like with duncan distortion or dimebucker (this is the case with any amp). Also some of you complained about feedback. This could also be because your guitar sucks, but if your playing the amp in a small room that might be the problem, also. That's why the pros hump their stacks like mad dogs to get lots of feedback.
    This amp pushes 120 watts, has Jensen Bugera speakers and costs less than $300. 'nuf said.