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manufacturer: Behringer date: 11/10/2011 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Behringer: Virtube VT30FX
Behringer Virtube VT30FX is great for value for money and does sound pretty good for value for the price paid.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Features: 7
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overall: 7.8
Virtube VT30FX Reviewed by: BennyBigBollock, on november 10, 2011
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Price paid: £ 100

Purchased from: Amazon

Features: First things first for the price I paid for this amp it is a bargain, I did have to pay a shipping fee of around 10-12 and for some amazing reason it was sent from Germany to France to me in Britain, but I think it was Amazons fault. Another thing was when I was looking for a small loud amp so I did look at a range of brands (Marshall, Orange etc.) So I will be making comparison to these brands through out the review. The style of music I play is Instrumental speed metal, Jazz etc. I'm quite diverse, (Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker, Animals As Leaders, to name a few) so I needed an amp which could do both clean and distortion. Well the amp was made in 2011, it comes with a free foot pedal (the FS112VT) for switching between either clean or distortion and turn effects on or off, the foot pedal itself is pretty basic, but seems pretty weighty and solid. The amp itself is pretty big and weighty too (I wanted it as a recording/jamming/portable amp but its nearly as big as my Line 6 Spider III 120 watt) it has a mass of I think is 14kg dimensions of 56.9 x 32.9 x 51 cm and comes with a 10" Bugera heavy duty 30 watt speaker. As you have probably guessed the amp has 2 channels, clean and distortion. The clean channel has 3 knobs which are: - Volume - Bass - Treble The Distortion Channel has a mighty 5 knobs which are: - Gain - Bass - Contour - Treble - Volume The amp comes with 16 effects which are divided into 4 levels of 4 effects, And the level of that effect can be change by the Fx level control knob, Behringer say, and I quote "All VIRTUBE models, with the exception of the VT15CD, come with state-of-the-art effects - and not some cheap-and-cheesy reverb chip, but a full-blown 24-bit digital effects processor with 16 great-sounding reverbs, choruses, flangers and delays", which personally I think is a bit of an over statement, although some of the effects are very good which I was quite surprised at. Effects 1-4 is Reverb, which turned out to be the best effect (In my opinion) simply because it had a very broad/diverse range of reverbs, ranging from a small room to a large hall/chapel, which seem actually quite usable. Effects 5-8 was Delay. I could not say the same for the delay as the reverb because it is so diabolical, If the the amp came with a tap delay like on a Line 6 model the delay might have some use, but because it is a set delay I have found no use for it. Anyway the delays range from a slap-back delay to a Brian May like delay. From 9-12 we have Chorus, again this sounds pretty good through the clean channels and you can really change the chorus to suite what you're playing, personally I don't use chorus but it I will admit it does sound good. From 13-16 we have Flanger! Yet again its like the chorus I don't really us it that often enough, but it does sound good with a heavy amount of distortion. What this amp could also do with is an inbuilt tuner like a Line 6 Spider 3 or 4. Last of all the VTC BUTTON! Which is the Virtual tube control button. (I think that what it stands for don't quote me from it) And as you have probably guessed it emulates the sound of a tube amp! I was actually impressed with this feature because it surprisingly sounds really good. After that we have a line-in jack, which is great for playing in drums tracks, backing tracks, or music at house parties. A headphone line-out, which is also good for recording into an external computer recording device (funnily enough my recording device is a Behringer UCG102 and it works a dream!) The line out can also be passed through into a bigger amp, I ran mine through my Line 6 and got some crazy sounds. Last but not least the foot switch input, which allows you to input your foot switch. If I were to compare its features to another amp it would have to the Marshall MG30DFX, It has the same features when it comes to the tone controls line in and out, it also has the same limitations as the Marshall when it comes to delay as well, but I think the fact you can select different types of effects rather turn up the intensity of effects is better, So the Behringer wins on effects. The Behringer also comes with a free foot switch, I'm not sure whether or not the Marshall does. Also the fact the Behringer is heavier than the Marshall because when you turn up an amp you don't want it buzzing around like an out of control dildo. Price was also a factor because I had a budget of around 150, the Marshall was 156 and for just a bit cheaper than the Marshall I could have bought the 60 watt version of this amp, But I think the Marshall has an overall better tone. Also I'm not bumming off Marshall I quite like them my friend has the 30 watt Marshall so I think it is safe to make a comparison based on this! // 7

Sound: Right my main guitar is an Ibanez RG 350DX, and It sounds amazing through the amp for really good metal tones and acoustic, at the moment where I live now in uni I'm using my first guitar which is a Jim Deacon Pro Strat copy! Sadly its pick-ups are old a need a change, but from it I found some al-right classic rock tones and for some amazing reason some brilliant acoustic tones. I have run my other guitar which was a PRS SE Tremonti which also sounded amazing through both clean and distortion, and my friends Ibanez RGR465 which was also outstanding. The amp itself is quiet as a mouse, even as I write this my amp is on with my Strat and I can barely hear anything (on clean) on distortion you get a little hum, but its not enough to be incredibly annoying. The kinds of sounds this amp could not be called unique, but what I consider to be unique sound would be the sound of say, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Tom Morello (a tone which you could identify as that guitarist tone) but the tones you can get a very good in a very generic way, in that you can get a good metal/rock rhythm and solo tones, you can get a good clean/blues tones, but nothing to really impress the neighbours. The amp itself is pretty diverse for both clean and distortion, but the Orange Crush 35FX amp definitely has a better acoustic tone, but the Behringer has a better distortion, and where-as Peavey and Ibanez have slightly better distortions, the Behringer has better cleans tones. The Behringer really balances well in comparison to other brands. OK 1 of the questions asked was "Is the clean channel distorted at high volumes?" well I turned up the amp through some headphones and It really didn't, and the other question was "How brutal is the distortion?" And it is pretty god-damn brutal, but a little more would be better for someone like me. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Well I've had this guitar amp about a month now and I'm a very abusive player, but the amp has shown no signs of dying on me, and because its got a line out on it, I think I would take it to a gig and run it through another amp through a P.A. The only thing I would recommend If you were to buy this amp, would be to buy another amp cable/kettle lead, whatever its called simply because the one that came with it as a standard was feeble and was too small to fit in the socket at the back, and it kept falling out, so in my opinion the only liability is the cable that comes with it, Its Durable and Reliable what more could I ask. // 8

Overall Impression: Like I said I play a range of genres but I generally lean towards metal, and the amp suites this very well, as well as accommodating good clean sounds.I have now been playing for nearly 8 years (my doesn't time fly) so I think I know what I look for when I'm buying an amp. I do own a Line 6 Spider III 120 watt, which is not the best but not the worst and some of the sounds I have got out of that have been amazing, which to be fair is on its way out, it has a short delay when it loads up and other various irrelevant stuff, but there is too much of a difference between the amps to really compare them. If this amp was stolen I think I would buy another one, not because its the best amp I've ever tried, but for value for money, sound, quality of build and the free foot switch, its portable and it has so many good features like the VTC and reverb. I can gladly tell you what I despise more than anything is the delay on the amp, rock, metal, blues, jazz, funk all have different tempos unlike genres like drum and bass which have a set tempo, which really makes the delay on the amp pretty pointless. The other thing which I mentioned before was the cable which connects the amp to the plug socket was really low quality, and didn't fit properly, I can tell you what I love about this amp is everything bar these 2 things. Like I said at the beginning of the review I was going to compare it to other amps of the same amplification. The Only amp to really beat the Behringer on clean sounds, amplification and the effects was the Orange 35 watt crush. It had an inbuilt tuner I the effects were insanely good. It was also slightly louder than the Behringer, but it had a terrible distortion and it was nearly twice the price. I also compared it to the Marshall, the Marshall was a little better on overall sound quality, it was 50% more at the cheapest I could find it and the effects were not as good as the Behringer, And It was a similar story for the Peavey Vypyr 30 watt but the people who were selling them where I lived were selling them for a kings ransom and the same with the Roland. The Line 6 Spider 4 was a possibility but I have already got a Line 6 and I didn't want another one I wanted something different, A good tip though is to go on Amazon and put in 30 watt guitar amps and see how the amps sound on YouTube Overall after this gargantuan review I think the Behringer Virtube VT30FX is great for value for money and does sound pretty good for value for the price paid. The only thing I wish It had is a tap/tempo delay like on a Line 6 and an inbuilt tuner. Hope you enjoyed reading the review, I would be amazed if you read it all! // 8

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