BH1H Killer Ant review by Blackheart

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 8.3 (4 votes)
Blackheart: BH1H Killer Ant

Price paid: £ 119.99

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Sound — 8
Not having a tone knob would make you assume that the Killer Ant is a very one trick pony. This was my first thought, and worry when purchasing this amp. However I have played this with my Ibanez Prestige s1220 with coil split Seymour Duncan's (SH-6s or something like that I believe), my Fernandes Ravelle with a Rockfield Mafia bridge pickup and my brother's MIJ Telecaster 50's reissue (I think) and been pleasantly surprised by the variety this amp can offer. With tweaking of the volume and tone on your guitar (and coil splits if available) this amp can achieve quite an impressive array of tones for an amp with only a volume knob. With the Telecaster smooth blues tones, to biting crunch are easily obtainable. The Rockfield can give a smooth Vintage sound, as well as a light rock one when the amp is a little cranked. My Ibby really sings through this, only the neck split sounds a bit off, but I've always thought that through whatever amp I play, thats my opinion of it. On bridge I can go from hard rock to a RHCP-esque sound by splitting it and changing my amount of pick attack. The neck allows the amp to sound smooth, albeit a tad muddy when cranked too far. I have two gripes with this. One, the cleans begin to break from about 3/10 and onwards making clean tones a bit of a pain. I also respect this quality as the amp is designed to give a rich tube sound at lower Db levels. Secondly, when the amp pushed all the way to 10, turning the volume down on your guitar can lead to the amp sounding a bit muddy, and some of that rich tube sound gets a little lost. Overall though, the sound the Killer Ant produces is very surprising considering the price of the amp! Forgot to mention! I'm running this through the 10" Blackheart cab.

Overall Impression — 8
I play anything and everything, with the right guitars on offer and a little tweaking of your guitar's controls this amp is fairly versatile. The only struggling point would perhaps be metal. I've been playing guitar for about 2 years now and this the first real amp that I've owned, it was an upgrade from an old bashed up Orange Crush 10 I got discounted for 50, I am more than pleased with the money I invested in this thing! If it were stolen, I would get another, despite being peeved at having to fork out the dosh for it again! For me I actually really love this things simplicity. Only complaint I personally have is the lack of headphone port for night time playing. When getting a new amp I considered LOADS. The reason I got this against, say a Blackstar HT-5, Orange AD5, Vox AC4TV is because of it being such low wattage, allowing me to crank it even around my neighbours. Perhaps the only thing I wish this had was a delay or something like that to flesh out the cleans a little, but I'm not that fussed. I recommend the Killer Ant to anyone looking for a nice tube sound, without the crushing volumes. I am more than pleased with this. I consider it to be excellent value for money, sorry if I've missed anything off!

Reliability & Durability — 8
I have only owned this amp for a week or so, and it is purely for bedroom use. With things the way they are at the moment, I can see this amp lasting a long time for me. I really wouldn't recommend gigging this thing without it being micced up to a PA.

Features — 6
This amp only has a volume knob and an on off switch, this amp was designed to be simple, and it is exactly that. The Killer Ant lacks any kind of tone control, multiple channels or a headphone out. I rated this down as it does have very basic features, that doesn't mean to say this is a bad amp in any way, in fact I feel quite the opposite - I just couldn't mark an amp highly in this section with it only have one knob.

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    amp is made for BEDROOM practice at LOW volumes and achieve that CRANKED saturated tube tone. get over it you want a louder amp get a louder amp and stop bitching
    I've got this and 1/4 watt is way too much to fully open up if you have close neighbors. 1/3 (or 10 O'clockish) is where I usually keep mine, putting it to 2 O'clock if I want to spoil myself. Its a great little amp.
    Seems really nice, I want a nice bedroom tube amp for a DIY cab, but in case I want to go play a gig, let's say, at church, I need more wattage... I think I'll go with Little Giant. But this looks so... _CUTE_! Perhaps if I'll get them both?
    Amazing amp for the money. Sounds really good on youtube demo's and might look into getting one