HT 40 Club review by Blackstar

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (67 votes)
Blackstar: HT 40 Club

Price paid: $ 603

Purchased from: Guitar Trader, San Diego

Sound — 10
My herd consists of a Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic loaded with '57 Classics, an Epiphone Elite Les Paul Custom and finally, an Epiphone Elitist '57 Gold Top Les Paul, loaded with a Duncan Jazz/Neck and Duncan '59/Bridge... This totally suits my style perfectly... So far, it's pretty quiet... On the clean channel, the 2 modes--'boutique' can get some crunchy sounds when the gain is turned-up, the 'modern' mode is pristine clean... Now the overdrive is something else... 'classic' can cover most classic hard/heavy rock and alternative while 'modern' can cover Metallica and newer metal territory and beyond, it totally rips!

Overall Impression — 10
I play alot of wide-ranging stuff, from classic rock to alternative power pop to heavy metal to pop-country to everything else in-between... Been playing for well over 35 yrs +, I go through amps like water [Marshall, Mesa, Randall, Laney, Carvin, Peavey, Crates, Line 6]... Luckily for me, I knew already firat-hand how great and awesome Blackstar products are, so choosing this was a no-brainer and a slam dunk [and to thin, I almost bought a Mesa Stilleto Ace 1x12 combo, LOL!] Overall, great purchase for me, looking forward to hitting this onstage really soon!

Reliability & Durability — 9
Looks like I can rely on it, I also have the HT20 1x12 combo, and it performs pretty damn well... I did slip in after-market tubes on the HT20 [Mullard EL34s and JJ ECC83s], I may hold-off until I rehearse more with my band with it, so we shall see! This thing is built solid like a friggin' tank, woohoo!

Features — 9
Made in South Korea 2011/2012... This thing is way versatile to cover anything, literally, I'm using this for my classic/modern cover band... It has 2 channels, each with 2 modes... Wish it had a EFX loop switch for activating the loop and boosting solos, but no prob got a BBE Boosta Grande in my pedalboard... The power/headroom is fantstic, will cut through drums, bass, guitar and vocals easily!

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    Sakke: tone is always so evasive in this day and age of new amps--I used to swear by my Bugera 333XL before this amp--and everyone always changes their mind on what they like to hear, it really is subjective, no one is exactly right, it's purely personal preference--who knows, I might change my mind again, hahahaha!--dude, it's all good
    Hi I own the club HT40 and it definitly is thing of beauty I play metal and Rock using my jackson and ESP/LTD and this amp works wonders with the overdrive tube sound and clean as well overall this was my first vlave amp so Iam loving every minute of it the sound you can get from thi baby is sooooo damn close to your fav pro band sounds I just will never give this up
    this or H & K TubeMeister? im from iran and because of some political reasons prices have tripled so i have to be carefull with the amp im buying. doesnt the blackstar sound too dry?
    Thats why I rejected this amp in favour of a Marshall DSL 40C. It sounds a bit like a good solid state amp.
    so u think the Dsl 40c is better?! from the utube vid i thinks it sounds way too bright...
    Does anyone know what the best replacement tubes for this amp would be for playing metal? I'll probably go with Tung sol 12AX7 preamp, but as far as power tubes go would Mesa or Grooves be better?
    Maybe I have been listening to Marshalls all my life and my ears are biased but to me the dirty tones left me cold. One of the big takeouts from the comparison I did was that the gain was not really very different as I would increase it. It became louder and more distorted, of course but it kept its character. I put the fact that I did n ot like the sound more down to my own personal preferences and biases and feel that it might satisfy someone with a different take on tone, quite well. I chose the Marshall DSL 40c instead because it sounded more organic which I know is a funny thing to say about an inanimate object but it feels less digital and more analog than the Blackstar.
    yep, it's a great amp, I use it with a tubescreamer combined with the OD channel and that's all it needs to go from a crystal bright clean to a super distorted metal.
    I have one question about this amp, is it really noisy when you crank the gain up? Id like to know this, also because i play with single coils sometimes
    Noisey as in loud? Yes, but noisey as in harsh and annoying? No. My friend has this amp and it's just the best Goddamn amp you'll ever find under $ really should cost much more if you go by sound/tone and ultimately, isn't that all that matters!?
    And the latest review is total bullcrap again. Like it would wash Mesa, Carvin, Laney, Marshall... Maybe in the price range, but then again, there isn't much price difference.
    MaggaraMarine wrote: Why is everybody thinking that 40 watts is not loud? It's pretty damn loud. We use a 50 watt ENGL head in our band practices and we keep the master volume at 2 (channel volume almost full). And that's loud enough to play with a drummer.
    So true. I've got my Marshall 40w 1x12 DSL 401's channel volume on like 3 and channel volume on 6, cause I prefer more of a open sound it creates, at least in my mind, and also helps the cleans to come up (no volume for clean channel). It's freakin' loud.