Alchemist 212 review by Bogner

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (18 votes)
Bogner: Alchemist 212

Price paid: $ 850

Purchased from: Guitar Center - Clearence

Sound — 10
I've tested this amp with a Peavey Hp Special USA Ft guitar. I'm using it for a varity of genres. The Clean channel is very versatile. It has a bright switch, Deep switch, a volume nob, a 3 band eq, and a gain nob. Pushing with the gain nob to maximum can get you to a sound of a pushed Marshall, while backing with the gain gcan give sparkly Fendery cleans. Switching to crunch (you have to do it manually) you can get a great ACDC tone. backing on the gain nob gives you the pushed edge of the clean channel, and when you put the gain on maximum, you can get that pure ACDC tone. Can also take you into the sound of Guns And Roses' rhythem parts. Switching into mercury schannel (distortion) the amp glows here. The Mercury Channel has a 3 band eq controls, a gain nob, a punch switch, bright switch, and a mid scoop switch. Natural, the mercury channel is quite fuzzy, but when you engage the punch Switch it tightens up the sound into a mesa esq tone. The bright Switch is well, a bright Switch - brightens up the tone into a more strat esq tone. The mid scoop scoops your mid into a more metal sort of tone. The gain itself on the amp is not that high, but it's surely heavey. If you want to get to high gain, you may just hit the "boost" buuton on the footswitch/amp's front panel. The "Boost" boosts up your gain into the heavy gain of modern metalcore and you can easily get that nice Disturbed tone, or a modern metal core sound (think Parkway Drive of killswitch engage), depanding on how you play with the EQ. I use an MXR Zakk Wylde OD for a Solo Boost, and it sounds great. My amp setting for distortion is Treble at about 2 and a half oclock, Middle at 3 oclock, and Bass at about 5 Oclock, full gain, punch Switch on, and Mid scoop on. If that's not enough, the built in reverb and delay are just amazing. can settle you for a live gig easily. The FX loop is dead silent when not used, and the positive thing for it to always be working, is that you don't need to push an FX LOOP button on your footswitch to activate it. At least I like it. I'd rate it 10 Sound Wise.

Overall Impression — 9
I was very lucky to get the last Bogner Alchemist at guitar center in new york, since it was on clearence, and was the last one. It's a great high gain amp, that can compete very well with the commonly used boogies, and is better by my opinion. I play music ranging from Blues to Metalcore and Deathcore, and this amp is perfect, and can get heavey enough even though I'm not using active pickups on my guitars. This is my first tube amp after 2 years of searching - I wanted the best and got it. I've been playing for about 5 years. I had nothing more to ask before buying it - I came prepared and knew exactly what I was getting. I it was lost or stolen, first of all I'd laugh since it weighs 80 lbs, and the thief is probably in physiotherapy right now. Then I'd grieve. No other amp is similar to this amp, and I can't save the money again. I love everything about, except the tap tempo, but that's fine :). I had compared it to Mesas, Peavey 6505, And Marshall JCM 800s. None of them was as versatile and sounded as good as this one.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I had 1 gig with it, since I own it for month, and I have retubed it before the gig. Didn't breakdown, everything worked amazing. I'm the "always bring backup" person, but it, it has no sign of being any close to breaking up. It also has wheels on its base, so if you want to move it, you can always attach a dog strap and "walk it to the gig".

Features — 9
The Bogner Alchemist 212 combo, is an all tube made in china amp. It's a 2 channel amp, when the first channel (gold) is a clean/crunch channel, and the second channel is a distortion channel. this amp is made in collaboration with Line 6, and contains a Line 6 built in reverb and delay, both controllable by the effects loop - 3 types of reverb, and 3 types of delay. The only thing I don't like about this amp is that the daly can be set only with a tap tempo - that is located on the amp itself, and there is no other way to control the tempo of the delay. It also has a parallel FX loop, and you can choose with a back nob near the loop the amount of the signal that is sent (you can set the fx loop to work parallel to your original sound if you want). You can also choose weather you want it to work on a 20W settings (a nice brown sound setting) or a full 40W settingI'd rate it 9 since the delay tap tempo is a bit bugging.

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    i've got it and its a beautiful amp. i'd probably give it 9 - I'd like the footswitch to switch to the crunch too :/ 10 - The sound is amazing - i generally have treble at about 7/8, mids at about 4, bass at 6 and the gain depends on my mood ... but it properly screams and crunches like a babe 9 - One or two of my switches have borken slightly, they function fine, but they're a bit awkward 10 - I payed 700 english pounds for it and it was a deal, never been happier. (its only a short review and i'm too lazy to post one )
    I own 6 of the "Original hand built" ALCHEMIST By Reinhold Bogner himself and I am here to say that nothing compares! With the 20/40 watt option I can tailor to any venue. Sounding like a fine mixture of a hot rodded Marshall, Old Vintage Fender and harmonic response is off the chart's. Full or low volume depth of bottom end midrange never leaves you wanting.