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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (32 votes)
Bugera: 333

Price paid: $ 430

Purchased from: zzounds.com

Sound — 8
This amp will astound you with the quality of sounds it will produce. The cleans are exactly that clean, not Fender clean, but not bad at all. The crunch chanel is where the fun starts great gain control(this chanel is good for anything form bues to metal) and it doesn't feed back with the gain fully cranked. The lead chanel is use able if you set the eq right, the gain on this chanel is realy only useable up to the 12-1 o'clock area with out major fead back issues. I use this with a variety of guitars: a PRS CE22, Sanox LP copy, Epi WG-400, and a K.L.T. 0001 Teli style. It sounds great with any of them doing anything from Jazz to Metal.

Overall Impression — 8
I can not believe that this much tone is avalable for so little money. No it may not be a Mesa, but can it hang with one? You bet your ass it can! Will it ever stop me from wanting a Bogner Uberschall? Hell no, but it will do for a few years. Should you be sceptical because of their rep? I'd say give them the bennifet of the doubt, even Mesa's break down. And if you have the money to throw down on a $2000 amp good for you(wish I did). But if you are a giging guitarist with a budget cap I would get this any day. And yes if it were stolen I'd buy another.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Now this is the part most seem to have problems with.I must say I am extreamly satisfied with my 333, other than my stand by light going out, I have had absolutely no quams with this amp. I've owned this amp for a little over a year and it still sounds great with the stock tubes(I even have a set of mesa 12ax7's but have left them out so far).

Features — 8
I beleve mine is a 2009 model. 3 chanels (clean, crunch, lead), Low, Mid High eq on each ch, seprate chanel volumes and a global master volume, Gain for crunch and lead chanels, reverb that is assignable to each chanel independently, FX loop that is foot switchable(it also acts like a boost if you don't use the loop), Hi/Mid/Lo dampining switch(acts like a sweepable eq switch), 4 button foot switch(clean, crunch, lead, fx loop). My biggest problem is there is no presence knob, but that isn't a deal killer. I bought mine sight unseen(having never heard or played one live) because of the positive reviews out weighing the bad IMHO(I own a mk 1 sv hd100 that was awesome untill the black bars of death apeared almost 2 yrs after I bought it). I use this head live and at least one a week in practice, I will never gig with out a back up head again.

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    what kind of tone you looking for? those knobs that were eluded to earlier need to be turned each one either to the left or right.. Go ahead..just try it... the amp will sound almost anyway you want it to..
    I don't know what amp you guys have been trying!!!? I put a 333 Infinium head through it's paces for 2 hours only yesterday. What an amp! If you can't get any guitar sound in the entire history of rock music from this amp you need to get your ears tested or sell your gear and take up the ukelele! The clean channel is every bit as good as a Fender Twin, (I should know, I've owned several!), the crunch channel takes you from early Clapton/Bluesbreakers right through to Metallica, via Free, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, et al (yes, really! It's all in there if you know how to set the controls properly!), and the lead channel has so much gain and tone on tap that all overdrive and distortion pedals are rendered completely redundant. For what it's worth, I tried a Peavey JSX once (which this amp is supposedly 'cloned' from), and I thought it sucked! IMHO I think this amp blows away pretty much any amp I have ever owned (and I have had a lot of famous amps in my 40 years of playing). Oh, and by the way, when I substituted the 6L6's for EL34's, it just got even better! This amp blew my DSL100 to weeds, and as a result, it went straight on ebay. Try it and buy it! Awsome amp, silly price!
    Finally! someone with an honest objective review... and 40 years of experience can't be wrong... All these hipsters are driving me crazy if it's not worth 2,000 dlls it subliminally messes with their heads or something... Seriously... Great amp... great review. and it's truth. Hope more people will listen to you than all this "expert critics"
    Bugera is not made by Behringer. People really need to do their research. Bugera builds it's own products, but is marketed and distributed by Behringer in North America. Only Bugera products are made in it's plant in China.
    Been reading a lot about this Bugera 333 amp! I own one for almost 5 years and it is not the infinium series, and this is what i have to say about it: 1. The amp is worth the money, you can get descent tone out of it! 2. Many have encountered certain issues with it, but beside a fuse blowing only once during a gig due to problems with electricity in the place I have never had any other issues. 3. I strongly recommend changing the power tubes. I've tried JJ 6CA7 ( the amp sound changed dramatically, the sound became fuller and with these tubes you get like an overlay of fuzz--i like describing it like that---- over the high gain channels and was pretty interesting) , after a couple of months i changed and tried the JJ kt77 and things got better- more responsiveness and clearer tighter sound, anyway now i purchased the new JJ EL34 II - second version and the whole amp went into another dimension for sure, finally got the grit and balls. I'd like to try the KT 66 but Bugera did not let enough room , so f*** it! Anyway the JJ EL34 II is the real deal for this amp (by my opinion)!Also try a TS9 in front of this amp and you'll be surprised! 4.I found out that changing the preamp tubes also contributes to the sound and tone of this amp! I replaced the bugera ones with Tung-sol 12ax7 all matched and the difference in tone was colossal (almost identical to other amps like Peavey, Mesa and i'm not joking, maybe it lacked that mass a bit but sure was close), however the power of the amp reduced in half! This was a problem for me because i needed POWER , so I left one tung-sol 12ax7 (in the place one near to the power tubes) and put in three JJ ECC83-s in the other positions and BINGO! 5. Changing the tubes in the new Infinium series is easy and can save you money, but my 333 does not have that and i'm glad since I learned something new and learning something more is no harm! You'll get more understanding for how things work! 6. One thing i don't like is the knobs-Bugera could put in some more sturdy ones, not these plastic!But things like that form the price the amp has!
    Ultimate guitar has the absolute worst reviews... ever. everybody here thinks they are experts on everything and you guys are just too hard to please... I've read reviews on amps, guitars, pedals... and they are all, ALL reviews lower than any other site... Where people are more reasonable and don't expect that a 300 dlls amp will sound like a Hiwatt or Fender or Mesa... It;s like the logic and reason has been removed and everybody here wants to sound like an expert on everything... This amp deserves higher praise than what it's been rated here... LOL at the dude that said that if it was stolen he would feel sorry for the dude that is now stuck with it... Absolute stupidity. Same with awesome pedals and guitars, It's really hard to read a positive review , or an unbiased , objective one. You guys are all full of it... I will NEVER, EVER trust any reviews of gear from this site and if you are reading this... you shouldn't either... go to pro guitar shop, or premiere guitar, or musicians friend or even freaking amazon! You guys sound like critics... and the critics will never get it,... Have fun spending thousands of dlls on your equipment I'm sure that will make you feel better.. the illusion that you got something worth while... hahahahah suckers.
    Do some research. Bugera is owned by Music Group which owns various music companies including Behringer. So it is a division of MG, not Behringer. Again, Bugera builds it's own products in it's on facilities in China. Behringer does do their marketing and distrubition in North America as well as sharing the same customer service.
    This Bugera (I've tried it in a local music shop with one of my guitars, just in case I might think to buy it) isn't such a catastrophy as 99% of Behringer's products. I particularly disliked its clean sound, showing up a little but persistant hum,, and the lack of a particular "footprint" in the dirty range of sounds. Gain isn't impressive neither. The general feeling I've had is Behringer has struggled hard to achieve an average level with this amp. The guitar I've tried it with was my old Yamaha Pacifica 120S with Seymour Duncans and internal shielding. Someone with an axe below this level might experience some troubles with the annoying buzz coming with virtually any clean sound. But the question is: would you pay 400 euros on an amp made in China, by the crappiest brand on the planet (which is Behringer)? It's more a matter of confidence than it's a matter of sound. Otherwise, the amp is an OK utility amp and the overall rating reflects its level, IMHO.
    ^ your insane, Bugera is a division of Behringer. Where the hell are you getting your information?