333XL-212 review by Bugera

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (33 votes)
Bugera: 333XL-212

Price paid: $ 700

Purchased from: AMS

Sound — 10
I play mostly death metal, this amp is perfectly capable of handling so. This amp does not lack in the gain department, the lead channel will probably have way to much gain for the average non metal player. But for those of us who enjoy metal, you are able to get extremely Heavy and crushing Chugging out of it. Even with the crappiest of pickups(I still have my starter guitar, sounds great with it's like 10 dollar pups). The crunch channel can play anything from classic rock, AC/DC to Metallica. The EQ in this amps really makes differences, you can hear how your tone changes as you twist the knobs. The crunch channel has it's fair amount of gain, not as much as the lead, but it has enough. The clean channel is clean, no gain on it. it's as clean as it gets.

Overall Impression — 10
I play death metal and it great for it, thought it's not limited to it, I can bet my life that this amp can handle any kind of music. For the price this amp kills and owns all other amps in it's price range(and some others that are more expensive) I've played the tube Line 6's and this amp eats it alive. I've also played a Marshall AVT900 or so and my amp raped it. If it was stolen I would go out and buy an new one. I love everything on this amp. The only thing I hate is that in order to turn on the FX loop you have to turn on the boost so when you want to add FX you get a volume boost, thought this may be fixed with the send/receive knobs in the back that I've yet play with.

Reliability & Durability — 10
There are a lot of rumors saying that bugeras brake rather quickly, I myself I'm happy to announce that mine has worked perfectly. I once was playing and somebody stepped on the AC chord and unplugged it, but it worked fine after that, and it also shows no sings of breaking in the future. I've played some gigs with it and it hasn't failed me, thought I'm skeptical about moving it around much. The only thing that I see as a flaw is that sometimes it looses gains, the lead channel stops getting that chug chug, nothing restarting wont fix but still sometimes it worries me.

Features — 10
Comes loaded with 3 channels, clean, crunch and lead. Features master volume, master reverb, master presence and independent gain and volume for each channel. it's fueled by 4 EL34 and 4 12AX7. Has a effects loop/boost function and a return output. Has 2 Inputs hi gain and low gain. Plus XL switches that give an extra edge. Includes a free footswitch. You get all this for 700 bucks. And in my opinion this is great. You get awesome features for a relative low price. The EQ is really dynamic, you can really hear the changes in the EQ.

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    Between this amp and the marshall ma100c, what say you? to a metalcore player that likes to add the warmth of a gibson les paul studio
    Buying this amp soon. Found one at the local Behringer dealer for $550 brand new. These guys got screwed.
    [B]C [R]ich
    Played it today and loved it, but for an all around player like myself (metal, hardrock, classic rock, blues, just about everything) which would be better. This 333xl 212 or the valveking 212? I have never owned a tube amp before and dont fully understand all the workings of one. Any other suggestions for 212 combo amps under CDN$1000 would also be appreciated.
    Tokki Wartooth
    Would you recommend the 333xl 212 over the 6262 212? I'm playing thrash metal, but i want it to be as versatile as possible.
    What difference are there between the 333 combo and the 333xl combo? Just a little curious seeing as almost all reviews i can found on the internet are about the XL, and i'm about to buy the 333.
    @Kazath well.... the xl has the xl buttons! lol! I think that's the only difference. I don't know
    kazath wrote: What difference are there between the 333 combo and the 333xl combo? Just a little curious seeing as almost all reviews i can found on the internet are about the XL, and i'm about to buy the 333.
    XL has a noise gate.
    Eskil Rask
    The XL has the (completely redundant imo) XL buttons, a (dysfunctional imo) noise gate for the lead channel and it comes with stock EL34, while the 333 comes with 6L6 stock - the tubes are changeable however. But anyone in their right mind should buy the 333 over the 333XL. Trust me, I own the XL version, and the XL buttons don't really do any difference apart from muddying it up, the noise gate doesn't really work the way a noise gate works, and the stock tubes are so horrible, you'll want to replace them within 2 years anyway.
    has anyone ever replaced the EL34 valves for the 6L6 on their XL ? are there any implications concerning heat...any problems after the replacement?
    The shop I bought mine from changed the tubes for free cuz it had been standing for two years and put some 6l6gc Tubes.... No heat problems at all sounds great more mesa/boogie now compared to when I tested it with the El34s tubes.
    Basti95 wrote: better than a Valveking?
    You'll get a lot more gain than the Valveking imo. I'm not sure how the cleans compare as I haven't played the VK a lot. I have the 333 Infinium head that I play through a cab loaded with V30's and I'm playing a Gibson SG with P90 pups. I haven't had the head but for a few months, so I'm not ready to write a thorough review. But so far for the money it's pretty good.
    Can be a stupid question when refering to amps like these, but can you play this at bedroom leves or something like this?
    Hey Guys I have a tube blown in my 333XL 212 I'm replacing my tubes with a set of SVETLANA EL34. just pull them out and put others in ready to go nothing else needed to do?