333XL Infinium review by Bugera

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (25 votes)
Bugera: 333XL Infinium

Price paid: C$ 700

Purchased from: Long & McQuade

Sound — 10
Ibanez S470 with Duncan Blackouts. I mainly play metal in the lines of Tessaract, Parkway Drive, In Flames, Periphery and let me tell you that this amp does the job. Not noisy at all, I say the louder this amp gets, the better it sounds. The clean channel stays clean no matter how loud it gets... Nuff said. Please beware... This amp has A LOT of distortion and could keep up with the likes of amps like 5150s, Peavey XXXs, etc... Totally in love with this amp head.

Overall Impression — 9
As I had said, I play mainly metal to Djent style of playing... I need a ballsy, punchy, and loud amp for my sound and this delivers. I've been playing for approx 4 years now and I have played through many high gain amps such as Diezels, Framus, Mesas, Peaveys. This bad boy keeps up with these guys, and maybe does just a bit more. I would get another one in a heartbeat if it was stolen or lost... Or maybe get a Bugera 6262 Infinium... It looks amazing in person and seems to me that there is nothing to hate about this... And to think this costs less that 1k. So far so good!

Reliability & Durability — 9
They have a 1 year warranty but I have never needed it. This hasn't broken down on me yet and I'd say this amp is very reliable. Besides, with the Infinium technology, whenever one of the Infinium leds lights up permanently, all I have to do is remove the tube and replace it with another one... Possibly a 6L6 (just to see how it would sound with different power tubes)... No need to buy matching tubes which could be really expensive.

Features — 10
Just to let you all know this is not the old Bugera 333XL that many guitarists have been complaining with the failure issues - and I am not in any way an endorser of Bugera. So this is the 333XL Infinium. It has 3 channels with independent EQs and the Crunch and Lead channel has an XL function which adds a bit more "Ooompf" to your sound. This amp comes with a foot switch between clean, crunch, and lead, then there is an FX boostin which you can adjust a knob at the back of the amp. It comes in with 4 EL34 tubes installed but according to the manual, with the new Infinium, you can mix and match between 6L6 or EL34 or combination of both - so imagine all the tonal possibilities with this feature... I personally haven't tried it since I am already satisfied with the sound this amp is making. One thing that I think should have been included in the footswitch is the reverb function on/off but that's an easy fix since I use a reverb anyways with my effects pedals. Oh, and yeah this one's sound gets better as you crank it up louder. This also has a built in noise gate which can reduce some of that "tube hiss" that many tube amps make. If you haven't checked out what exactly what the "Infinium feature" does, would be better to check out their website as they go more in depth of how Infinium works.

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    Maybe not worthy of a 9.5, but it is an exceptional amp for the price range. Our rhythm guitarist switched from a 5150 to this head. It's got retarded amounts of gain. If this is your first purchase, make a noise gate the second. The onboard one is "meh."
    shecter guy
    Great amp. Not sure if it's a 9.5, but for the price it's definitely deserves a high rating now that the reliability issues are fixed.
    I have the 333 Infinium. Purchased it a couple months ago. I haven't logged enough hours on it to give it a proper review, but so far so good. I picked it over the XL because of the 6L6's and I've read the built in gate wasn't very good. As far as I can tell the reliability issues have been solved. I know a few guys that have had Bugeras for a few years now without any issues. A lot of people are going to hate because of the wiring issue and that Behringer does their marketing/distribution. A lot are misinformed and think Bugera is a division of Behringer which it is not. I saw a post somewhere of a guy comparing a 333 to a Mesa Single Rec. That's definitely not a fair comparison given the price difference. But this is a good buy for the money. It's not going to be up there with a Mesa of course, but not everyone has that kind of money to spend. The leads are just fine on this, it has plenty of gain on it's own. You definitely should invest in a noise gate though. I have a Gibson SG with P90's and together it's very noisy.
    No offence but not a very good review. Not very in depth at all. How long have you owned it...it sounds like you are still in the honeymoon period. You could of expanded this review a little, you haven't even said whether this is the combo version or head and cab? If it is the head and cab did you also get the Bugera cab with it? I could go on but I think I made my point.
    i bought the combo version of this amp and couldnt be any more unhappy with how it sounds....without a pedal it is weak the distortion sounds boxed and isnt good in general...i own a crate flexwave 120 wat combo and in all honesty it sounds MUCH better,im not impressed with this amp at all and am currently still making payment to zzsounds.com which wont happen anymore im returning it for a peavey vyper or something else ANYTHING else...very let down
    do not buy this amp PERIOD, I have had this amp for 2 years now and the power transformer went out and because they only warranty it for 1 year they told me to pound salt.
    I've had the head version of the 333xl infinium for about 14 months now. I play either my American strat with dimarzio pickups or my PRS. Our covers band plays a wide variety from chilli peppers to Steve wonder to spice girls (yeah I know!!) the wide variety of clean and distorted from the bugera is simply stunning, on par with Mesa I'd say. Great for lean and rythumn. Reliability- no issues with many practices and gigs. I'd also get another if stolen or lost.
    Had mine for 7 months now, done 4 gigs with it band rehearse once or twice a week. I have the 333xl Infinium and it died during second rehearsal. Took it back and Bugera fixed it, but Thursday night half way through a song it died again, exactly the same fault second time round. Going to get it fixed and get rid of, cannot own an amp I can't trust and twice with the same fault when Bugera are meant to have sorted out their reliability issues.
    finnegan777 if you have the resources i recomend you mesa boogie 4x12 Slant Cabinet, this head has the possibility to use any type of cabinet because you have the posibility to select between 4, 8, 16 ohm. but only if you have the resources because a good cab makes the difference, our try to get one with celestion V30 speakers, this head is good to start maybe the sound is very good for the price but the circuits are very economical and the wires from inside are thin and this head is made in china maybe the designed is good but the idea of bugera is keep that low price and give a good sound and thats is maybe the good point of bugera but at the same time it could be negative, because the manufacture is cheap, and thats why the old 333xl model has that reputation of low quality and get damage in short time, I have this amp the 333xl infinium to and i still dont have any kind of problem with it but to be your first valve amp is a good option but not compares with a ENGL or Mesa or another premium amps.
    the first few runs were bad and ruined the rep, but with a bugera made after 2009 you have just as little issues as with most othe amps.
    It's auto biasing, so I guess that would be a no. Have one too. Great peice of kit.
    Bought it ^_^ Haven't quite put in enough time to review it either, but I'm hoping to have one posted in the near future (maybe by the end of the summer). I'm currently in a state of awe. It's a beast of an amp, at least, I think so. No issues, quality control is perfect and I'm in no way disappointed.
    On the fence about this head. Does it have the biasing issues of the 333xl? This really seems like the amp for me, but I have a few concerns.
    Is this amp good for playing lead? Cause if it is, i will defintely be investing in one.
    @ibanart300 - none taken...I've had this amp for almost 10 months now so yeah...maybe its been a fairly long honeymoon so far...but still did not have any problems with it. Just did a fairly shirt review since I do not see much reviews on these new line of their Infinuium amps anywhere and I believe that these amps needs some recognition. BTW this review is for the head - did not get the cab as I use a Bogner 4x12 with 4 eminence governor speakers. Cheers
    So does this not have all the quality issues that Bugera are infamous for? Because if these are more reliable, then this will be my next purchase.
    the tube changing thing is definitely interesting. would love to see a tube tone comparison for this amp. and yeah, I saw a demo by TTK and this thing appeared to have tons of leftover gain. does sound good though.
    the gate is only to take away the hiss from gain, not take it from ur old crapy ground on ur pickups. i have a new wired axe and it is almost noiseless!!! even at high volumes i use no gate. I OWN A MESA DUAL REC AND THIS THING KEEPS UP WITH IT FINE!!!! it has its own flavor, but its just as killer. hell, i like it a little more because i can get great marshallish crunch out of it and its flavor is more like a soldano hot rod!!!! this head is a no brainer!!! dont let ppl tell you more money= better tone. its better to listen to your ear. go play one and you decide