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manufacturer: Bugera date: 05/12/2015 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Bugera: 6260-212
The Bugera 6260-212 is a beast of an amp. It definately can pump out the tones that I need as mainly a metal guitarist, but it can still get the smooth tones I need for when it's time to mellow out and play jazz for hours.
 Sound: 5.5
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overall: 7.3
6260-212 Reviewed by: ChiknChunkCheek, on august 12, 2011
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Price paid: C$ 800

Purchased from: LA Music

Features: Made in 2007 by Bugera, a sub-company of Behringer who is best known for their audio equipment. Features 4 6L6 tubes (can be switched out for EL34) and 5 12AX7 pre-amp tubes, 120 watts. Two channels: Clean, with a crunch mode Switch and and a bright switch, and a Lead channel. Both channels share an EQ but have their own seperate volume and gain. Master reverb and presence knobs. Two inputs, high gain and low gain. Also features an Effects Loop. Comes with a heavy duty foot Switch which allows you to Switch between Clean and Lead channels, active reverb, and activate the Effects Loop. // 7

Sound: My main guitars are a Gibson Flying V with stock 500T and 490R pickups, Gibson Les Paul Traditional with stock '57 classic pickups, and a Schecter Hellraiser C7 with EMG 707 pickups. I play a mix of metal (think Anthrax, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold), jazz, and classic rock. I'll start off with the clean channel on this amp. I always run this amp through the low gain input if I am recording clean guitar tones. The clean channel is clean as long as you leave the gain below 9 o'clock. Once you pass that point you start to get a distorted tone coming from the amp. I always use the bright Switch on the amp because it opens the amp up more and allows you to hear your high notes better. When the bright Switch is off, the tone tends to sound a bit muddy. The crunch channel on the amp is not very good. I avoid using it, instead by cranking the gain on the clean channel so it starts to naturally break up and give you a crunchy sound. If I am doing this I also disengage the bright Switch to allow the low end to get a bit more growl and punch to it. The lead channel is where this amp truly shines. The amount of gain on tap on this amp is astounding, too much at times. I always use this amp on the low gain input, unless I am using a guitar with EMG pickups. The high gain input gives the amp even more gain to play with which can be too much for many low output pickups which just causes a lot of hum and feedback to occur. The low end on this amp is just amazing. The two settings I tend to use on this amp are a 666 setting (bass, mids, treb all 6) with the gain at 4-6, or I put the bass at 7, mids at 4, and the treble at 10, with the gain at 5. When the gain gets put too high, many guitars will get a hum coming off of them when palm muting low strings. The amp does sound amazing though, all notes are very well articulated when playing a nice big chord. The amp sounds amazing at all volumes, whether playing in your bedroom or playing in a club, the amp performs. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The amp that I recieved had a dead tube on arrival, as with many Bugera amps from the first few runs. Not knowing much about tube amps at the time, I went a year with that one dead tube (white powder looking thing at bottom of it, wouldn't light up) until I finally decided to get it replaced. I was out of warranty on the amp so I took it to my local amp tech and they got Ruby matched tubes to replace the set. After that the amp just sounded even better than I thought it had before. The footswitch is very heavy duty and can withstand being dropped very well but, I have a problem with mine now after owning it for 2 1/2 years. The buttons do not quite work properly. Sometimes I will press the Clean button to go to the clean channel, and my effects loop will turn on, or my reverb. This can be a problem on stage if you are switching channels in the middle of a song. The problem is probably due to wires in the cable being damaged. I would definately gig without a back up amp IF, I had a working foot switch. // 6

Overall Impression: The Bugera 6260-212 is a beast of an amp. It definately can pump out the tones that I need as mainly a metal guitarist, but it can still get the smooth tones I need for when it's time to mellow out and play jazz for hours. If the amp were lost or stolen I would definately buy another one but not before first trying out a Marshall JVM205H, I heared those things are AMAZING amps. If I were to tell Bugera to change anything about this amp it wouldn't be the amp necessarily, it would be the foot switch. It would be nice for there to be the option to Switch to crunch on the clean channel or even activate the bright switch. I would definately recommend this amp to others who are looking to buy an affordable high gain amp. // 8

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overall: 4
6260-212 Reviewed by: belleraphon, on may 12, 2015
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Price paid: $ 400

Purchased from: 2nd hand

Features: I've no idea when this made but it was one of those that didn't have the issues the first batch had. It is a 120 watt all tube 2x12 combo amp from Bugera and its a clone of a famous Peavey amp. The amp comes with 2 Bugera branded 12" speakers, 5 12AX7 pre amp tubes and 4 6L6 power amp tubes (can be switched out for a EL34 tubes). A 4 button foot switch is included that can be used to select between the clean and channels, turn the reverb on or off and also to turn the effect loop on or off. You get 2 inputs, high and low, one is for active or high output pickups, typically used if you don't want your guitar to distort the clean channel. The amp has a clean with rhythm channel and a lead channel, these all share one set of EQ. On the clean channel you have Gain, Bass, Mid, treble and that is the same for the lead channel, the amp has a master volume, master reverb and master presence. On the clean channel you have a rhythm switch, all that does is turn the clean channel into a rhythm channel giving it more drive.

// 6

Sound: I played shred, crust punk, punk, thrash metal, blues and some classic rock with the amp. It doesn't satisfy in the heavier genres, is good for lead playing but the tone can be a bit sterile. The EQ controls on the amp seem to have a very subtle effect on the tone, I spend more time tweaking than playing the thing. The amp has a ton of gain but gain isn't everything, bot if the EQ sucks, I boosted the amp with a OD pedal to get a more satisfying tone. When using the lead channel and gain on about 6 the amp can be very noisy, its best to cut back on the gain and boost the amp with an tube screamer type pedal. The head version of this sounds much better imho. It's also extremely loud! But then again id rather have a amp with decent tone than a extremely loud amp. In my experience the clean channel with the rhythm button engaged sounded the best and was the channel I used the most, it's got enough gain for most heavy genres. // 3

Reliability & Durability: The amp itself was build ok, nothing too rugged. I thought it felt flimsy, if it would fall over it seemed like the amps cabinet would crack, I've no idea what wood the cab is made from but it would probably something really cheap. The amp is also very narrow making it prone for falling over if it gets bumped. Over the construction is pretty cheap. The PC boards that Bugera use are rather thin, just google it. They obviously choose the cheapest components and labor when making these amps. The knobs on the amp feels a bit loose, you can press on them and they will actually move back, like they are not mounted to the chassis but only soldered onto the circuit board.

I don't think this amp will last without being serviced often. I won't depend on a product of this quality, the amp will sometimes make weird high pitched noises for no reason or it will drop a bit in volume. Very unpredictable. I suppose the tolex on the amp will last if you don't abuse the thing. The tubes are a bit cheap, but I suppose they are better than nothing, and if you bought a amp like this then chances are you don't have any money for a full retube with some decent tubes. // 4

Overall Impression: I'd say the amp is a disappointment, rather get a good solid state amp before buying this big box of cheap electronics and tubes. Or better yet buy a affordable tube amp from a more well known company, even if you buy it 2nd hand or have to save up a bit you will at least have something that's got better tone and are better made than this cheaply made sterile sounding amp. The hype is oooh there is now an affordable clone of a Peavey 5150! But in reality they don't sound the same at all! The 5150 is a beast! The Bugera 6260 is a let down! 

Well I sold the thing so I don't care if it gets stolen, see it as someone doing you a favor when they steal this amp from you. I wish the amp had better EQ! And better build quality, Bugera could have been a much better brand that caters for players on a budget, but instead they are forking out cheap clones that are cheaply made.

// 3

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