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manufacturer: Bugera date: 02/13/2012 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Bugera: 6262-212
It is the 6262 model with two 12 inch speakers. It still has all the function and ability of the 6262 head, meaning you can throw a cabinet or two if you're feeling the need for some extra beef. All and all it's a monster of an amp.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Features: 10
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overall: 9
6262-212 Reviewed by: Boer Goat, on february 13, 2012
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Price paid: $ 590.81

Purchased from: Local Music Store

Features: Alright so in a nut shell it is the "6262" model with two 12 inch speakers. It still has all the function and ability of the "6262" head, meaning you can throw a cabinet or two if you're feeling the need for some extra beef. It sports 4 x 6L6 tubes and pumps out 120 watts of juice. The preamp is powered by 6 x 12AX7 tubes. The Bugera site says it was made for 80's metal. That truly limits its potential. It is a very versatile amp; capable of taking just about anything you throw at it. I play everything, but I really love the sound I get when playing heavy metal. It has two channels; Clean and Lead. Lead is perfect for your distortion needs, standard settings; gain, highs, mids, lows, and volume. Clean has the same as mentioned with a few more bells and whistles. A "Bright" setting, which really brings out mids and highs for those dark sounding pickups and low drop tunings. Then a "Crunch" setting, this one is like purgatory. It's a balance between some high gain lead and a crystal clean. At the far end of the amp you have a stand-by feature (Heats tubes, while not in use) and a presence and reverb for both the clean and lead channels. One sweet feature that Bugera throws in is the footswitch; it gives quick access to the lead and clean channels. But it also can toggle on or off the reverb or turn on any effect pedals you may have plugged in. It's simple and functional. // 10

Sound: I run humbuckers through it and couldn't be happier with the sound. Clean is crystal and lead is nasty (in a good way!). Like any tube you gotta lay into the volume and open it wide open. Crank it up to receive the best quality of sound. But low levels are efficient too, but the real colors of this amp start to show about 5 or higher. Running pedals through can prove tricky, mostly I'd advice to run them in the clean channel; however it proves to produce some wicked sounds if you can balance pedals on the lead channel. Wahs or phasers have no problems in the lead channel, but distortion pedals cause bad feed-back. Electric acoustics prove no difficulty, minimal feed-back. Play on clean though; distortion will produce high pitched squeals and other undesired feed-back sounds. The only reason this amp isn't a 10 is because of feed back issues. Probably just me, but hopefully you'll have better luck **I highly advise a compressor/sound suppressor to reduce feed-back. Play to the sides or behind the amp to reduce feed-back** // 8

Reliability & Durability: Well it's a tube. So flinging it in the back of your pickup truck and flying 80 mph down a dirt road isn't advised. It's breakable, not fine china breakable. More like porcelain bowl breakable. The structure itself is durable but the tubes are what you need to watch. Just take care. As far as maintenance, just don't leave the amp on for hours on end unused and that'll take you far. I keep 1 spare tube in case something goes down; nothing has yet to be damaged. Very reliable, very consistent. // 9

Overall Impression: All and all it's a monster of an amp. The actual price of these is about $700; I bought mine cheaper because the store was making space for new merchandise. However I would have paid the $700 asking price if I had to do it again. It's worth the price. It versatile and sounds fantastic. As previously mentioned, a compressor/noise suppressor is recommended just because the power this thing puts out. In the end, it is a wicked amp with a "roar of a Kodiak bear". // 9

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