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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (70 votes)
Bugera: 6262

Price paid: £ 389

Purchased from: Reidys.com

Sound — 9
i use a Cort katana kx-5 guitar, cheap and nasty (Y) yet the amp makes up for it and the sound that comes out of it suprises me everytime I play, it has a very 'clean' clean channel, you can add reverb, play about with pickup selecting and it handles the deep fat tones aswell as the high and mid tones that cut through, The lead channel is where its at though, I hear people comparing the Peavey 5150 to this amp quite a lot, and having never heard a 5150 I can't judge but the distortion on this thing is unreal, you have to let it warm up first and turn it up a bit, but the sound is amazing, the bass and the mids is where its lies for me and this amp can deliver both of them perfectly. There is a bit of a low hum when its idle but thats just my guitar with its bad wiring. The amp suits my playing style bang on, I play (I don't wanna have to say em but) deathcore, deathmetal, metalcore, most of the core's really. And this amp provides those crushing lows and screaming highs.

Overall Impression — 9
The amp matches what I play perfectly, your can get the veil of maya ' common mans collapse' tone out of this amp in under 10 seconds. There's a few bands that I've heard now that I can get my amp sounding like so that makes me happy too (Y) I've been playing like 4 years, maybe a bit more? And I only own a Zoom g2.1ui pedal I think it is? I don't even have that plugged in because I prefer the amps natural sound. I'd have to say that my favourite thing about the amp is its presence, I'm pretty sure I could break the sound barrier if I turned it up to about 7, on 10 I reckon you'd just die, end of. If it broke I'd be gutted! But I'd happily buy another. The only thing i think thats wrong with it is the help manual and (apparently) the service team. The manual was in a lot of languages, which is fair nuff, but it told you nothing really, just everything that you already knew? And I hear the help team aren't very good to work with when something goes wrong. Although, on youtube I have some videos of me playing things with the amp and Bugera actually commented on the videos so that was alright :) The amp's perfect for me thats all I know. Everyone has different opinions though.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I haven't gigged it yet, or turned it up rate loud ;) but I'd deffo gig it and know that it was gonna sound naaaice :) I hear tubes aren't the cheapest things to replace, but mine are loving it so far, no problems with the amp so far at all, touch wood that everything stays like that!

Features — 9
So the 6262 is a hand built 120 watt amp that has 4 6L6 vavles that can be switched to EL34's. It has the classic 2 channel pre-amp design featuring 6 12AX7 tubes. It comes with the footpedal for switching between clean and lead too. This is my first tube amp so I can't really compare it to any others :/ apart from a Hiwatt one I use at practice sometimes, and tbh, the 6262 runs rings around it on all aspects :) I bought the 412 cab when I got the amp and its sat in my backroom, wouldent really recommend it for just home use as I've never had it past volume 2 yet, and volume 2 was waaaay to loud for the room :D

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    The Necrotizer
    WarriorArtist94 wrote: By the way... Anyone who owns this amp- i saw the prices for the 412-bk cab and it's pretty low so i wondered, is it a bad cab or is it the same story as the head, just a sick price? Thanks.
    Get a better cab, this amp doesn't sound as good as it can without quality speakers
    WarriorArtist94 wrote: By the way... Anyone who owns this amp- i saw the prices for the 412-bk cab and it's pretty low so i wondered, is it a bad cab or is it the same story as the head, just a sick price? Thanks.
    I have the cab and I think it's pretty beastly honestly. Definitely not the best cab on the market at all, but for a 412 for $200, it'll do a pretty good job. Another good idea is to get the 412 cab, and check out avatar speakers. You can buy some wicked speakers to put in that cab, and you'll basically get the tone of a $1000 cab. Definitely worth it. Some of my friends have done this, and I definitely plan to.
    6262 is just great. I bought it in January this year and so far so good. I wanted something with both brutal and legible tone (we play melodic death metal with my band, smth like In Flames, At The Gates or so) and it does have it. I play it with randall rx412 speaker cab and the sound is just fine, I don't think I will need something better in the next few years. Even if it breaks or blows, I will have it repaired or purchase a new one, for its sound is the thing I love. If I decided to buy smth better, it would be something much much more expensive and snobbish. But 6262 is the amp I can only recommend. Buy one at once, the sound is great. And if you don't play metal, start playing metal and buy 6262 at once :-D