6262 review by Bugera

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 8.1 (70 votes)
Bugera: 6262

Sound — 8
I use an ESP Eclispe with Seymour Duncan Custom 5S that used to belong to Steph Carter of Gallows. I play mostly rock, grunge, punk and hardcore, occasionally metal and post-hardcore. This amp nails all the signs with very little effort on my part, tweeking the eq and gain very slightly for each. In fairness though, most of these genres require a relatively high-gain sound, so you would expect it to cope fine. As for variety, it is certainly not a one trick pony, having the ability of going for a raunchy NOFX type tone all the way to a crushing Slayer crunch and all the way back down to a Distillers twang, there have been very few times I've tried to get a tone to suit a cover song and thought "this sounds bad". The clean channel actually stays pretty clean all the way up the master volume, but with high output pickups you will certainly notice some breakup if the gain is anywhere over 0 haha. How brutal is the distortion? When playing Cannibal Corpse and Slayer songs I've never had to turn the gain past 6.5, and that's at low volume (no one in the house, but not bothering the neighbors volume).

Overall Impression — 8
The amp matches the music styles I like to play pretty much to a tee. I guess I could use a little more vintage/British edge for some of the bands I like but that's difficult without losing the character of the amp and ability to do the more american sounds I love. Rolling back on the guitar volume to break up the sound a little will have to do for now! I've been playing for around 7 years now and I'm just about approaching a decent level lol. If the amp was stolen or broken I think I would definitely get another. It is the perfect amp for me, a cash-strapped student who loves the harder side of guitar and the ability to both gig and practice with an amp. I wish the amp's crunch channel was a little better, it seems like a bit of an afterthought. But to be honest, who buys a 5150 clone for blues? It's all about the lead!

Reliability & Durability — 8
This is an interesting one, in recent years the internet has been erupting with vicious argument over the reliability of Bugera amps. So there's been all this stuff about the transdormer clips and the fact that hte cicuit boards are mounted in a more cost-efficient way. I don't claim to know too much about electronics and the like, but I've owned this amp a good while now, and pushed it hard for long periods of time, even chucked it about a car and van bringing it home from uni and back and have not once had a problem. If there ever was a problem with Bugera's reliability I think it is solved now. The other option is that all tube amps can be temperamental and the tube elitists had a legitimate reason to hate on the average guys affordable "copy". Would I gig without a backup? Probably, I know you should never do that with a tube amp, 'cause with any one you never know when a a power valve might go. But I'm on good terms with most the other bands in the local circuit and they would lend me their amp if I needed it! Plus this thing is heavy enough on it's own without bringing a backup. Although after enjoying Bugera's tones so much I may consider buying a small Bugera V5 which I guess could be a backup if mic-ed up.

Features — 6
From the get go, it's worth noting that the 6262 is slightly different version of the 6260 (which is for all intents and purposes a Peavey 5150 clone). The 6262 however, has separate EQ for both clean and lead channels and independant presence and reverb for both too. Other than that I don't see too much difference, apparently the 62626 is more upper-mid focused than the 6260, but hey, with the EQ you're gonna be able to make them sound damn near identical (should you want to). The amp has channel switching via footswitch (included) from clean to lead, a button for reverb on/off and an effects loop on/off (bypass) - so that's really handy! The channels are pretty great to be honest, the lead channel screams and has so much gain on tap I very rarely use it above 4 even at low volumes and the clean channel is surprisingly glassy when needed, and can warm up nicely for that slightly overdriven blues sound by cranking up the volume on your humbucker equipped axe. The only thing that perhaps I don't like is that fact it only comes in 120w versions. But in fairness, it was my choice to buy it. There is a point at low volumes where it is extremely muddy and must be turned up to about 0.5 volume to start shining. This is fairly quiet in fairness and sounds great! For all those saying that a 120w tube amp will never do bedroom levels well, I challenge you to hear this! Oh yeah, it's also a all-tube. So you get all the tone goodness and maintenance hassle that comes with the territory!

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