G20 Infinium review by Bugera

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  • Features: 9
  • Sound: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.6 (7 votes)
Bugera: G20 Infinium

Purchased from: Musicgroup1

Features — 9

Infinium technology

Bugera's Infinium technology is a revolutionary method of extending the life of your amplifier's tubes up to 20 times. This process also self-biases each tube individually to keep them running optimally and does away with the need for expensive tube biasing repairs. The G20 Infinium employs this technology so you can use any type of power tubes that you choose. Whether your flavor is 6L6 or EL34, all you have to do is swap in the tubes and power up the G20.

Find your blend of American and British tones

Bugera added their popular Morph control to the tonestack of the G20 Infinium. This knob lets you choose between American and British-sounding EQ curves. Turn the knob to the left and you'll notice larger lows and a glassy top end. Crank it to the right and chime and mid presence come to the forefront. A lot of Sweetwater guitarists are adding this amp to their rigs for this control alone. And the Morph control is fully variable to allow you to dial in the perfect blend for whatever style of gig you're playing.

Many onboard options to fine-tune your sound

Though the G20 Infinium is incredibly easy to use, it comes with a surprising amount of flexibility for nailing the exact sound the situation calls for. The effects loop has a level button for use with pedals or line-level effects. A two-setting, speaker-emulated output works perfectly for headphones, recording, or playing live. And the G20 Infinium boasts a high quality reverb for adding some ambience to your passages. A footswitch out and indicators for tube life round out this very powerful amplifier.

  • 20 watt amp head.
  • 2 channel
  • 3-band EQ, Morph tone control
  • Preamp Tubes 2 x ECC83 (12AX7)
  • Power Tubes 2 x EL34
  • Footswitch included
  • 20-watt tube amplifier head
  • Infinium technology extends the life of your tubes of choice
  • Morph control dials in American and British EQ tones
  • Effects loop with level switch
  • Speaker-emulated line-out is great for recording
  • Onboard reverb
  • 2-button footswitch included

Sound — 8
Suits my style quite well - hard rock, metal, rock. Using RAT Pro Co distortion pedal (circa '88) and modified wah pedal in front of it. Have Donner Giant Metal pedal ordered to fill out my pedal board a bit. Small bit of hiss on overdrive channel, but may be from dirty house power. The amp covers every style of music you can think of, but it isn't a super high-gain amp. Although it does get very close. If they would have put in a touch more gain this would have been a swiss-army knife of an amp. But that is ok. A good distortion pedal will makes things perfect.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Have already played with my group of jambros. At 20 watts, it holds up well within the garage/mancave/shed jam sessions. The head is well-built and everything is tight and snug. Even the contact points/feet on the bottom of the amp are beefy. The input jacks all have that clicky sound when you insert cables. I feel like the amp would withstand routine gigging, but I have read somewhere that the tubes are secured to the motherboard and not metal in any which way. Whether or not this means anything has yet to be discovered, and I can't see where it would hurt the performance of the amp at all. We shall see though.

Overall Impression — 9
I play a lot of classic metal (Priest, Maiden, Metallica, etc) as well as my own stuff. Been playing for 31 years. If I lost the amp to theft or destruction I would definitely buy another, and I love that you get that boutique-amp sound with this. Well, it IS a boutique amp after all. My previous amp was a Line 6 Spider II, 120w 2x10. Bugera is one of those companies that get looked at like certain cheap car companies. But this amp isn't cheap stuff. It is built VERY well, and sounds amazing.

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    Just wondering guys, I play a lot of country / rock. Which would be more suitable the Bugera G20 or the Bugera V22? The G20 looks neat but I would need a good clean channel. Thank you in advance
    The G20 only has a tone knob and no seperate bass, mid and treble controlls. For clean I think I would go for the V22, but I don't own one so I can't tell for sure.
    The V22 is a great amp. I've not played the G20, but the V22 would suit you well I think.
    The clean channel is ok. But as somebody stated; the clean channel doesn't have separate controls for the three basic tone set ranges. But you could utilize this amp for country and rock for sure.
    Great amp for the price.Checkout some demos of it on youtube it will give you some  idea on what it can do or cant do.
    Update. Have had the amp since October 2016. The amp is going strong, and the tone has been greatly improved with a mullard 12ax7 in the V1 slot and a Mesa 12ax7 in V2. So, this amp is very sensitive to tube changes/swaps. I have found this particular tube combo to sound VERY good and has proven versatile for a variety of music. The gain structure I have going on is very Mesa-like, and I have had quite a few guitarists ask me what I did to mod the amp. Anyways, the amp is holding out nicely, and the sound is awesome. Cheers brothers!
    So its a blackstar ripoff then?
    Yes it's a ripoff everyone knows that by now, but it costs nothing for what it is. The infinium series fixed a lot of their breaking issues too. Get with the times bro. The checklist for buying a Bugera is if you have a Small budget and are not touring. Get one, it's a great amp. But you know that's how gear works, if it's what YOU are looking for get it. What i don't want is idiots like you botching the ratings because of a prejudice conceived in the stone age. Do you have a Bugera? Probably not, and even if you said "yeah i do, but it broke" i'll grantee everyone here it's not the series listed above, because they don't break like the old bugeras. So why are you acting like you know what you are talking about. I got a G5 for playing in apartments and hotel rooms because i like the sound, price and i can set it to 0.1W and drive the preamp without killing my neighbors. People told me it would break, i've had it for a year now and i'm not being careful with it, if it breaks it breaks it costs next to nothing i don't care.
    Who cares ? as long as it does what it's meant to and sounds good, i don't.
    the problem with bugera is that it does what its meant to do and then breaks after 10mins
    Granted mine isn't the one above, but the 6262 combo, which is secondhand. I haven't had mine "catch fire" or "break after 10 mins", and i don't expect it to.
    had my bugera (original 6262) pushing 6 year, not a problem.
    Mine didn't brake, own it for 6 months now. Something started rattling inside the amp since yesterday, so maybe that's the beginning of the end. But he sound is very nice for the price with some nice features. I only wished that the tone controlls would have a bigger sweep.