V22 review by Bugera

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (74 votes)
Bugera: V22

Sound — 9
Play both an active strat and a passive one straight through it. The active makes it bark like a rabies english bulldog. Little noisy on the neckpickup, but then again I've never heard it do anything else on any other amp. I don't even bother switching the thing to Drive anyhow. This is a tube. Cook that preamp and let the tubes do the breaking up. No. This is not a metalamp. No. It doesn't do line6 tricks. This is back to the roots sweety. Roots that were carefully amputated by the likes of VH1 and MoronTV. The passive makes this box sing. The harmonics will make you tear up. Unreal. The sparkly headroom is truly unbelievable.

Overall Impression — 10
This is one rediculous little amp. Am an old blueshead and heard pretty much everything (?) that's out there and drooled over. Yes. I know. Bugera. eew! Its not a F word! Its not a M word neither! Its made by chinese 12yearolds! Its not played by my favorite american Idol! What good can any amp be that's the same price as my playstation?! Euh. Hangon.. Bugera distributes the thing. They don't build 'm. They just listen to you complain about the footswitch crapping out after a week, and it will. They had to cut a corner somewhere, and they did it with the wire that connects the Mcdonalds happymeal footswitch toy to this nasty little powerhouse. There are already fixes published on the interweb forums on how to repair this yourself, but if that's what you bought this thing for you're the type of person who buys a car for the defective ashtray. In short. There finally is a workingman's bluesamp. If you want to impress the "experts" you could change out the bulbs to some more renowned brand and Switch out the perfectly great speaker for something more socially acceptable, or you could just say you did. And they'd believe you. Heck, Stick a tubescreamer or a sansamp in front of it if you have to. Itll eat it up and make your hair stand on end. In a good way. But this is one of those that allows back to basics. First time in a long time. Would rob an old lady and cash in her foodstamps to buy another one if some unholy ever decides he needs this more than I do. So be warned. So. Save up for your brandname and keep dogging this one. Just keep an eye in your mirror, because one of these is creeping up on you.

Reliability & Durability — 6
Again. Footswitch is made out of recycled eggboxes and will break as soon as you look at it. Will make the amp shut away its Drive and reverb only to come stuttering back in after a second. The fix involves replacing the cable with a plugin jack on the Switch and a generic cable to the amp, But still find it unbelievable that Bugera would risk their virgin reputation on something as stupid as a cheap footswitch. Amp itself is built like a brick. 6 for the rediculous switch.. Fooey Bugera!

Features — 8
Here goes. 2 channel triple 12ax7 into dual el84 out. Switchable between pentode and triode to let you choose between simply disgruntling the misses or severely peeing her off. Try and find ANYTHING like this for this price and you'll be laughed out of the store. And then when the lovely misses tells you to put on some dang headphones you can tell her your new box doesn't take one. So there. 12 inch speaker that many report as one of the things they will Switch out for a "better" sound only to be puzzled over the fact that their $300 celestion really didn't make a hoot of difference. This thing breaks up like a tasty cracker right out of the box. This thing will easily fill up a decent size club and will earn you some nasty looks from your bassplayer for drowning him out. Amp has an effect loop. I think. For some reason.

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    I am not following you Blueman731... what sucks! The V22, did it crap out... what sucks!
    Got mine this week. I have to say it is absolutely superb for the money. If you want a straight up no frills tube amp there is NOTHING comes even close for anywhere near the price. Yes there are better amps around, but at this price?? The best value for money amp I have ever heard by a long long way.
    The V22 may be junk, but it's the best junk I've heard. Terry Frank would say ..... "Buy it, through it down the stairs, and if it still works, you've got a winner." The tone adjustments are amazing and beat out the Fenders, unless you are playing outside and need the mucho volume, in which case they have these new inventions called "microphones."
    Second review made me crap myself laughing. Getting the V55 tomorrow, can't wait!
    sg4ever wrote: So how loud does this bugger get? I'm interested if I can get some nice CLEAN volume out of it.
    It has a LOT of headroom, mate. If you're looking for more at the same volume, you'd want to be looking at the higher wattage amps.
    MT in Austin
    I've had the V22 for a couple of months now and I am still in love. This is a great amp. I haven't had any problems with it and the sound is top-notch. I have heard many people bad-mouth Bugera/Behringer but I have been very happy with this purchase.
    I have owned this amp for 3 months or so and love it. Run a BB Preamp thru it and it is the best distortion sound I have ever had. "12 inch speaker that many report as one of the things they will Switch out for a "better" sound only to be puzzled over the fact that their $300 celestion really didn't make a hoot of difference." Reviewer #2 is right, I swapped out the stock Bugera speaker out for an Eminence Wizard and it didn't sound that great. I put the Bugera speaker back in and it was unbelieveable.
    The Lone Star " which I love " is staying home today. I will give the V22 a full workout today. I am running a VG-99 into the effects return and it sounds killer. It has been a great little amp so far.
    I just got this amp recently, which was a toss up between the Peavey Classic 30 or the Bugera V22. I love the Triode mode for playing at home, it really sounds nice and get's some good crunch. The peavey only has one level and that is high and loud. Don't get me wrong the peavey is a nicer amp, but the Bugera sounds awesome, has the same features as the Classic 30 and then some, like presence which you will need on the gain channel which is probably why it is there, you have two inputs (normal/bright) and the Triode/Pentode mode which is half or full boar. I don't know how I used pedals all these years for distortion, oh yea... I had a Solid State amp. This amp sounds great, where the clean is clean and the distortion kicks a??.
    Oh yea... I almost forgot. The Bugera V22 is almost half the price of the Peavey Classic 30. So I have a little cash left to do some work on my guitar, maybe some new pickups.
    I just got one yesterday form GC. I needed a practice amp for rehearsals so I could stop lugging my Mesa Boogie Roadster and Marshall cab. I was impressed at the store when I demo'ed it but wasn't sure how it would handle it when the whole band was playing. I was supremely surprised at the tone I was able to get without going through all the fiddling I have to do with my Mesa's. I've had an F-50, still own an F-100, and currently gig with a Roadster (4 channel) and a Marshall 1960 AV 4x12. I am rethinking my rig after last nights practice. This little amp felt like a Mesa Lonestar 1x12. The gain channel reminded my of the Marshall 50 watt Plexi on 7.
    Hea What Gives? Went to the Dallas International Guitar Show this past weekend..wanted to take a test ride,check it out..not one in sight! GS sold their last V22 in Feb,and don't know when any are comming in! WDF! Whos got one in stock in the Dallas/Fort worth metroplex?? Not buying anything that I can't hear first!
    Bluesman731 wrote: I just bought this amp "V22" , as a backup/travel amp and I love it. I currently own a mesa boogie lone star classic also, $3000.00. This V22 "$300.00 is an inexpensive little tube amp that sounds fantastic. I just love it. I have been playing for over 30 years and have had many amps. This little amp is a true winner.
    Update !! it sucks. Tango Uniform after 5 hours bedroom playing.
    Man that last review was beautiful! I'm still laughing! So far I haven't had the problem with the foot switch and to me it seems pretty durable. But everything else the guy says about this amp is true. Loved the part about "peeing the misses off"!
    I picked up my V22 yesterday at GC for 15% off. I was looking at a Fender Blues Deluxe, the V22 and a Bogner Alchemist. I picked the V22 for sound, but after 3.5 hours it developed a nasty hum when I switched from Triode or Pentode operation. I had it in standby for about an hour while I ate supper. I will take it back to GC and get another. It is replacing a Peavey Valveking.