V22 review by Bugera

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (74 votes)
Bugera: V22

Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: guitar center

Sound — 9
Right now my main guitar is my RGdxl with new pups and bridge and a few acoustics running that through a homemade fuzz a valvecaster and a crybaby wah into the normal input (I find that the other input cuts out too much bass for what I need) I keep the gain at about 4 on the lead channel and the volume at bout 5 and turn the master volume to taste. On pentode mode (my favorite if I can crank it up) the amp of course is louder and has more headroom.it sounds more crisp and the lead channel has more clarity and some bite to it great for playing clean, blues, heavier rock, metal with a little push from my boost although I don't really play much metal cept for the occasional shredding solo. On triode the amp isn't as loud but (it will still get pretty loud) and sounds more wooly and has less headroom as the clean channel starts to distort faster first I didn't like the setting but when turning up the treble a bit I found some great funk, blues, jazz and classic rock tones come out of it.its also great for practice when you want some nice tube overdrive. The reverb is very usable and I usually have it on when I have the clean channel as it adds some depth to the sound. The preamp distortion is very usable up until you max it out but then it gets a bit fizzy for my tastes I prefer to keep it down to a nice crunch on the amp to be boosted as everyone likes a nice overdriven tube sound. The amp on full power mode isnt noisy at all even with single coils makes minimum hum but the same can't be said for the triode mode as it has some buzz on it when I'm not playing its not enought to interfere but its there. All in all this little amp has great a great versatile as I play abit of everything but blues and classic rock is where it shines. I've also plugged in my Acoustic and done some Acoustic gigs with it and it really added some warmth to the sterile sounding peizo pick up and that is a big plus for me and its versatility. For what its made for it does it great so I'm giving it a 9 cause it isnt perfect but it still sounds great and has done just about everything I've thrown at it.

Overall Impression — 9
When I was picking out amps it was this one or a Classic 30but this one just stood out to me and it hasn't let me down in yet. I've been playing for about 4 years and this was my first store bought tube amp. I am fully satisfied in this purchase and if it were lost of stolen I'd probably buy it again until I can afford getting an ac30 or (add amp wish list here) and even then I'd probably still use it as a workhorse amp because its so cheap. My favorite feature of it has to be its price and the triode Switch as you can get many different tones out of it. I would easily recommend anyone looking for a good sounding tube amp on a budget

Reliability & Durability — 7
So yeah it's a Bugera V22 and they have a reputation of failing, bursting into flames, exploding whatever but I bought mine after they fixed all the problems they had and this amp has yet to fail me in the 7 or so months that I've had it. I've gigged with it many times without back up because I don't have a back up but each time I felt certain it owuldnt let me down. The amp seems to be really sturdy/heavy as someone who has to carry it to a gig once (stupid car). The tubes came protected in a cage which I have removed and not replaced because its difficult to get off and I'm a bit lazy. The jacks are plastic and that doesnt't bother me but it seems to bother everyone else but I baby my equipment so I don't see any part of it failing anytime soon. The amp seem reliable but only time will tell how much it lasts here it gets a 7 for being a Bugera that hasn't failed in 7 months. Would be higher if they had a better reputation.

Features — 8
So the V22 Bugera is a 22watt all tube amp made in 2010 I bought it because honestly it was the best in its price range for what I needed/wanted. When amp shopping I needed an amp that sounded, good was versatile enough to play what I play, and was easy on the wallet; this amp delivered. It runs 312ax7 and 2 EL 84, has 2 channels clean and lead, an effects loop 3 band eq, triode/pentode switch, build in reverb, master volume, presence control, mid boost switch, two input jacks(normal and attenuated), and being a combo a 12inch speaker. The 22 watts is plenty loud for small to medium gigs and I've never had problems with being loud enough. The reverb and channels are controlled by the included footswitch. I do wish the mid boost and the effects loop was controlled by the footswitch but at 300 dollars I'm not complaining I'll just use an A/b box for the effects loop.the triode Switch makes it easier to get some power tube distortion at practice levels or smaller gigs. Bugera clearly did their research for what guitarists wanted on a budget and for that it gets an 8 would have been higher if effects loop and midboost were footswitchable.

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    In simple terms....I WANT ONE !!!!! But i got to get it past the wife first.....
    Bugera V22 is the best. TONE - due to the enclosure, the tubes, the speaker, the electronics... For Guitar or Harp. It's better than the Fenders. The dirt channel cannot match the pure emotion of the clean/busted speaker sound. With only the touch of your fingers on the strings you can go from god wrestling with the devil to the sweetest angels you'd ever find. That's perfection. This is THE sound that CANNOT be recorded exactly - that real musicians die for.