V22 review by Bugera

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  • Features: 9
  • Sound: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (74 votes)
Bugera: V22

Price paid: € 370

Purchased from: thomann

Features — 9
Pentode and triode mode with the later reducing volume but presence as well, making gain sounds mushy. 12 inch speaker made by turbosound and it sounds pretty good. Some people put Celestions G12M on them. Effects loop without the minus db option. A mid boost button that might give you a Marshall sound if you roll the bass a little off. Normal input for single coils pick ups and bright for Humbuckers which means it adds more treble and attenuates the signal. Digital reverb thats actually pretty decent even for surf. It's a copy of a Matchless (it looks really nice) which is a copy of a Vox AC30. Infinium feature that doesn't require power tubes biasing and indications if any of the tubes break down. The 22w are loud but you can still play in bedroom levels with the channel vol at 1-2 and the master vol at 4. The power tubes round the signal and the noise isn't all that much. It's around 23 kgs so it's not that heavy to carry around and it comes with a footswitch for the gain channel and the reverb activation.

Sound — 8
It comes with cheap Bugera tubes which make the amp sound harsh and trebly when distorted.The gain channel itself was too compressed and with more gain that you can use. I've switched V1 and V2 positions for Tad 12AX7WA and the sound became rounder and the harshness disappeared too. I use a tubescreamer to boost the gain channel with volume at 10 and gain at 1. You can also use a EQ pedal for more versatility by adding more volume to the tubes and boost whatever frequencies you like. It does give you the classic AC tone (boosted bass and treble) with the chimey vibe and it does take other pedals well. Nice cleans and given you rig you can make the gain channel really usable.

Reliability & Durability — 7
The infinity version doesn't seem to have the flaws of the older versions. I have this one for a year, I drive it to 50% every day for at least 2 hours and no issues so far but I'm concerned about its longterm reliability. Mostly about its transformers and the fact that the tube base is fixed in the amps board and not in the metal body. That drives the heat in to the board unfortunately. I removed the tubes grill (protector) because I got some rattle and it completely disappeared when I switched the tubes.

Overall Impression — 8
I play everything from Pink Floyd style to '80s hard rock and surf rock. It can do all kinds of tricks with a reverb, delay, compressor, Eq, tube screamer but not metal for sure. Make sure you put some decent tubes in it since the stock ones sound really bad. I'd like a volume switch for the loop, perhaps a built in boost, a dark or normal reverb option, a aux in for mp3 backing tracks and perhaps fat and bright tone switches. Which would make it the perfect amp but also raise the cost a lot. It's does the whole vintage sound pretty good for 350 euro. Rock, blues, surf, ambient, indie. I was between this and the Laney cub but I'm glad I got this. I just love playing in the gain channel using some kind of boost to drive the sweet sound out of those tubes with a bit of delay. Brian May sounds right there.

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    my first experience with a brand new bugera, just last week, turned out to be a nightmare. problems in the power circuit and had to return it. I won't buy another, in fact I won't buy any new amp anymore. they are all garbage
    I'm sold on this amp as a simple to maintain affordable sound producing object, as for Quality of parts used to build something this simple parts is parts these days .But I had issue with Power tube #2 and replaced the whole set with JJ's for under 60 bucks retained stock tubes as backups complete with new Bugera el84 to replace the old/new/bad one. no complaints V22 infinium head is pushing two 12s mounted in PB (Poor-Boy) cabs. P.S. put a beefier cord 14 or 12 awg to offset surge starvation makes A world of difference.
    hi too all i just bought a bugera v55 can anybody give me a hand understanding the full potential of the fx loop in the back of this sweet amp?
    be willing to bet at least half of the above commenters who bought a bugera had to buy a new amp because it died on them. shitty components.