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manufacturer: Bugera date: 05/13/2016 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Bugera: V22
We have us a nice little 22 watt 112 all tube combo amp. You get a lot of options as far as creating your tone, but it is very easy to dial in a good tone.
 Sound: 8.8
 Overall Impression: 8.7
 Reliability & Durability: 7.1
 Features: 8.7
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overall: 8.3
V22 Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 02, 2010
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Features: Here goes. 2 channel triple 12ax7 into dual el84 out. Switchable between pentode and triode to let you choose between simply disgruntling the misses or severely peeing her off. Try and find ANYTHING like this for this price and you'll be laughed out of the store. And then when the lovely misses tells you to put on some dang headphones you can tell her your new box doesn't take one. So there. 12 inch speaker that many report as one of the things they will Switch out for a "better" sound only to be puzzled over the fact that their $300 celestion really didn't make a hoot of difference. This thing breaks up like a tasty cracker right out of the box. This thing will easily fill up a decent size club and will earn you some nasty looks from your bassplayer for drowning him out. Amp has an effect loop. I think. For some reason. // 8

Sound: Play both an active strat and a passive one straight through it. The active makes it bark like a rabies english bulldog. Little noisy on the neckpickup, but then again I've never heard it do anything else on any other amp. I don't even bother switching the thing to Drive anyhow. This is a tube. Cook that preamp and let the tubes do the breaking up. No. This is not a metalamp. No. It doesn't do line6 tricks. This is back to the roots sweety. Roots that were carefully amputated by the likes of VH1 and MoronTV. The passive makes this box sing. The harmonics will make you tear up. Unreal. The sparkly headroom is truly unbelievable. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Again. Footswitch is made out of recycled eggboxes and will break as soon as you look at it. Will make the amp shut away its Drive and reverb only to come stuttering back in after a second. The fix involves replacing the cable with a plugin jack on the Switch and a generic cable to the amp, But still find it unbelievable that Bugera would risk their virgin reputation on something as stupid as a cheap footswitch. Amp itself is built like a brick. 6 for the rediculous switch.. Fooey Bugera! // 6

Overall Impression: This is one rediculous little amp. Am an old blueshead and heard pretty much everything (?) that's out there and drooled over. Yes. I know. Bugera. eew! Its not a F word! Its not a M word neither! Its made by chinese 12yearolds! Its not played by my favorite american Idol! What good can any amp be that's the same price as my playstation?! Euh. Hangon.. Bugera distributes the thing. They don't build 'm. They just listen to you complain about the footswitch crapping out after a week, and it will. They had to cut a corner somewhere, and they did it with the wire that connects the Mcdonalds happymeal footswitch toy to this nasty little powerhouse. There are already fixes published on the interweb forums on how to repair this yourself, but if that's what you bought this thing for you're the type of person who buys a car for the defective ashtray. In short. There finally is a workingman's bluesamp. If you want to impress the "experts" you could change out the bulbs to some more renowned brand and Switch out the perfectly great speaker for something more socially acceptable, or you could just say you did. And they'd believe you. Heck, Stick a tubescreamer or a sansamp in front of it if you have to. Itll eat it up and make your hair stand on end. In a good way. But this is one of those that allows back to basics. First time in a long time. Would rob an old lady and cash in her foodstamps to buy another one if some unholy ever decides he needs this more than I do. So be warned. So. Save up for your brandname and keep dogging this one. Just keep an eye in your mirror, because one of these is creeping up on you. // 10

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overall: 8.3
V22 Reviewed by: ibanart300, on august 10, 2011
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Price paid: A$ 330

Purchased from: Online

Features: Okay here goes, first review... In the production race that is cheap all valve combo's it comes as no surprise that the new Bugera V22 arrives with a simple set of features. There are no mind blowing on-board effects however seeing as the V in V22 stands for Vintage one would expect this. Despite this there are a few features that most people will find useful to say the least. The amp comes with 2 selectable channels, a boost button to boost the mid frequencies, on board reverb, the standard Bass, Mid, Treble equaliser including Presence. There is also a selectable Switch on the back of the amp that allows you to effectively change the power output. This is labelled Pentode and Triode and allows you to effectively lower the output power by half. This is a great feature that is becoming quite common now on most valve amps so the bedroom rock stars can enjoy the sound of natural clean break up at lower volumes. If that's not enough for tonal options then there are also two input jacks a "Normal" and a "Bright" which does as is labelled. There is an FX loop and also a solo Bugera footswitch jack as the amp includes a footswitch. The footswitch itself is a little lacklustre as it only switches between channels and activating the reverb. It would have been nice to see the footswitch expanded a little and perhaps include a pedal to activate the boost. You can also change the impedance of the speaker should you decide to run the amp through a cab or should tone junkies decide to change the speaker. Lastly the V22 gives you the ability to bias your own valves with an RCA testing jack and bias cold/hot pot. // 9

Sound: The V22 is powered by three 12AX7's in the pre-amp stage and two EL84's in the power-amp stage, the V22 then transmits this through a custom Bugera 12 Inch speaker. The V22 is an open back designed amp and simply put has an amazing clean sound. The amp responds well to the littlest touch on the guitar through to harder picking dynamics and depending on volume breaking the clean at around the 2 o clock mark on the clean channel volume. The V22 also takes on the characteristics of the pick-ups used in the guitar being used changing the tone of the amp widely at the change of your pick up selector. The V22 seems versatile enough to produce classic British cleans to older American tones with great headroom for clean tones. In this review I was using the V22 between three guitars to get an overall result. The first guitar had active Duncan pick up's the second active Ibanez pick up's and the last single coil passives. The V22 doesn't seem to be versatile enough for modern rock or heavy rock so this amp isn't the be all and end all by any means. The dirty channel reflects this further with thin distortion. The distortion would be best used as with the clean channel on older styled music. Having said that, throwing a distortion pedal in front of this does bring the distortion to life and gives users back some of that versatility. Lastly the Pentode and Triode selector Switch seems to change the mood of the amp on top of reducing the output power. There are two distinct flavours as with one mode feeling a little darker and the other a little brighter and more bubbly. As far as budget all-valve combos are concerned I feel after listening to other amps of a similar fashion such as the Vox AC15 the overall tone of this amp is quite good despite the weaker distortion. Users shouldn't have too much trouble dialling in some great blues and soft lead tones with the amp. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Bugera are a relatively new company that are owned by Behringer. As with such its reputation is called into the spotlight as Behringer seems to be synonymous for their budget product line. The V22 however seems to beat the odds and is able to stand on its own despite some of its cheaper qualities. There have been issues with the V22's as many will know in their first release lines a lot of this was unfortunately caused by using cheaper parts. The new 2011 V22 seems to be reliable. The V22 seems to be built well enough and feels nice and solid especially coming in at around the 21 kilogram mark. The footswitch that is included however feels light and doesn't look like it can take a pub gig's bashing as well as other pedals can. There is one aspect of this product that many find frustrating that must brought into an unbiased review and that is of support. The manual is flimsy and lacklustre as with obtaining any extra information on the product. One perfect example of this is when it comes to biasing the valves should you choose to replace them yourself. The amp comes with an RCA jack and a bias adjustment pot however there is no included information in the manual as to what voltage a correctly biased valve should be set to, nor is there any information on what type of bias probe can be used with an RCA jack. It has been through pure research on forums picking the brains of technicians and experienced tone heads that information like this was sought. // 7

Overall Impression: Bugera have delivered a great cheap all-valve combo. The amp can produce some great sparkly cleans and at the flick of a Switch you can get a grittier sound with an earlier break up. The distortion as already mentioned needs a little fattening up but won't deter myself from getting another should I be unfortunately deprived of it. Bugera delivered the goods just not the product support that other companies offer as a standard. Despite this the amp needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. // 9

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overall: 9.3
V22 Reviewed by: srob7001, on february 11, 2010
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Price paid: $ 350

Purchased from: Sam ASh

Features: We have us a nice little 22 watt 112 all tube combo amp. It has 2 channels(clean & overdrive). It also has an f/x loop and a speaker ohm selection switch in the back if you want to run a cab off of it. It also has a switch to go from triode(half power) to pentode(full power)mode. As far as input goes there is a normal and bright. And you can tell the difference in the 2. On clean channel it has its own volume. Gain channel has its on volume and gain knob. They both share a low, mid, high, presence, reverb, and master volume. Oh, it also has a mid boost button, which comes in handy for certain sounds. It also came with a footswitch that changes the channel and turns on/off the reverb. // 10

Sound: I use my Jackson RR24M through this amp. It has a single EMG-81. The amp can really do any sound you are looking for unless it is high gain metal. For that you will need an EQ pedal and a OD or distortion pedal. I use a MXR 10 Band EQ and Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer and I love the tone and the amount of distortion it produces. I was actually very surprised at how well this amp sounded. So far I am very happy that I choose it. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Reliability. I know everyone has heard about Bugera's reliability issues. So far so good with this amp. Have yet to have a single hick-up with this thing. But I have only had it for a month or two now. So only time will tell. It is a very durable amp. Built solid and has some weight to it. // 8

Overall Impression: I play alot of metal, but also blues and rock. With my set up it does all those genres very well. I have been playing guitar for about 14 years and this is my first tube amp. Is there better out there? Yes. But not for the price paid. If you are looking for a low wattage tube combo amp this might be perfect for you. I would deff buy again if it were stolen. If it broke I would look somewhere else. My favorite features are prob the f/x loop and the ease of use that comes with this amp. You get a lot of options as far as creating your tone, but it is very easy to dial in a good tone. // 9

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overall: 9.3
V22 Reviewed by: stevieod, on december 14, 2012
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Price paid: $ 329

Purchased from: zZounds Music

Features: The Bugera V22 amplifier I own was made in 2010 and was purchased new. It has been a solid piece of equipment for me. The versatility is more than adequate for my needs, from gorgeous, lush cleans to all out gain destruction. The V22 has 2 channels that are switchable and an effects loop. There is no headphone jack, but I already have an amp with that feature. For what I use it for it is what I need, no extraneous functions or switches that I don't use. I use the amp for practice, jamming out and home practicing. For these uses this amp at 22 watts is more than plenty enough. The power amp has 2 EL84 tubes and the preamp has 3 12AX7 tubes, so yes, I can make the drummer deaf, LOL! The only thing that I wish this amp didn't have is the weight, but since it's a tube amp, there is a significant chunk of iron to hall around. Not to mention the speaker magnet is almost 4 pounds by itself! // 10

Sound: I have 21 electric guitars that I use with this amp, single coil and humbucking. I am not a big fan of active pickups so I don't have a guitar with active pickups. I play blues and classic rock, which fits this amps abilities to the 'T'. As I mentioned before, the cleans are lush and full and the distortion mode is absolutely killer. The amp nails the classic rock crunch distortion without needing a pedal in front of the preamp. The amp is not noisy unless the gain is dimed pre and post. Then you get the usual noise floor intrusion, but then, the amp is being maxed out so this is to be expected. The amp has reverb as its only effect, which is all that I need for the intended use of the amp. The clean channel maxed out is very, very loud but still sparkling clean. Almost Fender sounding but with a tone of its own. The distortion channel gets louder yet from the clean channel level. The distortion channel will handle just about any brutality, but it won't quite get the all out house leveling metal sound. While the distortion channel is not metal head heaven, it still is brutal enough to impress the neighbors, LOL! // 9

Reliability & Durability: This has been a very dependable amp for me and I would use it without a backup with confidence. It has never let me down, and when the tubes go I will replace them with equal or better tubes depending on my budget at the time. I don't neglect my equipment, I do try to keep up with whatever is needed by my equipment since I am depending on my equipment. I take care of my equipment and my equipment will take care of me. With proper attention and maintenance I suspect this amp will last a long, long time. // 9

Overall Impression: As mentioned before, I play the blues and classic rock styles. Again, the Bugera V22 is a great match for these styles. I have been playing guitar now for some 48 years now and I still enjoy playing. I try to learn new things and practice on a semi-regular basis. My influences are many, a veritable who's who of players. I had done my research before purchasing the Bugera, it was the right amp at the right price. It has the tube sound that I wanted without the heart attack price. I have no regrets in buying this amp, I realize that there are those who turn their noses up at Bugeras, but since this amp is for me, I don't care what they think. I love the round, juicy sound the Bugera produces, I use round wound strings so this was important to me. Some amps have a brittle character in their clean sound but not the Bugera. Nice and warm, very organic. The distortion channel is also organic sounding, without all of the fizz and brittleness normally associated with extreme gain structures. When I play solos while in the gain mode they stand out without being overpowering. The Bugera can attain a Marshall like sound without the bombast and ear damage. I would put out a hit on the moron who dares steal this amp, it is that valuable to me. I would never lose this amp, it would basically be attached to my belt, LOL! But I would keep my eye on this baby regardless of its location. If need be, I would purchase this amp again. It's that good! I love the tube sound the Bugera puts out, with more than ample volume for its size. I don't like that it is a bit on the heavy side, but as I mentioned before this is the nature of the beast. I compared the Bugera to many other tube amps of about 22 watts and the Bugera more than did the job at a very manageable price. After playing through the Bugera I knew this was the amp for me. The only thing I wish this amp had or didn't have is the weight. But I guess I need to go the gym, LOL!

// 9

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overall: 8
V22 Reviewed by: moonshot, on march 31, 2010
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Price paid: $ 299

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: This Bugera amp was built in 2009 in China. Bugera being a subsidiary company of Behringer. It is a 22 watt all tube combo with 3 12ax7 preamp and 2 el84 power tubes. 2 channels, clean and lead with an included foot Switch that also switches reverb on and off. It also has an effects loop and line out for external speaker cabs and 3 way ohm switch. Also a pentode/triode Switch so you can cut power by half and play nice smooth old style tones. When you compare this with other amps in this price range you get a lot of features for the money! The only thing I wish it had was a head phone jack so I could enjoy this sweet tube tone when the wife was home! // 9

Sound: I bought this amp for practice and recording and it is great for both. It is very quiet when on and the clean channel is very crisp with lots of ringing harmonic overtones even with the reverb off. The controls are versatile having separate volume for clean and lead and a master volume. It also has a Presence control so you can brighten or darken your tone. The amp gets loud but retains its clarity into the higher volumes. If you play larger gigs you would need to mike it through the mix but for my practice needs it's plenty loud enough. What I really like is the lead channel with lots of gain you can get that great tube feedback just by using vibrato one a single note. I play a Gibson SG, Flying V and an Epiphone 56 gold top with P90's through this and it makes them all sound great. Since this is designed as a Vintage amp it is great for blues, rock, hard rock and country sounds but doesn't have the gain or volume for heavy metal. I haven't tried it with any pedals yet so don't know about how brutal the distortion can get. The other thing that impresses me is the responsiveness of the amp. Hit the strings harder and you get a definite increase in volume and it has good clarity on individual strings. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I have only had this amp for 1 week so can't really say about long term durability. I read lots of horror stories about Bugeras quality issues before buying this but after playing it and hearing that sweet tube tone, for the money I couldn't resist it. It hasn't broken down yet so I will give it a 5. // 5

Overall Impression: Overall I am very impressed with this amp. You get features found on higher end amps, lots of tube tone and versatility, great looks and decent build quality all in a small affordable package. If it holds up under moderate usage as a studio/practice amp I will be more than happy with this purchase. I compared this with some of the smaller 5 watt tube amps but wanted a bit more power to Drive a 2x12 cab which will be my next buy. If your looking for a first tube amp this is a good one at a very reasonable price. ROCK ON! // 9

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overall: 8.3
V22 Reviewed by: supersac, on june 23, 2011
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Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: guitar center

Features: So the V22 Bugera is a 22watt all tube amp made in 2010 I bought it because honestly it was the best in its price range for what I needed/wanted. When amp shopping I needed an amp that sounded, good was versatile enough to play what I play, and was easy on the wallet; this amp delivered. It runs 312ax7 and 2 EL 84, has 2 channels clean and lead, an effects loop 3 band eq, triode/pentode switch, build in reverb, master volume, presence control, mid boost switch, two input jacks(normal and attenuated), and being a combo a 12inch speaker. The 22 watts is plenty loud for small to medium gigs and I've never had problems with being loud enough. The reverb and channels are controlled by the included footswitch. I do wish the mid boost and the effects loop was controlled by the footswitch but at 300 dollars I'm not complaining I'll just use an A/b box for the effects loop.the triode Switch makes it easier to get some power tube distortion at practice levels or smaller gigs. Bugera clearly did their research for what guitarists wanted on a budget and for that it gets an 8 would have been higher if effects loop and midboost were footswitchable. // 8

Sound: Right now my main guitar is my RGdxl with new pups and bridge and a few acoustics running that through a homemade fuzz a valvecaster and a crybaby wah into the normal input (I find that the other input cuts out too much bass for what I need) I keep the gain at about 4 on the lead channel and the volume at bout 5 and turn the master volume to taste. On pentode mode (my favorite if I can crank it up) the amp of course is louder and has more headroom.it sounds more crisp and the lead channel has more clarity and some bite to it great for playing clean, blues, heavier rock, metal with a little push from my boost although I don't really play much metal cept for the occasional shredding solo. On triode the amp isn't as loud but (it will still get pretty loud) and sounds more wooly and has less headroom as the clean channel starts to distort faster first I didn't like the setting but when turning up the treble a bit I found some great funk, blues, jazz and classic rock tones come out of it.its also great for practice when you want some nice tube overdrive. The reverb is very usable and I usually have it on when I have the clean channel as it adds some depth to the sound. The preamp distortion is very usable up until you max it out but then it gets a bit fizzy for my tastes I prefer to keep it down to a nice crunch on the amp to be boosted as everyone likes a nice overdriven tube sound. The amp on full power mode isnt noisy at all even with single coils makes minimum hum but the same can't be said for the triode mode as it has some buzz on it when I'm not playing its not enought to interfere but its there. All in all this little amp has great a great versatile as I play abit of everything but blues and classic rock is where it shines. I've also plugged in my Acoustic and done some Acoustic gigs with it and it really added some warmth to the sterile sounding peizo pick up and that is a big plus for me and its versatility. For what its made for it does it great so I'm giving it a 9 cause it isnt perfect but it still sounds great and has done just about everything I've thrown at it. // 9

Reliability & Durability: So yeah it's a Bugera V22 and they have a reputation of failing, bursting into flames, exploding whatever but I bought mine after they fixed all the problems they had and this amp has yet to fail me in the 7 or so months that I've had it. I've gigged with it many times without back up because I don't have a back up but each time I felt certain it owuldnt let me down. The amp seems to be really sturdy/heavy as someone who has to carry it to a gig once (stupid car). The tubes came protected in a cage which I have removed and not replaced because its difficult to get off and I'm a bit lazy. The jacks are plastic and that doesnt't bother me but it seems to bother everyone else but I baby my equipment so I don't see any part of it failing anytime soon. The amp seem reliable but only time will tell how much it lasts here it gets a 7 for being a Bugera that hasn't failed in 7 months. Would be higher if they had a better reputation. // 7

Overall Impression: When I was picking out amps it was this one or a Classic 30but this one just stood out to me and it hasn't let me down in yet. I've been playing for about 4 years and this was my first store bought tube amp. I am fully satisfied in this purchase and if it were lost of stolen I'd probably buy it again until I can afford getting an ac30 or (add amp wish list here) and even then I'd probably still use it as a workhorse amp because its so cheap. My favorite feature of it has to be its price and the triode Switch as you can get many different tones out of it. I would easily recommend anyone looking for a good sounding tube amp on a budget // 9

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overall: 9.3
V22 Reviewed by: cjb2293, on december 08, 2011
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Price paid: $ 380

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: So I decided to buy this amp for college (I need a portable amp that would play jazz as well as allow me to mess around). The tube sound covers jazz beautifully, however I was surprised at the distortion tone. I am able to perform heavier sounds in punk or hardcore. Wide range! The amp is 2 channels (clean, distortion) and has a foot switch to select channel and control the tube reverb. Only downfall of this amp is that it's EQ is shared between channels. It also has a pentode/triode switch which comes in handy when messing around with tone. The amp's 22 watts of tube power is plenty for anything I could use it for. It sounds great at bedroom volumes, but can also fill a small club without a microphone (and any size with a mic!). For the price, you can not get an amp with these features elsewhere. // 9

Sound: I currently use a Schecter C1+ straight into the amp (this is not my primary setup) that is equiped with stock duncan design pickups. The clean tones are perfect for jazz (especially with the tube reverb) that don't distort a whole lot with the volume increase, and the distortion tone covers anything from classic rock to hardcore. The amp is fairly low noise (would decrease I believe if you used a better speaker cable). The noisiest setting is with the distortion all the way up. // 9

Reliability & Durability: So far this amp has shown me nothing but dependability. I would use it without a backup amplifier, and have, for any gig. It has never broken down, and having owned it for about 9 months now, it has never been serviced (probably time to soon change tubes). // 10

Overall Impression: I mainly play jazz for college, rock at church, and metal/post-hardcore when I'm messing around. The amp handles it all flawlessly. I've been playing for 7 years and haven't found a better match for the price. It can compete slightly with my Engl Powerball 2, but the Engl has much more headroom and many more features. If this thing was ever stolen, I would buy another one in a heartbeat (and maybe the expansion cabinet!) to replace it. The thing handles all the tones I throw at it. The only downfall I find is that the channels share the EQ, which can get annoying sometimes but for the most part the clean channel sounds great no matter how you tweak the EQ for distortion. Wouldn't hurt to hook an EQ pedal into one of the channels though. I definitely wish it had seperate EQ's, but its a sacrifice for the price. Best feature of the whole thing is that it is all tube. Sounds fantastic! I compared this with a few of the other combo amps at the price and this thing blew them away. // 9

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overall: 7.5
V22 Reviewed by: tikinparmar, on february 22, 2012
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Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: Musicians Friend

Features: The Bugera website advertises with the following: "- Hand-built 22-Watt guitar combo driven by 2 x EL84 valves - Way cool Vintage look and feel - Original heavy-duty 12" Bugera guitar speaker for true Vintage sound - Authentic 2-channel preamp design from the '60s featuring 3 x 12AX7 valveseverything from purring blues to mind-blowing crunch - Integrated high-class reverb with dedicated Reverb control - Vintage Equalizer section with dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence controls - Normal and Bright inputs for ultimate sound character to perfectly match your guitar - Multi-gain stage Lead channel with Pre, Post gain and Master controls - Amazing Mode switch to select between Triode or Pentode operation - Impedance connectors (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any external speaker cabinet - High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life" This is all fairly accurate. Don't let the blemished language fool you though. By Multi-gain, they mean one gain knob that gets you a pretty good range of distortion and a boost knob for those accelerated mids. The reverb works well to make your tiny closet room into a full fledged rock arena. The amplifier comes with a footswitch that allows you to change channels and toggle the reverb, however it does not let you toggle the boost, which in my opinion would be a lot handier than deciding when to use reverb or not by foot. // 7

Sound: This amplifier ain't no Boogie but it sure can dance. I play this with an RG321MHE the mahogany body of the guitar and the smooth low end of the amplifier compliment each other well. My music style can be generically named as Hard Rock and I feel any aspiring Rock Musician will be happy with this amplifier regardless of sub-genre. The amplifier is not noisy at its softest levels, but it purs like a tube amp should when pushed on its levels. The clean channel stays consistent at high volumes and the dirty channel stays clear at high volumes. The distortion on the amplifier saves me from buying a separate pedal, but I rarely venture into the Dethklok ranges of distortion, so unless you play like Skwissgaar, you should be safe. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I have not gigged with it yet, but it has suffered through trips to practice rooms and back, I wouldn't say its built like a tank, because its obviously not. However, it is well built and can clearly handle the pangs of transportation and the life of a gigging musician. It is however a tube amplifier at a great price so I wouldn't go out of my way to find out just how durable it is. // 7

Overall Impression: This is a great match for the style of music I play. I play in a band heavily influenced by different varieties of Rock Music ranging from Pearl Jam to Rush. I have been playing music regularly for 6 years now, and during this time have had the pleasure of experimenting with different qualities of amplifier, ranging from your everyday solid-state to your high-end Mesa Boogie or your Classic Marshal JVM. This amplifier was $300 and provides me with great tone, it's obviously not gonna sound like an $1000 amplifier, but you shouldn't expect it to. It comes close and definitely surpasses any of its equivalents from different manufacturers. I'm happy with the amplifier, however the functionality of the footswitch leaves a lot to be desired. If it were stolen or lost, I would find the guy who stole it and kill him with my guitar strings used as a garrots wire... I would rather spend the rest of my adult life in prison than have this thing stolen from me. I would buy this amplifier again if I was under the same monetary constrictions. I enjoy the tone of this amplifier, I can compare it to the AD30VT that Vox has, which I believe has a tube preamp as well as solid-state functionality. The Vox is definitely more affordable, but lacks the smooth low ends this amplifier excels at. Also, if one desires louder sounds from this amplifier it can be plugged into any external speaker, which is great if I want to go louder without dishing copious amounts of money for a new amplifier. // 8

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overall: 8.8
V22 Reviewed by: toma.honfoglalo, on april 27, 2015
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Price paid: $ 285

Purchased from: a friend

Features: Here goes the specs:

  • all valve amp
  • 3x12AX7 and 2xEL84 tubes
  • 22W in pentode mode - 15W in triode mode
  • 2 channels, clean, and dirty
  • boost function
  • digital reverb
  • EFX loop
  • footswitch input
  • 4,8,16 ohm output
  • normal and bright input
  • 1x12 vintage voiced Bugera speaker
The most important thing is to know that you'll get a very very good sounding vintage style amp - with those extras that you won't get from a real vintage amp - for a great value. You can easily match the amp with your guitar thanks to the normal, and bright input. I use it with a fender strat, and the bright input is a bit too bright for me. You can dial the clean tones easily, since you've got a clean pot (for the clean volume) and a shared EQ (bass, middle, treble), a master volume and a presence control. All controls are really usable, makes real difference messing around with them. 

Reverb is digital but comparing them to some accutronics reverb the sound is surprisingly good. You don't want to set it past 5 in any band however. You can control the reverb with the footswitch too. Also you can boost the signal with the boost button which gives you a decent amount of midrange. You can easily cut through the mix when the boost is engaged. The only disadvantage is that you cannot control the boost via footswich. That is really missing, that's why I can only give it a 9. 

Dirty channel: pre/post gain called gain/volume. This channel is only useable in low gain settings. When the gain turned up, it becomes so muddy you can't be heard over a bass guitar and a drum. It looses the clarity and you cant really hear a single note just mud. However if you dial in a light overdrive it really sings, it's like the almost-perfect clean channel sound with a touch of dirt to it, really like it.

I have bought from a friend of mine, he gave me a footswitch (looks nice, you can change the channels, and turn on the reverb), and two spare Bugera EL84 tubes he said it came with these. // 9

Sound: The sound is just pure vintage heaven. And when I say vintage it means you can use it well in a lot of musical situations from jazz to pop, or blues to rock. I have used a single channel amp with some pedals before, but I can tell you that it really shines in a band situation. Two very useable channels, plus a nice reverb... the footswitchable boost is really missing however. I was searching for an amp that I can cover a lot of styles and sounds, from jazzy clear tones, to a lot of country stuff, bluesy crunch, to rock solos. It can do it all with ease, really easy to dial in the perfect tone, the speaker sound very authentic to me too. I needed a workhorse amp, that sounds good, wont break the bank buying it, and reliable. For the money you'll get a seriously good sound, and the bunch of options you can't find in the horrible priced vintage amps, like effects loop, 2 footswitchable channels, reverb, boost, master volume, half power (triode mode) to get a creamier sound, or practice on low volume at home. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The amp looks nice, the cabinet is made of some light plywood. It's good when it comes to carrying from room to car, car to stage etc. Its good to have a nylon cover, it's around $30, a fender hot rod cover will fit perfectly and its a lot cheaper, protects from scratches and dings and light rain. I always have a feeling I will accidentally cut the drape of the amp because it feels so vulnerable and soft. If you want to improve on the sound it's worth to have good valves in it, JJ's or Sovtek will be just fine, and they're affordable too. Footswitch comes with a long cable, and it looks durable too. The handle is okay too. 

You want to go for the ones with red lights. It's known that those what came with blue led-s were having serious maintenance problems. Bugera solved that and came up with the red ones, which are really reliable. Remember, go for the red lights or the newest Infinium version, and you'll have no serious problems. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall impression is great, it's inspiring to play, good sounding cheap little amp. Good for chord work, good for twangy sounds, warm clean sounds, the overdrive is fantastic on lower gain settings. Since it's 22 watts you can push the front end with a pedal easily, so the '70s, '80s rock sound is there. Those who afraid of the low wattage I can tell you 22 valve-watts will be more than enough in almost every situation, trust me. I play in a band with a bass, drum, keyboard, and lots of vocals in it. It just really shines through the mix in every situation. Headroom is enough on the clean channel. Rehearsals, small gigs, pubs okay without micing it up. If you go on a bigger gig, the amp will be miced anyway. 

It's really an in-between amp. I mean the price is great, the sound is great, it's portable, the specs are great too, and since it's called Bugera you don't have to pay (a lot!) for all the marketing bullsh-t. It's good, but it don't have a name, you have to deal with it. I can give it a 9 because the footswitchable boost is missing! And one more good point in the end, you can easily sell it in days if you want to! Absolutely recommend it. // 9

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overall: 8
V22 Reviewed by: Rurounikz, on may 13, 2016
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Price paid: € 370

Purchased from: thomann

Features: Pentode and triode mode with the later reducing volume but presence as well, making gain sounds mushy. 12 inch speaker made by turbosound and it sounds pretty good. Some people put Celestions G12M on them. Effects loop without the minus db option. A mid boost button that might give you a Marshall sound if you roll the bass a little off. Normal input for single coils pick ups and bright for Humbuckers which means it adds more treble and attenuates the signal. Digital reverb thats actually pretty decent even for surf. It's a copy of a Matchless (it looks really nice) which is a copy of a Vox AC30. Infinium feature that doesn't require power tubes biasing and indications if any of the tubes break down. The 22w are loud but you can still play in bedroom levels with the channel vol at 1-2 and the master vol at 4. The power tubes round the signal and the noise isn't all that much. It's around 23 kgs so it's not that heavy to carry around and it comes with a footswitch for the gain channel and the reverb activation. // 9

Sound: It comes with cheap Bugera tubes which make the amp sound harsh and trebly when distorted.The gain channel itself was too compressed and with more gain that you can use. I've switched V1 and V2 positions for Tad 12AX7WA and the sound became rounder and the harshness disappeared too. I use a tubescreamer to boost the gain channel with volume at 10 and gain at 1. You can also use a EQ pedal for more versatility by adding more volume to the tubes and boost whatever frequencies you like. It does give you the classic AC tone (boosted bass and treble) with the chimey vibe and it does take other pedals well. Nice cleans and given you rig you can make the gain channel really usable. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The infinity version doesn't seem to have the flaws of the older versions. I have this one for a year, I drive it to 50% every day for at least 2 hours and no issues so far but I'm concerned about its longterm reliability. Mostly about its transformers and the fact that the tube base is fixed in the amps board and not in the metal body. That drives the heat in to the board unfortunately. I removed the tubes grill (protector) because I got some rattle and it completely disappeared when I switched the tubes. // 7

Overall Impression: I play everything from Pink Floyd style to '80s hard rock and surf rock. It can do all kinds of tricks with a reverb, delay, compressor, Eq, tube screamer but not metal for sure. Make sure you put some decent tubes in it since the stock ones sound really bad. I'd like a volume switch for the loop, perhaps a built in boost, a dark or normal reverb option, a aux in for mp3 backing tracks and perhaps fat and bright tone switches. Which would make it the perfect amp but also raise the cost a lot. It's does the whole vintage sound pretty good for 350 euro. Rock, blues, surf, ambient, indie. I was between this and the Laney cub but I'm glad I got this. I just love playing in the gain channel using some kind of boost to drive the sweet sound out of those tubes with a bit of delay. Brian May sounds right there. // 8

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overall: 7
V22 Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 01, 2011
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Price paid: $ 320

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: The amp is as full sounding as an amp could possibly be. Its also super responsive. Without adjusting anything on the amp, just your playing you can get it to be ultra clean then strum a chord and it sounds like the world's about to come down. I use the amp for Indie shows and its plenty loud enough and diverse. // 8

Sound: I play the amp through a warmoth jazzmaster (maple and swamp ash) so its a fairly bright sounding guitar. The style of music I use it for is similar to manchester orchestra; very dynamic, very full sound. It is plenty loud enough for anything I've ever played. I rarely turn the master volume past a 4. I tend to not use the overdrive channel but the clean channel gets the intensity I need at the higher levels. // 9

Reliability & Durability: There is the Achilles heel of Bugera amps however. My amp and many other owners have complained of an internal rattle that greatly affects the sound of the amp. It is very difficult to get to the tubes to check if they're loose, but the rattle is an internal part that seems to be a common issue. The Bugera site is also difficult with trouble shooting problems and do not provide any manual what'soever for the product. // 4

Overall Impression: It is a great sounding amp. While I think I would prefer to have it as a separate head and cab unit for mobility sake, it is definitely a good amp to check out. I would recommend this amp with use of a backup just in case, but going all out alone may be a bit risky. It works well with my EHX Big Muff and Boss DD-20 and RV-5, the dynamic capabilities very much give my delay and reverb units a great place in it all. // 7

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