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manufacturer: Carlsbro date: 03/08/2006 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Carlsbro: Kick Start 10
The Carlsbro KickStart range are budget guitar amplifiers which represent a high quality at a low price, for both electric and bass. These practice amps are ideal for bedroom and home use as they have a headphones socket for silent practice. The KickStart range was designed to offer great tone, fantastic features and excellent value for money.
 Sound: 5
 Overall Impression: 5
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Features: 6
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overall: 6.3
Kick Start 10 Reviewed by: Inahrima, on march 08, 2006
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Price paid: $ 78

Purchased from: Six X

Features: No idea when or where it was made. The amps not versatile at all (I shall explain more in the "sound" section). It's a solid state Twin channel amp, one for clean one for overdrive. It has a tiny button inbetween the master volume and treble, which makes pressing it kinda hard. It has 3 controls, master, treble and bass. A line in, and a headphone out, 6.5"inch speakers and thats all there is to this amp. // 6

Sound: I'm using a Samick Malibu (S/S/S Strat copy). I play everything from the Chilis to Pantera to The Eagles. And all this amps good at is cleans. The cleans actually quite good and suites songs with soft overdrive like Slash solos or most Chili songs. The soft overdrives actually a flaw in the amp which causes it to distort even when its on clean. The distortions horrible it sounds like a bunch of chipmunks sawing off some wood with their crooked teeth. Seriosly, it sounds somewhat like a buzz saw, very trebly with no or little bass and is just lifeless. I have to use one of distortion pedals if I want to play something even slightly metal (DigiTech Grunge/Boss OS-2). So I give the clean a 8, the distortion and 2 on another note, it's surprisingly loud for a ten watter. // 5

Reliability & Durability: Sure this amps dependable and built to last, but I would never use this at a gig, I have marshals for that. I think I would be run out of town/and or declared insane/musically inept if I ever decided to use this live. All that aside it is quite solid. // 9

Overall Impression: The only reason I brought this amp is 'cause I wanted a small practice amp for my room. I regret buying it, and would jump for joy if it were stolen. All said and done, it's an average practice amp that would be great for a beginner on a budget. The blue light (instead of the usual red) is just damn sexy. // 5

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