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manufacturer: Crate date: 09/28/2010 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Crate: GFX212
This combo has a 120 watt solid state head and two custom 12" speakers. Three channel switching an external speaker and extra insert jack. It has 5 onboard effects as well. It packs a great punch for practicing or is perfect for recording.
 Sound: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 9.3
 Features: 8.7
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overall: 9
GFX212 Reviewed by: kevin_the_dude, on december 28, 2007
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Features: This is the first amp I have bought, not counting my starter amp which was a cruddy Yamaha GA-10. I think it was made in 1999, although I'm not completely sure. When I first got it, it was the body or box, was pretty beat up but the 2 12" speakers were in good condition. I love the sound of this amp, I play all kinds of genres. Misfits, Black Sabbath, nirvana, eagles, and to johnny cash all that good stuff. It has two channels, clean and overdrive. The overdrive setting is great, you can turn up the gain and the shape and get a nice metal sound, turn down the shape and you get a Creedence Clearwater Revival sort of sound. The amp also has a variaty of effects, delay, flange, chorus, chorus + reverb, and reverb. // 8

Sound: I use a Yamaha EG112 which isn't very good, but not horribly bad. The amp does make the guitar sound a lot better with overdrive. Again, I play punk and metal and with this amp I might just keep the guitar because it sounds amazing. Playing Blitzkrieg Bop never sounded so good. it's a 120 watt amp and has two 12" speakers so of course it's loud. I haven't tested it at a gig yet but it should play well with 2 other guitars and a drum set. The clean channel is a bit fuzzy at level 8, but again, I got it used at a pawn shop. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I can depend on this amp no problem. It hasn't broken down, and I wouldn't take a back up to a gig just because I trust it to work. The speakers work great and I wouldn't worry about them getting messed up as much as I worry about my guitar itself breaking down. // 10

Overall Impression: I've been playing guitar for 2 maybe 3 years, although I'm not great at guitar, I love playing solos from songs like scar tissue and smells like teen spirit. The amp works well with what I play in my band which is mostly rythm guitar. If I were to lose this amp I'd be pretty pissed off, and would look for this same one. The amp is real big, and seeing how I got this beauty for 150 bucks, well, I wouldn't have gotten another. // 9

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overall: 8.3
GFX212 Reviewed by: FinalSomnia, on june 30, 2010
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Price paid: $ 299

Purchased from: Mars Music

Features: I bought this amp back in '99. It seemed like a pretty good amp for the price. It is a 120 watt solid-state amp, with on-board effects, one input, two gain channels and a clean channel. It includes jacks for an input loop and also has a foot Switch for changing the channels and to Switch the on-board effects on or off. Gain channel 1 is just a typical overdrive, good for rock or blues; gain channel two has two gain circuits as well as a "shape" controls the eq (far right is a mid cut with low and high boost, center is flat, left is mid boost with flattened lows and highs if I remember correctly) which is excellent for hard rock and metal. I used this amp primarily in a practice and recording setting; I used it for a couple of shows with my old band and it didn't sound as good cranked really high as it did in a "not loud enough to piss off the neighbors" setting. // 8

Sound: For the longest time I used an LTD EXP-200 (pre-lawsuit cheapo explorer) with simple humbuckers. It had a good chunk to it on gain channel 2, and I could really get a bluesy sound on gain channel 1. The clean channel was excellent for what it was, not too punchy but very clear. I primarily play metal and hard rock, but stray to simple rock and roll on occasion, and this amp could do it all pretty well. At high volumes, it was very crackly and not really great for large, live settings. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I could leave the amp plugged in an powered on for months at a time so I could simply crank up my guitar and play. It was an excellent amp for years. I wouldn't use it much for live playing, unless it was mic'd and sent through a PA system so the lower volume tones could Shine through. It finally, 11 years after I bought it, died in April of 2010 after much shredding, writing, practicing, and generally doing everything I needed it to do. // 9

Overall Impression: For rock, metal, blues, and perhaps even country this amp is a good match for practice and recording. It kept going long after I thought its service life had supposed to end. I've been playing for about 15 years. I now use a POD to record and practice, and it does well but it is nothing like playing straight through an amp. Sure, it never had the warmth of a tube amp or the power to cut through the mix at live shows, but it holds a special place in my heart. I would buy another one in an instant if I could find one. The effects were good, and one could get a David Gilmour-ish tone on gain channel 1 with the delay cranked up. My fondest wish is to get another of these. // 9

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overall: 9.3
GFX212 Reviewed by: jeffo46, on september 28, 2010
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Price paid: $ 90

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: I believe by looking at the serial number, that mine was made in 2001. It is American made, which is a good thing. It's a 2 channel, 3 if you count the 2 distortions that are included. It's a 120 watt, 2 12" speaker DSP effects included monster! The effects are Delay, Flange, Chorus, and Reverb. It has a line out jack and one for a extension speaker although with this much power, I really don't see why you would need an extra cabinet. It is solid state, which is what I personally prefer and is built like a tank. Mine came attached with a set of coasters, which was a welcomed plus because these weigh in at 50 lbs and at my age (51), anything that can make this easier to move around, is much appreciated. LOL! // 10

Sound: I am using several Fender Strats that I own, with this amp. I play classic rock and Blues and IMO, this amp seems to be very suited to what I play. The effects however, can be overpowering if not adjusted properly, especially the Chorus and Reverb. As I mentioned earlier, there are 2 Gain channels on this, one which is for Blues and Classic rock and the other which is full out balls to the wall, Metal distortion, and is IMO, the best that I've ever heard on any SS amp ever! This surpasses Marshall's MG's and Fender's Frontman and FM series of amps IMO. The clean channel on this amp, will not break up at higher volumes which is great, and it sounds awesome with the Chorus. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I only paid $90.00 for this because of cosmetic issues, mainly a broken handle, which I just ordered from E-Bay for 7 bucks. Plus there wasn't a footswitch, which I had available at home, so that wasn't no big deal. These are like Peaveys due to the fact that they're built like tanks. I've already used it at a gig and have gotten compliments on how good it sounds. It's a keeper for sure! // 9

Overall Impression: I've been playing for over 37 years and this was a true bargain for the price. If I ever come across another one, I'm definately scooping it up. I just got rid of one of Fender's overrated Frontman 65 amps which I had for 10 months. Reason being? I got it brand new last year and the damm thing blew up on me. Never again will I buy another Chinese made amp. These old Crates are USA made and are very underrated. I'm hooked on these and as I said, whether it's a 65 or 120 watt one, if it's American made, I'm buying it. // 9

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