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manufacturer: Crate date: 01/15/2009 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Crate: GLX1200H
The Crate GLX1200H 120W Head is for you if you crave crunchy distortion. 120W RMS power, FlexWave Evolution 5 preamp, three discrete channels with independent level and EQ controls, 16 DSP effects with channel tracking.
 Sound: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 8.5
 Features: 9.5
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overall: 9
GLX1200H Reviewed by: kensana24, on february 05, 2007
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Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: 2005 Crate 120 WATT, very good, fits in with my style of music, which is hard rock, classic rock, some metal, and new age rock. Has three channels, which is perfect for jamming with my friends, doesn't have headphone jacks, which is okay with me, I don't mind it. Features included are DSP and Channel tracking. Came with a three button footswitch to change from listed effects "solo," "rhythm," and "clean." Featured in the front panel are: eletronic tuner, mute, input in the front, gain, shape level, low, mid, high, vol., DSP level, DSP mode, it lights up all the panel, and of course the power button. // 9

Sound: It has 16 different effects built in. This amp sounds great when I play my Gibson SG and my Takamine acoustic on it, I usually use my Line 6 Uber Metal distortion pedal with the SG. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Very reliable, it has a cover made of Tolex material that is real durable. I depend on this to stay nicely durable because the material is a material that I know of, and it is strong stuff. I would definitely use this amp on a gig without any backups, but to be safe and not sorry I probably would have one, but I wouldn't really depend on it. The amp has never failed or broken down, it is taken care of by yours truly, so I know for a fact it is going to be good, no great. // 9

Overall Impression: Freakin sweet! It is so cool, in only a spin of a knob I can switch from wah to reverb to double sounds, or 14 other things in seconds, it's sick! I love the fact that I can have three guitars hooked up into this thing, it sounds so clear, this is perfect for my style of music, which I mentioned, is hard rock, classic rock, and some metal guitar. // 9

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overall: 8.8
GLX1200H Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 15, 2009
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Purchased from: Guy on craigslist

Features: Not sure what year this was made in, looks fairly new. This has 3 channels that covers clean sounds through blues up to metal and death metal.It has a shape knob on the solo channel that scoops the mids and makes a very heavy distortion sound. There's a knob with 16 digital effects that sounds decent. and a knob for effects level. it also has an effects loop on the back of the head, and a built in guitar tuner. there is a mute button that silences the amp if you only want to use the tuner. // 10

Sound: I play an Ibanez RG570 HSH config with this amp. Mostly I play metal and rock. The amp is fairly quiet when not playing. the clean sounds ok. If you adjust the low, mid, and high knobs you can get twangy jazz sounds or deep full bass sounds, the rhythm channel has a nice crunch sound that can be dialed up to an ozzy or early Metallica sound, the solo channel has a lot of distortion, and if you scoop the mids, it can do any death metal out there, You won't need a distortion pedal with this amp. the effects sound better than I thought, The effects level knob if under 2 oclock on the dial sounds good, past that there are odd funny noises you hear with the effects. I have an ART multiverb that I use through the effects loop. this automatically shuts off the heads effects. My rack unit through the loop sound very good, and no funny or odd sounds with the effects. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Lets see, Reliability and Durability, It seems sturdy, and with no glass tubes inside, it should last awhile. It's probably a few years old and looks like Brand New. I don't gig, but if I did I would have a backup just in case. I would do this with any amp though. // 8

Overall Impression: This amp is very suited for rock or metal, the tone knobs change the tone/sound alot. I imagine it would be suitable for country, blues, death metal, or other genres. If stolen or lost I would get this amp again. these are priced very low, but sound good, I like the distortion and the effects, and the fact that it still has an external loop. This is no Marshall or mesa. But for the low cost it sounds damn good. The cabinet I'm using isn't the original, It's a cabinet from the Crate gt series. I don't know if that makes a difference or not in the sound. // 9

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