GLX212 review by Crate

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (35 votes)
Crate: GLX212

Price paid: $ 500

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 8
i play through this amp with an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a couple boss effects pedals and it sounds awesome. i play a whole lot of different genres of music...oldies, rockabilly, rock, punk, emo, rock,a little bit of blues and this amp covers it all. with the rythm channel, you can get some really warm crunchy sounds that suit blues and soft rock quite well, but on this channel, the distortion is a wee bit weak...not exactly metal/nu-metal material. the clean channel is amazing...when Crate says clean with this amp, they mean clean its also very versatile. put this baby with chorus and reverb and its sound is incredible. when it comes to the lack of crunch on the rythmn channel, the solo channel makes up for it, enough to the point where sometimes its too much. like i said earlier, with the shape knob on the solo channel, you can get heavy bottom end cruch sounds to high trebley sounds and everything inbetween if you play with it. this amp really has some bottom end to its sound. this amp has plenty of power...ive gigged with it and never had to push it to the point where it or another amp like it would break up at high volumes, so im not sure about where and if it breaks up and high volumes. however, at high volumes you do get a bit of feedback if you stand in close proximity to it. bottom line- very versatile sound..way clean clean channel, very versatile rythmn channel and a biting solo channel.

Overall Impression — 8
this amp suits my music style and like i said, is very versatile. if it were stolen, i would search high and low for the F#&$er who took it and beat his arse. if that didnt work, i would definitely go out and get another one. this is an all around great amp, i love the channel tracking system, the 3 channels and the all around sound. but you dont have to take my word for it...go down to your local guitar shop or guitar center and plug into one of these and see for yourself what you think.

Reliability & Durability — 10
this amp, like other crates, is built like a tank. mine has been jumped off of, knocked over and dropped once and it still sounds like it did out of the box the day i got it. it hasnt broken down on me ever, but i havent had it that long. im confident with Crate's 5 year warranty if this thing ever goes out on me, and i dont think it will any time soon. i would definitely gig without a backup with this 212.

Features — 8
Crate GLX212 (solid state)- 2 twelve inch speakers, 120 watts of power. I got this amp brand new not too long ago and its amazing. 3 channels, crystal clear clean, rythm and a solo channel. each channel has its own EQ knobs...high mid and low on the clean and rythm channels and a "shape" knob on the solo channel which is pretty nifty. the shape knob is kinda like a mixture of all 3 EQs into one which at first i was disappointed by, but if you play around with it enough, you can get some pretty cool tones from it. This amp also has 16 onboard effects which are pretty cool...not like your typical sucky onboard effects...4 different reverbs: small room, med. room, large room and concert hall, flange, slow/med/fast delays, a couple different kinds of chorus, touch wah, reverse wah, octave, doubler, rotating speaker, all pretty nice effects. this amp has an effects loop, but unfortunately, no headphone jack, which is one of the few disadvantages of this tank. Mine came with a steel 3 button foot switch, 2 buttons for channel switching and one for the effects that ive stomped the crap out of and it still holds together quite well. One feature i really like about this amp is the DSP channel tracking system for the effects. with this, you can assign a different effect to each channel, such as chorus for clean, reverb for rythm and delay for the solo channel, and switch between the channels and they will keep their assigned effects in memory, even when power is cut from the amp...the effects wont change until you manually do it on the knob on the amplifier, which is one of the reasons i chose this over a Marshall 212. the effects are pretty impressive for just onboard effects, but for some of them, a seperate foot pedal or a floor processor would be ideal, but they still hold their own. For example, i prefer using a cry baby wah over the built in wah, but thats kinda a no brainer. also, the rotating speaker effect is a little dissappointing...doesnt sound too great, just kinda sounds chorus-y. this amp has more than enough power to hang with the rest of the band...i can get plenty of volume out of it without pushing it at all..when i play in my room, turn it to 3 or 4 and hear things rattle :-P

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